Still Fast And Furious? 1960 Plymouth Fury

One of Exner’s last Forward Look cars, complete with toilet seat, I mean sport deck, and rear stabilizers. Other than wagons and convertibles, this was a top of the line Plymouth and a leader in NASCAR. Both Lee and Richard Petty raced these biggies, with the former having a severe accident in a 1961 model on the track. Lee survived, possibly due to the new, stronger uni-body construction. Find this one here on craigslist Richmond, TX.

Whether this one has a SonoRamic Commando 383 (doubtful since it is missing the fender badges), Golden Commando 361, a Fury 318 or even a new for 1960 slant six, remains to be seen. And don’t let the rust discourage you, these rusted new at the loading dock. Being a two hard top Fury means you got the Ski-Hi rear window for $23 to make sure your head burned evenly with your neck. About every styling cue was thrown at these cars: eyebrows, scooped out wheel wells, full length stone guards, emblems the size of dog bowls, chrome spears, the whole smorgasbord. This example looks nearly complete from what is shown, minus the antenna and broken back up light lenses. It has been sitting a long time for the Texas license plate to fade away and the multi stripe tires to return to their natural state. Peaking thru the tinted glass, you can see it still retains its dashboard mounted rear view mirror and possibly square, Lucite steering wheel. But the hard work of dragging it from the field has been done for you for your $3,000! Now the fun begins!


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  1. Karguy James

    Another flipper that’s too lazy to take it off the trailer or hose it off, and in this case, too lazy to type more than three words to describe it or post more than two photos. Too bad so many cars fall into the wrong hands.

    • jcs

      Not only that Karguy, this one is even too lazy to figure out the year of the car he’s flipping.

      • newfieldscarnut

        Cool car nonetheless .

  2. JW

    Worst craigslist ad I’ve ever run across. He deserves to get scrap money for it.

    • glen

      That is a pathetic add. 2 of the 3 pictures are the same, but we get a view of his buddy in the background!

  3. Jeffro

    Not sure if it’s fast. At this point, it is only as fast as the truck hooked up to trailer. But I’m sure it’s furious that it’s in the condition that it’s in!

  4. LAB3

    Nice job on getting the year correct, seller lists it as a ’56. As mentioned, horrible ad but from what I can see it’s a pretty solid looking car! The listing shows the transmission as “other” not sure if that means it has one or not.

  5. Dave

    My big Unc bought one of these new.
    I remember riding in it and that it was red
    Cool car.
    After that it was GMC pickups until he died. He was what you call one of them rednecks.

  6. Brian

    These are expensive and hard to restore because there are no reproduction parts and very few left with parts to salvage. When you are done you will have a nice car that you’ve invested far more into the restoration than it will ever be worth. They are quite rare but not all that valuable.

    • Dan

      Sounds like the story of almost every car I have ever restored. :)

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    Kind of scary to see one of these because I still remember seeing new ones on the lot of the local dealership. I started school in ’59 and remember these cars as quite popular. It seemed that up until then the bulk of the new cars sold were station wagons. My school class averaged six kids to a family. One of the local grocery store owners and his brother-in-law, who owned the local dry goods store both had a ’60 Plymouth, although one was a 4-door….

  8. JamestownMike

    Looks very similar to the 58 Plymouth Fury in the movie Christine!

  9. JamestownMike

    Looks super solid and complete! I don’t see ANY rust, do you? Wonder why it has a salvage title if it’s a barn find?

    • AMCFAN

      These bad boys RUST where you do not see it. I guarantee floors and trunk issues minimum. 1960 is the first year for the uni body. Great deal if it were $1000. and worth taking a chance but get ready. Parts are expensive!

  10. Hide Behind

    Not that fast even with 361 or 383.
    FRIENDS FOLKS HAD one, they lived at end o 6 or 7 miles of rough gravel logging road and suspension was beat to death.
    On a Friday or Saturday night we would pile 6 or 7 of high school friends and head to Beach Dances.
    Every darn BUMP in road caused car to sway and sometimes would bottom out the back.
    Do not remember engine but with those 15x 650 skinny tires he would power brake for some impressive Smokey burn outs.
    We called car “Do Kaboing” as every BUMP you could hear springs in seats, rear end and body flexing.
    I remember one night 9, 5 guys and 4 girls piled into it for 40 mile drive to beach, second prettiest girl sat on my lap there and home again.
    It was not only the Plymouth that went Boing” that night.
    Engine, tranny and rear rebuild inexpensive, but redoing BUMPERS and chrome trim $$$$$$.
    Suspension parts readily available.
    Body has good gauge metal and has mostly flat panels streight forward job.
    Need donor cars sometimes.

    • Dave

      “She sat on your lap and you talked about the first thing that popped up”?

