Spotless Survivor: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Writing for Barn Finds is a real privilege, and it is even more rewarding when a car like this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 appears on my desk. This Camaro is a car that is in jaw-dropping condition and is 1-of-194 examples that are known to exist today. It has received one repaint during its life, but it is otherwise original and unmolested. It is being offered for sale, and with values continuing to spiral ever upwards, it could represent the most enjoyable motoring investment that a person could ever make. The Camaro is located in Fenton, Missouri, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is currently sitting at $40,100, and I’m not surprised that the reserve hasn’t been met.

It is hard to know where to start with this Butternut Yellow classic, and with this in mind, I’ve included an extensive gallery of photos at the bottom of this article. After all, a picture is said to be worth a thousand words. The Camaro has received a repaint in its original color at some point, but it isn’t clear when this work was completed. The paint presents beautifully, with no signs of any dings or dents. The stripes were reapplied at that time, and appear to be free from any cracks or crazing. The original owner chose to equip the vehicle with a Black vinyl top, and its condition continues the trend of spotless presentation. Looking around the Camaro’s exterior reveals no signs of any rust issues and the comprehensive gallery of photos that the owner supplies show an underside that is spotlessly clean and free from any corrosion or rust. The exterior trim and chrome are about as nice as you could ever hope to find in a Camaro of this vintage, and the Rally wheels are faultless. Some of you will have picked up the fact that the Camaro is wearing Z/28 badges on the front fenders, which is not correct for a 1967 model. It isn’t clear why, but the original owner chose to have these badges installed by the dealer in 1969. The original owner also decided to order the Z/28 with tinted glass, and this would seem to be perfect.

Lifting the hood reveals what made the Z/28 so special…and so desirable. The vehicle comes equipped with a 302ci V8, which is backed by a 4-speed close-ratio M21 transmission, and a 4.10 Posi rear end. Power steering and power front disc brakes make light work of the driving chores. This Camaro is a full numbers-matching car and is a classic that should provide its next owner with satisfying performance. The Z/28 is fitted with a cowl plenum induction system, which will help the engine to breathe better, and to produce more power. The subject of power is an interesting one because this engine is said to produce an “official” 290hp. At this point, some manufacturers were a bit coy about actual power figures, and this was influenced by several factors. One of these factors was to satisfy insurance companies, who were becoming twitchy about high-performance vehicles. Thus, the 290hp figure is believed to be well shy of reality. There have been reports of unmodified Z/28 engines finding their way onto a dyno. These engines were claimed to be pumping out figures closer to 360hp. It is little wonder that a healthy Z/28 was capable of winding its way to 134mph. Disappointingly, the seller doesn’t mention how well the Camaro runs or drives. However, if appearances count for anything, then the news should be good. One impressive aspect of the Camaro is the sheer volume of documentation included in the sale. This consists of the original, hand-written Sales Contract, Window Sticker, Protect-O-Plate, and copies of multiple magazines in which this car featured.

The interior of the Z/28 is just as spotless and impressive as the rest of the car. It is entirely original and unmolested and presents beautifully. There are no signs of any rips or tears in the upholstery, with virtually no wrinkles visible on the seats. The carpet doesn’t show any signs of fading, while there are no issues with the dash. The original owner chose to order a console, and this is present with all of the correct gauges. He also selected an AM radio with a rear speaker, and this is still intact. The Window Sticker shows a simulated wood steering wheel, and it is present and free from any visible wear. Window Stickers from this era make fascinating reading and tend to indicate just how much technology has changed the cost of certain features over the years. For instance, the AM radio was a $57.40 option. That beautiful steering wheel set the buyer back a mere $31.60. Technology means that if someone was ordering the same car today, then the chances are that those figures would be reversed.

This 1967 Camaro Z/28 is a special car, and writing about it has been an honor. It is astounding to think that the survival rate for these cars has been so poor. This one is confirmed to be the real deal and can be found on Jerry MacNeish’s Official Z/28 Register. It is 1-of-194 cars known to exist, so ownership of this car will grant the buyer membership to a pretty exclusive club. The bidding is sitting at $40,100, but I believe that it has a fair way to go before the reserve is met. If the right two people happen upon the listing, there is the potential for this car to go close to a six-figure sum. If it went beyond that, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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  1. Dave

    14 inch tires, 4:10 rear gears…you’d really be hearing that motor scream at 134 miles per hour! Some things are best left to the imagination. The only reason that it’s still alive is that its owner didn’t abuse it. Beautiful car!

    • CJinSD

      By my calculations, the engine would be turning 6,800 RPM at 134 MPH, which is a thousand RPM past its peak rated output. Hmm…

    • doug

      ’67-’69 Z-28s came with 15 in inch tires.

    • Lynn Member

      15 inch tires on Z28 s

  2. TimM

    This car looks as if it just came off the show room floor!! It doesn’t surprise me the reserve hasn’t been met!! It truely is in perfect condition!! The owner should be proud he took such good care of his investment!! After all a 53 year old car that cost approximately $3500 when new and the return on his investment if it goes for $50k is about 14 times what he paid for it new and had a lot of fun with it the whole time!!

    • Tom Member

      If this car is real, assuming it is, it should go north f $100K. This is holy grail stuff when it comes to Camaros. This IS one of the few cars that WILL remain collectable and SHOULD hold its value.

