Stalled Restoration: 1960 Desoto Fireflite

With unique styling, two big fins, and 4 doors, this Fireflite restoration has stalled, but you can be the one to finish it up! With fresh paint, and a pile of parts, this Desoto looks like a great opportunity to get into a cool car on the cheap. Bidding is currently at $115.50 with the reserve not met. Check out this stylish sedan here on ebay out of Melbourne, Florida.

The 361 cubic inch V8 is described as a runner, and the car apparently is a driver based on the sellers description. In the image above the brake booster is unbolted from the fire wall inhibiting any stopping action. The engine bay itself appears in nice condition, but dusty and dirty. This is a power steering and power brake car, so it will be an easy driver. I imagine some good old fashioned compressed air would clean a lot of the surfaces enough to give a decent appearance in the bay.

Dry, cracked, and discolored, the interior of this Desoto is a bit hard to swallow compared to the exterior and engine bay. This must have been a desert car as the interior is crisp to say the least. Out of “all of the parts” the seller has, I would be interested in knowing the condition of the interior parts he has. It would appear that the interior is the major hurdle with this classic sedan.

From the outside the paint shows wonderfully, and even some of the trim has been reinstalled. The chrome bumpers could stand to be chromed, but the grill is really very nice. The body work looks nice, but seeing it in person will tell the real story. The paint is quite shiny, and there doesn’t appear to be any problem areas or any heavy “orange peel” either. There is no evidence of rust or rot, and the body panel gaps appear even. The glass is all installed, and there is no evidence of paint tape over-spray on the glass, or the seals, so we know it’s not an Earl Shibe job.  The seller sounds confident in having all of the parts and trim to complete the restoration of this great looking classic. The biggest issue will be the interior, but the car seems more than worthwhile. What do you think this project will sell for?

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  1. whippeteer
    • Jamison marsh

      I’m the one who bought this car I got it when I was only 11 and am doing the whole car to factory specifications. Even using the enamel paint they used from the factory already have it running and driving.

  2. whippeteer

    Claims to have all the interior, but no shots of it even in his warehouse or garage. Just the crusty wheel and late model bucket seat that’s in it. At least the dash looks good.

  3. Big Mike

    These things always seem to have a BIG TEETHY GRIN!!!!

  4. Sam

    Here’s an engineering question to ponder.

    Do these Mopar push button transmissions from the late 50s to early 60s meet the definition of “shift by wire” which is now more prevalent?

    • Dave Wright

      These are the true shift by wire…….the new stuff is shift by electron.

    • Ed P

      No. Chrysler’s push button shifter was strictly mechanical.

  5. Jaygryph

    Sam and Max: Freelance Police drove a hard top one of these. I’ve wanted one ever since those comics and games came out. Hard to find this car in a postless coupe though. I’d happily drive a sedan if that was what was available. Love the front end and fins.

  6. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    I bet it’s tough to fill the master cylinder.

    • Miguel

      It looks like they are trying to get a newer master cylinder to fit.

    • 86 Vette Convertible

      Noticed that too. Aside from the fact AFAIK they had only single masters in 1960. Still a lot of potential there.

  7. S. Brodie

    I had an Adventurer 2dr htp green with original paint but needed to be totally refurbished and it sold for only $7400. The sedan’s used to be next to worthless until recently when the hobby ran out of converts and hardtops. I’d think that a maximum figure on this car would be somewhere around the $3000 figure if it has a proper title and is complete. Could make a nice driver but will cost megabucks to get it there, but hey who doesn’t like the finned Chryslers. Good luck to the car.

  8. Reg Bruce

    @ Brian: Earl SHIBE??? Sheeesh!

    And who said, “Youth is wasted on the young?”
    And, no. It wasn’t Earl Scheib.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      Every time I see that name I think it says “Earl Scheiße”, which would be oh-so-much more appropriate.

      • bog

        Unmoglich !

  9. Jamison marsh

    I’m the one who bought this car I got it when I was only 11 and am doing the whole car to factory specifications. Even using the enamel paint they used from the factory already have it running and driving.

  10. Jamison marsh

    Also the main reason I bought this car is because my dad’s first car was a 1960 desoto that he owns to this day. So it is fun to work on this one together.

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