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Start Your Collection: BMW 2002 Projects and Parts Auction

The BMW 2002 is one of those models that invite slightly fanatical behavior. Obviously, these cars are sought after, and the people who love them often own multiples. This listing appears to be part of an estate clean-out whereby the previous owner had an amazing stash of BMW 2002s and spare parts. owning many items in multiples, from steering wheels to steel wheels. There are shelves upon shelves of spare parts, and it looks more like a 2002 restoration business than just one man’s garage, but again – ‘o2 owners can be of the obsessive sort. Find the whole mess of cars and parts here on Thanks go to Bigcat for the tip!

If I’m reading the listing correctly, there are two “roundies”, which refers to the round taillight 2002 variety. These were the earlier cars with the smaller bumpers and are generally more sought after by 2002 fans. The listing indicates there is a standard 2002 and a 2002 Tii, which of course was the factory hot rod of its day. Both cars are largely disassembled, with the white coupe that I believe to be the Tii slightly more intact. The body of this black 2002 looks like it’s already been substantially restored, and while re-assembly will take some time, I would assume this is a rust-free shell we’re looking at. There are also multiple engines including one that’s already been rebuilt.

The black 2002 clearly has no interior, so this is presumably the white Tii we’re looking at. It’s quite tidy inside with an aftermarket three-spoke steering wheel and what I believe to be a factory air conditioning center console. The seller doesn’t provide details on the state of the cars themselves, but they clearly both need finishing. The listing includes several desirable part references, including Recaro seats, Zender body kit components, and Ireland Engineering parts, which could include some tasty engine upgrades. The listing doesn’t delineate whether they are selling the whole lot or each part piece-by-piece, but I suspect they’ll have little trouble finding bidders if desirable aftermarket components are included.

If you scan through the whole listing, you’ll see some very mundane parts that the previous owner had multiple copies of, like the standard 2002 steering wheel from the later cars, which is hardly worth holding onto but the seller may have been the type that never threw anything away. I once bought out a stash of  new old stock Peugeot parts from a local dealer and quickly turned a profit on it; I’m still selling the parts off through the present day. I wonder if someone could buy the whole lot and start a 2002 parts business overnight. You’ll have a hard time selling all of those steering wheels, but the rest of it should go quite quickly and for a good price.


  1. Bigcat Member

    Don’t give me credit for my submission and I won’t send anymore you Glass Bowl. I pay and I submit Richard.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      We occasionally forget to give credit but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate your efforts. The post has been updated. Thanks!

    • angliagt angliagt Member

      At least they post your submissions.
      I’ve given up,as they’re never accepted.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    Well…alrighty then!

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  3. 914Shifter Member

    I am into ’02’s and recognize all the cool parts. For some reason I think someone is going to score big on this sale! Those online auctions are kinda off the radar for many….. ??

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    i love it.

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  5. Robby C

    I fell in love with the body-style and handling when I got my ’68 1600 ages ago. Of course I wish I still had it…

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  6. Leslie Martin Member

    Unless your an 02 owner and/or restorer, it’s hard to understand the natural hoarding that seems to be endemic to our hobby. In 2002 land, someone is always looking for something, and the sense of community is strong. Being one of these types yself, I can assure you whoever buys this lot will likely be able to resell or trade every last piece of it down to the original steering wheels.

    P.S. That is BEHR A/C console in the picture. No factory A/C on any 2002s, but BEHR and Fridgking made dealer installed kits that were a popular option in warmer climates.

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  7. Skippy99

    This is a pretty good example of “um…a little late to post.” Posting a 4 day auction that ends on the 19th on the 19th doesn’t really give any of us a chance. I get that it was a user submission, but those of us who watch BF to possibly buy things seem to be at a disadvantage since the cars are gone or the auctions are over by the time we see them. On a side note, maybe the premium service should include “early notice” items to get more subscribers.

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  8. Gsuffa Gsuffa Member

    How much did this all sell for?

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