Spouse Neglect: 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

At one time, this 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV was painted gold and likely had a presentable interior and engine bay. Now, after years of sitting following the passing of its owner, ths car exhibits extensive evidence of sun damage from the blistering Arizona heat. That same climate has kept it mostly rust free, but whether that saves it from parts car status depends on who’s bidding. Find it here on eBay with no reserve and two bids to just over $100. 

Like we said: the sun damage is startling, from the ravaged buckets seats to the cracked dash and warped door panels. Say what you will about northern cars, but the interiors are usually mint even as the bodies rust out around them. The GTV is not the most desirable Alfa so the likelihood of this becoming a sheet metal donor looks strong; however, if you have a fresh interior stashed away and are handy with these motors, it could be worth a shot.

The seller notes there are trace reminders that this car was once painted gold. The current paint job doesn’t appear very high quality, and the color matched steel wheels aren’t exactly a bonus. The seller notes the hatch area does have some rust; namely, the filler panel below the taillights is the biggest worry spot, but the rest of the car is as dry as you’d expect for residing in Arizona. Glass looks good and shut lines appear tight.

The motor doesn’t appear to have become a haven for rodents and frankly, doesn’t show signs of extensive oil seepage or other indicators of neglect. That’s certainly not to say it doesn’t need a full rebuild, but we’ve seen worst under the hoods of cars that have lead far more active lives. The seller’s current bargain-basement pricing certainly makes this Alfa attractive as a parts car, but could it be more than that to an enthusiast?

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  1. steve

    IMHO this is a great restoration candidate, not a parts car of any kind

  2. Steve65

    The answer seems obvious to me…

    Buy this car for peanuts, buy a rust bucket salt belt car with a decent interior for peanuts, and get busy. As long as your goal is to have a car rather than a garage ornament it could work out well.

  3. Howard A Member

    While I wouldn’t buy an Italian car until the Packers win another championship,,( just kidding, GO PACK) I always thought the AR was nicest Italian car, without going exotic. Engines were screamers, and nice styling. While I’m not into these, the condition of this neat car makes me want to puke. Terrible. I guess it was just a “beater” to someone.

    • jwinters

      hey howard, off topic but I was just wondering if you made it to the Kenosha homecoming last month? I flew out from Vegas and had a blast looking at all the AMC cars

      • Howard A Member

        Hi j, sadly no, I did not. Isn’t that a cool show tho? Right on the lake, AMC ( and related makes) HEAVEN. I’m glad you went. As you go through Kenosha, there isn’t one indication that at one time, it was home to the #4 carmaker ( although we thought they were the best) in America.

  4. Mr. Bond

    Anything rubber on this car will be shot. Guibos, suspension components, brake lines, hoses, window and door seals, etc. But finding a body with less rust would be a real challenge. Steve65 has the right idea, as long as you keep costs to an absolute minimum. Spend the money on the guibos though, as almost all used ones are shot.

  5. Jake

    For an Alfa lover, owner, got a shop and can do normal Alfa tear downs and build ups-be a great buy!!!! Some one said get a rust belt car that’s worn out but good interior and then get working on it as your pet project (or those that can throw money at someone that can) and she’d turn out to surprise most folks, that she’s the same car!!!! Wish i had the money and the shop, but be a few mods, lol!!!! Good Luck to whoever scores her! Love that 4 cyl whine!!!

  6. bog

    Sad. More sad that it comes without title & that costs an additional $250.00 according to write-up. I don’t love this particular model enough to even throw a “token” bid for fear I’d win….

  7. andyF

    This looks like an Alfetta GT..not a GTV

  8. Larry Brantingham

    I had one like this new. In the first year, I had to replace rear brakes, giubos, rebuild the engine (sand got in through a poorly assembled air cleaner) and it rusted completely through both inner and outer front fenders – in Lubbock Texas. And I loved it and have been an Italian car nut ever since. Alfa arbitrarily changed the name to GTV in ’77 with no other changes. For that matter, legally there were no ’77s, as the irate registration lady told me. It was Alfa’s way of “meeting” emission standards. We have the shop and tools, but the problem with this car as with so many others is that getting it would cost far more than the car. Besides, we already have 10 Alfas (and 3 Maseratis, 2 Fiats, a Pantera and a partridge in a pear tree), so I guess we don’t need another one, really…
    I like the four cylinder cars without the tea-tray on the hood and all the plastic add-ons, but until the arrival of galvanized panels in ’83, they did rust badly. That makes this body worth saving.

  9. Eric Z

    Holly s…!

    The ugliest bumpers I’ve ever seen!

    It should look like this!

    Poor americans!

  10. Martin Horrocks

    This is a race car project.

    Early Alfettas, so rare and increasingly desirable.

  11. Anthony

    Only like 1974 and earlier model GTV’s.


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