Still in the Barn! 1971 Oldsmobile 442

Check out this blue barn find Oldsmobile! Located in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, the 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 seeks a new owner here on eBay. Over a dozen bids have pushed the market price above $5000. Highly original and solid-looking, it could make an excellent candidate for a not-too-intensive restoration. The seller has not confirmed whether the 455 cid (7.5L) V8 is numbers-matching or not so bid accordingly.

This once-sharp hardtop coupe could definitely tear up some asphalt in its day. The listing lacks under-car pictures, but shows solid-looking floorboards with carpeting removed. Be sure to look for rust around the rear window. The paint has seen better days, but we’ve seen many worse-looking cars in this category. This Cutlass comes with a trunk-load of parts totaling over $3000 according to the seller.

If blue’s not your favorite color, best move along, as the interior wears it as well. If that 8-track works I’d pop in Led Zepplin I and pretend it’s 1982. Air conditioning (once repaired) will keep you cool on those hot summer cruises. The seller includes a so-so picture of the body tag. Maybe our Oldsmobile experts can comment on the likelihood of it being an original 442, something that cannot be confirmed by the VIN.

Some new parts suggest this Olds may have been running in the not-too-distant past. The engine turns, though the seller has not tried to start it. After peaking in 1970, the 455 took a performance hit, partially on paper due to a change in rating from gross to net HP, but also through a reduction in compression ratio. Still, with  270 HP (net) and 370 lb-ft of torque on tap, roasting the stock tires would take no more than a stab of the go-pedal. Thanks to for some details. Some might wonder if the 442 should have red inner fender liners, but in ’71 the 442 would not by default, and even the W30 (which should have them standard) got them only in early production cars, according to How much would you fix before twisting the key?

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  1. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Numbers matching or not, this would make into a nice Sunday driver with a little attention to a fair amount of work. If it does appear in an inspection to be a straight, clean car and stays below $7000, this would be a great deal for someone that’s looking to be out for a drive listening to, yes, “Stairway To Heaven”! 😁

    • jerry z

      Nice shape 442, too bad not buckets/console. Make this my “Highway Star”!

      • NovaTom

        8 cylinders alll mine……

  2. Steve P

    Don’t see the gear shifter anywhere, or are my eyes just getting old

    • Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

      Hello Steve P. I believe in one of the listing pictures you can see the column shift knob in front of the key cylinder. Elsewhere it’s hidden from view due to the angle of the camera. I could be wrong though. Good question!

  3. Steve P

    Thx Todd, I’ll look a little closer!

  4. Steve P

    Think you are correct Todd, I guess I was looking for a shift lever in the “P” position, tougher to see in the “D”, if that is what it is

  5. George Mattar

    Only W30 cars had red fender liners. They are being reproduced. Nice car for decent money and Barrett Jackson stupid money at $100,000. Nobody drives those concours prepared W30s anyway. Too risky with some retard texting like the POS that almost plowed into me today with phone glued to her fat face with donut dust all over it.

  6. Danny

    Not a 442. Body and interior trim, including center console missing.
    I’ve owned four from 68 to 74 and I’ve never seen a column shift or lack of trim. If I’m wrong, I apologize.

  7. TimM

    I don’t see a third pedal on the floor so it must be an automatic transmission which isn’t the greatest in my opinion!! I’m sure the motor would make it get up and go but there’s nothing like running through the gears!! All in all a Pennsylvania car should be checked for rust issues!!

  8. John Oliveri

    Nice car, great price, 1982 no one had 8 track anymore, 1978, yes, I like it a lot, my wife will not

  9. Peter White

    I thought 442 meant 4v carby, 4 speed, 2 twin exhaust

  10. Keefer Zeller

    Not a true 442 in my opinion. No 4 speed. I know you could get them that way but, why would you?

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