      • glen

        I sure hope it wasn’t his sister.

    • On and On On and On Member

      Second prettiest girl?

  11. Dave

    Here’s the dash in one with the “teleview”

  12. Shawn Fox Firth

    not a ’56 pretty sure it’s a ’60 , good for parts it would take a fortune to restore

  13. Cris Carver

    I like the “resto mod” NASCAR angle on it, could be a whole a lot fun on a budget!

  14. Mel

    They didn’t rust at the loading dock – you’re confusing it with ‘57-‘59 Plymouths which rusted quickly and badly. Beginning in ‘60 Plymouth was overbuilt in an attempt to earn back its reputation for well built cars lost after the ‘57s had been on the road some months.

  15. SDV

    Gotta love the older mopars. Great cruise car.

  16. Mark S

    What a cool looking car. I think this car should get a full at least driver quality restoration. I like the lines on these 1960 models and would want to buy it if I could.

  17. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Tempted to go look at it…..what if it had a pair of those intakes on it…..dang….!

    Looks mostly complete and no need for crying about parts….plenty out there if you know or own a mopar.

  18. Rustytech Member

    Probably on a salvage title cause it was under water up to the windshield last month. Still if there’s no worse rust than can be seen here, it’s probably a worthwhile project if it can be bought right. A nice looking red one sold at MECUM earlier this year for over $75k.

  19. Hide Behind

    This may be two early but it seems to .emy that there as a cop option of dual after rbrls Carter AFB’ S ¿¿¿?or the 3i3 MOTORS in Plymouth Fury and Chryslers about thRAM AND GRAMPSS IN WAGONS OR 4R SEDANS PACKING time frame and of course for ovals. Intakes had long or short runners.
    The Late 50’s through 1970’s Chrysler Motors damn near lret buyers order big
    motors in every line they produced.
    Could hear 440’s, 413 and 426 in baselin
    e 4dr sedans and wagons.
    And no it was not his sister!
    Such are we today, as we began back then.

    • glen

      One of us has been drinking, cause I don’t know half of what you said.Now if you’ll excuse me, my glass is empty.

  20. Hide Behind

    I hate google!

  21. warner

    Loved the 1960 Fury. It was my first driver new in 1960. Don’t remember it getting rusty over several years of use.

    Like 1
    • Ed P

      New for 1960 was a 7 step, dip & spray process. The car was dipped into tanks up to the roof. It was a major improvement over the 57-59 Rustmobiles.

  22. Oingo

    Looks like a field find to me.

  23. ROTAG999

    Don’t drink too much Google you might toss your cookies….!

    • Hide Behind

      Old PC burped and died so been using Android and Google is dumber than I but lots faster and old eyes and arthritic fingers way apologize.
      Awaiting delivery of biggest baddest puter I could afford to resume vintage ( dislike “antique” when refering to auto), and pre 73 buyer/ seller connection site, then I be gone.
      I apologize, edit time p me off.

      • LAB3

        As a big guy with arthritic fingers I can personally vouch for the merits of spending $1 to get a stylus for typing on a phone.

  24. irocrobb

    I like his detailed description,barn find. He probably did not even pay 200 bucks for it. Kind of a pathetic in my mind and I sure would not buy it.

  25. Jay E.

    Terrible car when delivered. Quality control was non existent as they tried to meet demand and they pushed them to the dealers who usually could not sort them out either. Sales suffered the next year, and it never recovered. Now the 1959 Fury, that was a real car!!!

  26. GlenK

    Unlike “Hide Behind” my buddy a ladies man I might add, could never lure a woman into are 60 Fury. It was a four door base model with the 318 I think, with one door welded shut. But we did have a lot of laughs and we all learned to drive on it. I wasn’t there the night the old Fury “through a rod”. My friend’s dad had it towed out the next day.

  27. Ben T. Spanner

    My Father had a new 1958 Plymouth Convertibe and a new 1960 Dodge Phoenix Convertible. He had both 4 2 years. The build quality on the 1960 was worse than the 1958.
    On the way home from the dealership, someone commented that he had his right turn signal on, but was in the left turn lane. The lever was down. the front left signal was on and so was the right rear. No parts available. The dealer cracked open a junction box and rearranged the wires. Alignment was frquently off, but the Plymouth wasn’t. The interior materials of the Dodge were even cheaper than the Plymouth.

  28. Ed P

    The 1960 Plymouth was the first year for a new body that Chrysler made look like the 57-59 cars. Seems like a mistake considering the 1960 Dodge Dart shared the same body with different front and rear sheet metal.

  29. Brad C

    That cheap horror film ruined this car for me. Kinda like how every old F100s makes people yell “Sanford & Son!” I don’t mind something having a cultural reference… but in this case the connection is stronger than my admiration for the car.

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