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Update 7/24/13 – The listing appears to have been removed.

That’s 3 submissions in a row from Jim. He’s on a roll today! These MGs came from the seller’s cousin’s Alabama estate. Supposedly he had over 50 MGs, but most of them have already been scrapped. This is what’s left. There are a few MGAs, a bunch of MGBs, and a stash of spares and literature. The seller just wants it all gone so they are offering everything together in one lot. Bidding is already at $4,550 here on eBay. Thanks again Jim!


We would have liked to have seen this MG graveyard before the herd got thinned out. We can count 11 cars in the photos, so this isn’t even a quarter of the whole collection. Unfortunately, the cars were exposed to the elements, so there might be more value in parts than project cars.


There is a shed full of new parts that are included with the sale. Everything was thrown in haphazardly so it is hard to determine what all is there. An in-person visit would obviously help with establishing a maximum bid.


Here’s the stack of books and catalogs mentioned in the listing.We would probably toss all those outdated catalogs, but there might be a few gems in there.


Transporting all these cars is the biggest concern here. It doesn’t seem cost effective unless you are in the area and have your own trailer. Even then, you are going to have to catalog everything and store it all somewhere. It’s a gamble, but we bet you won’t have any problem selling every single salvageable bit on eBay.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Hans

    I have total rust lust!

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  2. David

    The one directly behind that maroon one looks like it might be saveable

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  3. alan

    A lifetime of work remaining and no reward for doing so.

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  4. Chris Conrad

    Actually, an interesting collection. I’m seeing three factory optional hardtops (300-700 each, used) and a pair of aftermarket hardtops (~200 each) for the roadsters, the rarest of all MGB/GTs, a US spec rubber bumper GT that was only available in the states for about 6 months, a spare rubber bumper (no longer available and no repro available – price out clean, used ones – it’s shocking), interior panels, engines, engine blocks (~250 each), transmissions (the transmissions always outlasted the cars – probably 250 each – more for overdrive units).

    Without knowing any more than that, if I had the space, I’d go 10K for the lot, and I wouldn’t bat an eye. A sharp operator could make that back in short order, and if he did it himself, wind up with a very rare rubber bumper MGB/GT restored for free as his profit.

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  5. paul

    I do like my BGT’s & A’s, but these sitting in a field is sad to see because the effort will be to great & when you finally get one done, whats it worth.

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  6. DolphinMember

    Too bad. I’ve got a field to put them in, but I just can’t find the time for eleven 5,800 mile round trips with a truck and hauler.

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  7. Little_Cars Alexander

    No Midgets?

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  8. James

    And yet i have so much trouble finding parts sometimes…

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