Stepside Survivor: 1963 Chevrolet Pickup

It’s hard to tell whether this is a lightly restored 1963 Chevrolet Stepside pickup or just a very well maintained survivor. The listing doesn’t break out which category it falls into, but the extremely clean condition makes it appealing either way. The paint isn’t perfect but both the exterior and interior show very minor imperfections, and the underside is said to be pristine as well. Find it here on eBay in Florida with a $12,500 Buy-It-Now. 

The Stepside bed is a great look, and one that is seemingly coming back into desirability. The white-on-blue paint isn’t described as being factory original, but is said to only have minor nicks and scrapes. The tailgate appears to be quite sound, and I’m grateful to see someone hasn’t yanked it off to make a bench out of it. The seller says the tires have plenty of tread with no evidence of dry-rot or cracking.

Inside, drivers are greeted by what looks like a near-perfect bench seat and manual transmission. With a 350 up front and a new clutch, the seller says the truck drives quite nicely, even if it’s a non-matching example. Door panels and dash show no obvious signs of wear, and the windows and gauges are said to function as designed.

If you’re looking for a truck to restore back to greatness, we have a similar Stepside model, complete with spare tire, listed here in the Barn Finds Exclusive for the large Georgia collection. While showing a bit more wear and some rust in the lower door sections and fenders, it’s also a heck of a lot cheaper! Whichever one you choose, the Stepside trucks are a great look, and few eras of Chevy pickups wore them as well as these early 60s models.

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  1. Howard A

    It’s a nice truck, but clearly not original. Someone, aside from the seller, took this truck apart. Little things, painted hood release, glove box was always same color as dash, etc. Still did a nice job. Speaking of little things, incorrect hub caps, missing clutch pedal pad, emergency brake would have some wear. I don’t care for the motor choice, but if they were going for original, a 6 would be the norm, but again, a very nice truck.

    • Mountainwoodie

      Hey HoA- Didnt all of these have a sort of grey metal interior on the doors and dash? Everyone I’ve seen thats original did. Too bad the owner who painted it went nuts!

  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    I like the truck but it’s definitely not original. All trucks had a bronze/pewter interior regardless of the exterior. This is still a nice touch. 350 engine is kind of an act of desperation. The only V8 available in this was a 283 2bbl. That would suit me just fine. When my dad was finished with his ‘61 Eyebrow pickup he got a ‘63 which was basically the same except for a 283/automatic. He never kept it very long, but back then he did a lot of horse trading…

  3. Capriest Member

    Ford hubcaps!!!! 351 windsor and it would be perfect!

  4. Chinga-Trailer

    Lookin’ at the two trucks certainly illustrates the wisdom of buying the best example you can find. Even if someone GAVE you the red truck, the restoration would cost more than the price of the other.

  5. Kenneth Carney

    Same way my Dad was Geomechs. We
    had the Fleetside version of this very truck. Ours was white over red and had
    a 292(?) straight 6 and a 3-on-the-tree.
    I remember him putting a topper on it
    for camping and Mom made a leather
    boot that went from the back window
    o the the truck and the front window of the
    topper so we kids could pass through
    to front seat or back to the bed whenever
    we got tired. I also recall that it had a set
    of those flipper hubcaps on it too. There
    was one time I recall when Mom, Dad, and my sisters went to town to get groceries while I stayed at the campground and went fishing instead.
    Well, when they got back to our campsite,
    the front of our truck was covered in mud
    and Mom and Dad weren’t speaking to one another. Seems that Dad took the
    truck off-road and wound up burying
    the front end of it into a small creek
    that ran through the campground, and
    had to have someone with a tractor come
    over and pull him out! After that, he traded the Chevy for a ’67 Ford Ranger 3/4-ton pickup with a huge hairy 428 in
    it. But that’s another story. Despite
    burying the truck in the creek, I still have
    very fond memories of that old Chevy and
    all the fun we had with it. Great times

  6. 1st Gear

    Nice truck – if you’re into long stepsides. IMHO, long stepsides have been the butt boils of this era of trucks.Anyone who views this truck as a “survivor” better see a doctor,and good to the one spends more than 12 large for this truck-makes my ’65 C20 Long Widebed even more valuable.Thank you very much.

    • local_sheriff

      Agree with you on the step side bed – a fleetside bed would make this a highly desirable little truck.Right model year,nice colors, seemingly good condition, fully usable driveline etc – but; it is that bed…

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