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Still In The Barn: 1958 Olds Super 88 Holiday Hardtop


I’m not sure how long it’s been in this particular barn in Conrad, Iowa, but the seller tells us the engine of this Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Hardtop hasn’t been started in 45 years! The seller has an answer for that, though–just wait and see. There’s a buy it now price of $7,500 here on eBay and the ad indicates lower offers will be considered.


This original paint (Canyon Glow, the seller tells us) is still present in most places and despite the fuzzy pictures, I really don’t see anything horribly wrong with the body. I couldn’t find any trim not present, and that’s saying a lot on this very decorated model. As a matter of fact, the seller describes it as “super juke box” trim in the ad. They also say that most if not all of the “missing” trim is with the car. Maybe they are talking about the interior?


The fancy trim isn’t quite as present on the inside, although the “Autronic Eye” headlight dimmer unit is still present. I found an article here that says those units lose their sensitivity when exposed to light & heat for a long time; if the car has been stored correctly, perhaps this one will still work?


This is the original engine, still in place. But after 45 years without running, as you may guess it will need some pretty serious work before it runs again. In most situations, that would mean that you’d be stuck waiting for the engine to be disassembled, possibly machined and rebuilt; something that may take quite a while. So what’s an Oldsmobile buyer to do?


The seller has a solution! This engine, also from a 1958 Oldsmobile, is included in the auction. It was rebuilt less than 2,500 miles ago and unfortunately was in a car that got totaled. It was running on a stand three years ago. So that’s your problem solved, right? Maybe, maybe not–after sitting there for 45 years, even if the 76,000 miles are accurate, there could be many other issues as well. But with that major one taken care of, what do you think about this project?


  1. dj

    Do you think this would be a good project is the question? NO, is the answer,unless you like four doors? Collectors will not buy 4 door cars! Thats why you see so many of them unrestored,its not worth the time ,parts or money to do so.

  2. jeff6599

    This, my friend, is a fordor hardtop, considerably more collectible than a fordor sedan. Look it up in the guide; you’ll be surprised.

    • kcars

      Still, no one wants 4 door cars my friend !

  3. Tony S

    Wow cars were surely gonzo on the “decorations” through this period. Is “Jukebox” the term for this period? That’s a new one on me. Roughly 1955-1962?? Preceded by “Shoebox” I guess…

  4. Van

    This would be cool towing a vintage camper. 1958 is GMs best year for chrome.

  5. KeithK

    The very existence and title of this website proves that that average collector is running out of room or even possibly, like me, has no shelter at all to keep this grand behemoth. Post war American car manufacturing ,once it took off, brought us some of the greatest most outlandish styling ever. This car deserves to be saved. All 4 doors .

  6. Howard A Member

    This site continues to creep me out. The farm I live at, many years ago, the guys uncle ( who lived to be 94 years old, never married, and never left the farm) had a ’58 Buick exactly like this. Same color. This had to be late ’70’s, and it sat next to the barn, for years, and was in really decent shape, much better than this. Many years passed, and when I moved here last Jan. the 1st thing I asked, no wait, 2nd thing, 1st thing was if he still had his father’s Ford AA dump truck, and then, if he still had “Uncle Bill’s” ’58 Buick? Sadly, he said, a few years prior, he junked several of the vehicles around the farm, and the truck and the Buick were among them (NOOOOOO!!) I think Keith hit it square on, and like the farm proves, people are cleaning this stuff out, due to no interest and lack of room. I guess, for no other reason ( except it’s one heck of a road car) is to preserve it for future generations to behold, we once drove around in chrome-laden behemoths like this.

  7. CCFisher

    Is that a ’57 Eldorado in the background of one of the pic?

    • Anthony

      Looks like a 60 Eldo to me

  8. Ikey Heyman Member

    The guy also has a ’59 Edsel Corsair for sale – not running, but looks to have potential.

    • David G

      Actually, it’s a 58 Edsel. 59s didn’t have a Hood Ornament ring in the center of the hood – theirs were dual fender-mounted gunsights.

      The Salmon-ish colored car in front of this Olds is a 61 Imperial…

  9. Dennis M

    Just contemplate the bill for redoing all of that chrome!

  10. kenzo

    I believe this is worth the loooooong term investment for a totally cleaned up, fixed up, tarted up with good paint and upholstery, do the chrome in bit by bit and cruise the interstate…WHAT A WAY TO GO!!!!!!! were not looking at concurs here we are looking at a great cruiser. My aunt had a 57 Buick 4 door hard top wagon. What a way to travel….
    If I could, I would

  11. Jim

    Oh the four-door haters jumped right on this one! I think a lot of critics forget that building and restoring cars is driven by passion and love of the hobby not being a flipper. If I ever totalled what I’ve spent in cash and man hours on my 69 Torino I’d have myself committed, but I’m happy with what the result will be and I’ll be driving it a long time. For someone starting out or on a budget a four-door I think is a perfect affordable way to go. Personally I love the ’58 GMs and this is very complete, not all the trim is chrome, the stainless can be restored at home. Although a big job this hardtop would look great restored.

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