  3. Dusty Stalz

    Beautiful car, but not a “survivor” and props to the writer of the ad for not claiming it to be as such. It really gets me how the authors on this site will call repainted cars, or cars with rebuilt or even different engines than they were born with, and cars with replacement interiors “survivors”. Consider this, if you had a car that went through it’s whole life and had everything it left the factory with (aside from consumables, tires, battery, brake parts etc) and was preserved due to extremely careful ownership, and were at a show and the guy next to you had a car that was half restored was calling it a survivor would that be right? It’s ok if a car is not a survivor and I’m glad they get brought back but the definition isn’t right anymore. Sorry about the rant it’s just the way I feel about it.

    • ace10


    • Dave

      Up here in the Salt Belt, any old vehicle that’s not a rotbox underneath is a survivor! It’s a matter of perspective.

  4. Classic Steel

    A 67 Stang convertible owner and prior good ole day 69 rally z28 owner from my youth. i do love this original beast and simple muscle car.

    This car looks great. I am drooling but i don’t have the room with my other prize 63 split matching numbers 340 hp.

    If I didn’t have the unicorn 🦄 i would definitely be bidding this magnificent beauty up 👍

  5. JohnfromSC

    The reason there doesn’t need to be any mention of how this car drives is because at the price it will go for, it’s likely the only place it will ever be driven is on and off a trailer :-).

  6. Copocamro

    I don’t believe 67 z’s had Z28 badges in the fender that was on 68-69,

    • Lynn Member

      Dealer installed in 1969. Not original

    • Dusty Stalz

      Did you read the write up or the ad? They both state the badges aren’t right.

    • Gary Mills Sr

      You are RIGHT COPOCAMARO, None of the few (600) copies had stripes or emblems or a special hood. I have a friend here in Asheville NC who ordered a new ’67 Z from Mcmurray chevrolet. I personally can tell you that his Z had NO stripes and NO Z emblems on the car. None of us here even knew what it was, only that his Z would Run with, or OUT RUN our BIG BLOCKS in town !!. I was watching Barrett- Jackson last year and a 1967 Z was there. They made it a POINT to tell us that the ’67 Z had NO an thing difference from other Camaros. I think the Z here is still around .

      • Paul

        These came with 15×6″ ralley wheels and 7.35×15 bias plys. Mine was the same color no vinyl top and 3.73 gears. For this to do 134 he would be pulling 7400 rpm !! Mine would pull 120 at 6000 rpm.and would easily pull 7000 in 4th. Factory red line was 6500.

      • Paul

        They all came with stripes unless you ordered a stripe delete and that was rare. They all came without any Z28 markings anywhere as it was a RPO option code in 67. They made 602 of them of which I owned a butternut yellow one from 1970-79. They all had special 15×6 wheels shared with no other car. They had a single traction strut bar, 12bolt and powwer brakes. Mine did beat big blocks on Woodward Ave when I was young and crazy shifting @ 6800 so much that the welded spring plate on the right side cracked and was leaking gear lube LOL. They all had flat hood but you could buy a plenum air cleaner that mine had to pull air thru the firewall.

  7. Troy s

    ’67 Z/28’s were very rare back in ’67, like 700 or so built. Only 194 didn’t get beaten or raced into oblivion. I’m actually surprised that many are still left.
    I bet that air cleaner alone is worth thousands of dollars!
    My question, as I don’t remember anymore, is at what rpm the 290 horsepower was rated at? These things wound to no end on the topside, lots of top end horsepower. Plus, only the Corvette could carry a high advertised hp rating, more than 1 horsey per cubic inch, starting in ’67 of all things at GM. It’s odd when Ford also rated the Boss 302 the same as the Z, 290. I’ve also heard that was actually a NET rating they used, unlike the gross ratings which were normal.
    Killer ride that will never be driven, that’s a shame really.

    • JoeNYWF64

      How would this z28 run anyway on today’s “premium” gas? Some states have highest of 93 octane while others 91 octane. I bet there are more than 602 ’67 “z28” “clones” out there TODAY(how hard is it to recreate a 302 out of a 327 or even a 350?)
      Is the trunk’s paint color correct? Maybe depends on which f the 2 plants it was built in?
      Should the shocks not be spiral ones?
      Surprised the headliner stitching is not separating – just sitting can do it.
      Unused pulley? –>
      Should not the PS belt be using it? Or maybe an air pump?
      Hard to believe the exhaust is original – muffler crooked.
      I personally would have gotten the RS option instead of the vinyl roof. Was there a stripes delete option? I see no need for a radio in this either – with that motor.
      Now is not a bad time to take some of the old cars(not trailer queens) out – very little traffic out there after 9pm, weekdays anyway.

    • Kilroy396

      Only 602 were made in 67

  8. LD

    One time when this seller had the car listed, he had a But It Now price of $139,900!! This guy knows his cars.

  9. LD

    I meant he had a Buy It Now price of $139,900.

  10. gary Mills Sr

    I had a friend who had a 1967 Z/28. Ordered here in Asheville NC at the local Chevy dealer. NO 1967 Z/28 had stripes or any emblems with Z/28 on any of the 600 copies made. Need to do your research.

  11. Mike1955

    “Survivor” to me is born with drive train and factory Sheetmetal. Paint doesn’t make any difference. If you change the oil, it’s really not “original” anymore? Everyone has their opinion but that’s mine.

  12. Barry F Burrell

    I do not believe any 67 Z came with red line tires. It was a bastard size 7:35 x 15 and was the only car in 1967 that ran that size. Look at the press car that was used to introduce the Z. It had white walls. I bought one new ( April build car) and it came with Laredos with white walls. No one has ever shown an original picture with red lines. I was fortunate to find a set of new take offs from a 67 Z and they were white walls. I think they came from a drag car. Anyway, no big deal. Red Lines look good.

  13. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    67 Z28’s did come with stripes…

  14. Tooyoung4heyday Member


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