Storage Find! 1970 Charger R/T 440

Todd FitchBy Todd Fitch

What a handsome car! It’s always nice to include a picture or two showing the layer of dust that somewhat documents the “…find” story, and dusty cars get preferential attention here at Barn Finds. However, this 1970 Charger R/T is straight enough to justify a 15 minute bucket wash and some “after” pictures. Still, bidding on this Las Vegas, Nevada storage find here on eBay has surpassed $36,000 with the reserve not met, so perhaps that layer of pixie dust is working its magic.

The 1970 model year marks the final year of this body style, and the ’69 and ’70’s nearly full-width tail-lights look decidedly more futuristic than the round dots on the ’68. The 1970 grille gains a chrome surround and loses the ’69’s center divider. If you like those details, you’re in luck, because most people favor the 1969. You can decide if that’s due to design or the ’69’s starring role in a certain ’70s and ’80s TV show. No matter your preference, Dodge’s second generation Charger claims a top spot on many enthusiasts’ Lottery Dream List. The R/T (for Road and Track) model received the 440 Magnum, sport suspension, wood-grain dash, stripes, badges, and other upgrades. This car’s disintegrating white vinyl top probably conceals rust around the rear window frame.

With its console, balance of wood and chrome trim, and two-tone interior complimenting the white vinyl top and stripes, this R/T delivers style and performance. The difference in color between the seat covers and the door panels suggests the seats have been recovered. Buyers could combine the Special Edition or “SE” and R/T packages in 1970, which would have amplified the luxury with leather seats, additional trim, and hood-mounted turn signal indicators (thanks to for some details).

The R/T package came standard with this 440 cubic inch “Magnum” engine making 375 HP. Those demanding more ponies could opt for the 390 HP “six pack” version (fed by a trio of two-barrels) or the now-legendary 426 cid Street Hemi. The six-pack option would have precluded this car’s air conditioning, and most people were fully satisfied by the R/T’s standard four-barrel 440. The seller and his son have coaxed this Charger into running but make no claims that it’s roadworthy. Where do you think the bidding will stop on this highly desirable muscle car?

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  1. Bill

    This one pushes all the right buttons. It’ll command a premium.

  2. elrod

    May the curse of a thousand Vegas fall upon he who would modify this glorious steed! Set the time machine to 1970! We have tires to fry!

  3. jdjonesdr

    If this car could talk……….

  4. John Cole

    Hi everyone – this is my car that I’m selling and SO appreciate Barnfinds hooking it up out here!! The car does run and drive, and there’s even information to a Youtube video showing the engine running!! I’m more of a classic car guy, which is why this is trying to get to a home where someone else will really appreciate it!! If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to me at, or call me at 720-245-7283. This will make someone very happy in the near future!!

    • Buick Fan

      looks classic to me!

  5. Metoo

    The vinyl top looks very good, given the age of the car.

  6. John Cole

    And especially given the fact that the car was left in outside storage for at least 15 years!

    • GP Member

      John, I read your story and you said you got another car to. Would you tell us what it is and what other classic or muscle cars where at this sale.( if any) Thanks GP

  7. russell spreeman

    440, automatic, A/C, cruise, buckets / console, tick tock tach, and a NOT all-black interior. Very very nice.

  8. Mike

    The storage unit will replace the barn. Kids will start asking “what’s a barn?”

  9. JW

    I would love this car and would clean it up then replace what’s needed and drive it. But the finances are not right at this time.

  10. John Cole

    I understand, JW – I have heard that from a few people. I have been pleasantly surprised at the reaction and action on the bidding. But I really do hope it goes to someone that will do just what you had in mind!!


  11. Buick Fan

    Never a huge fan of these, but that interior is gorgeous. Would love to see the cleaned up version of this car…John?

    • John Cole

      Going to leave that to the new owner, Buick!! But I share your sentiments – it will be gorgeous when done!!

      • Buick Fan

        Best wishes for a smooth sale John, someone is getting a great car ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. David Miraglia

    Keep her the way she is. No modifications

  13. Rustytech

    I didn’t even need to look at the add or the price. As soon as I saw the picture I knew this was was outta my league! My garage is big enough, but not my wallet. Boo Hoo…

  14. Loco Mikado

    Even has a Tic Tach.

  15. Daryl

    I am looking for a 1970 car to fix up, as I was born in 1970. Just thinking back a few year’s ago when I could find a 70 car and get it cheap, and to look at them now with the big price tags on them. I should cut my leg off and kick myself in the butt, for not thinking about this year’s ago. I would love this baby right here, and yes, not change a thing in it.

  16. RDGRNR

    No mention of it being a true survivor looks worthy

  17. Troy s

    Love the look of those ’68-70 chargers, one of those cars that looks fast even parked! It’s got the good engine, the 440 Magnum, which is a fairly mild engine compared to say, aW/30 olds 400 or L78 396’s but they will get up and go and are stone reliable. Excellent car here.

    • John Cole

      Thanks, Troy – I hope a buyer thinks so!!

  18. Classix Steel

    Nice dust application and barn approach to obtain most coin !

    Soon it will be be found in a bank vault or p0le metal barn ๐Ÿ™‚

    • John

      Spot on with that assessment, Classic!!

  19. Mopey

    R/T stands for Road Track, not Road and Track.

  20. Kevin Lee

    Hell of a car! Being able to purchase this beast wouldn’t just make my day, it would make my life! I want.

    • John Cole

      Go for it, Kevin!!

  21. Rolf Poncho

    It’s the nicesed muscle cars and most expensive but that
    CATFISH grill not good looking that’s y I will never buy a

    • Vincent

      That grille is what makes it… take the futristic 50s atomic age turbine cars. And then slam some late 60s racing sleek … and you have a font end that will suck you on and spit you out as racing roadkill.

      Ford tried to make this look good on some T-birds and mercurys, but you gotta give mopar credit here: it just works.

  22. Steve

    What would something like this be worth after a Mark Worman resto?

    • John Cole

      Per him, about $125k, but I think it could get to $150k.

  23. kerby

    i owned a 70 not an rt but i loved it

  24. WLB

    Clock is a regular clock not a tic tock tac, it doesn’t have red line indicator or a tach needle.

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