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Storage Unit Find: 2002 Toyota Tacoma

Here’s a weird one: this seller has three Toyotas all covered in Arizona dust, sitting in storage units with no keys and some parts removed. And there’s a a lot of dust, which seemingly indicates they’ve been forgotten in these storage units for years. We’ll focus on the pickup truck today, which sadly isn’t a four-wheel-drive model with the SR5 package. This is a base model with two-wheel-drive and a single cab, and it doesn’t run and sits on flat tires. Find it here on eBay with no reserve and bids to just under $5,000.

I had to throw up a picture of the Land Cruiser as it’s just too cool to see a truck that is generally very sought after languishing in this brick-walled storage unit. The Land Cruisers are both missing their airbags in the factory steering wheel, and none of these trucks come with titles or keys. This has all the trappings of someone winning the rights to storage units that hadn’t been paid for in years. With no paper trail, that means the storage unit owner is the one calling the shots here in terms of saying that “Everything must go.”

The seller is being up front and making it quite clear that even if these trucks have some redeeming qualities, he’s not focused on them. The listing is written in such a way that you will be expecting the worst, and the only thing you’re at risk of is being pleasantly surprised. The interior is in decent shape and seems to lend some credibility to the low mileage listed in the description, which is 53,229. While the stripper spec isn’t super desirable, you pretty much can’t kill a four-cylinder, rear-wheel-drive Toyota with a stick. It’s dirt cheap to maintain and will run forever.

The engine bay is clean as well, far better than I’d expect for a vehicle with an unknown history that’s been languishing in storage locker. The descriptions for all the trucks are the same, with allowances for the possibility of rodent damage and surface rust on the frame. Overall, I don’t see how trucks that have been in a desert climate for years would have much in the way of issues with rust, but I am amazed that the base-model pickup is easily outpacing the two collector SUVs at the moment.


  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    Why would they still be in there if storage fees haven’t
    been paid in years?Normally,if you’re a few months behind,
    they start the process to sell the contents of the storage unit,
    so they can keep the income coming in.

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  2. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    Bidders have far more courage than I do. Without knowing VINs, they could also be stolen and abandoned.

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  3. bone

    At one time airbags were hot for stealing ; with no airbags , keys or title they have the earmarks of stolen vehicles that were hidden away after the bags were removed and forgotten about when the thieves went on to other things. The police should have been called to check the numbers on these trucks before any sale.

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    • Rick

      What you say is probably correct and it all makes sense.

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  4. Big C

    These Toyota’s are smokin’ HOT deals!

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    • jwzg

      I see what you did there…

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  5. sparkster

    Question : If they have NO KEYS how do they know they don’t run ? ? ?

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    • Lothar... of the Hill People

      Because w/ out a key, it won’t run.

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      • John

        Haha, did you guys set that up or what? LOL

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  6. Paul

    Seller claims no keys, yet there is a key in the ignition in the last picture.

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  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    The auctions all have a reserve.

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  8. Troy

    Its been stated before run a vin check with the local police before you buy

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  9. John

    Ah yes, that wonderful Arizona dust! I know it well…

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  10. Bellingham Fred

    All most as dusty as the vehicles driving down I80 just outside of Reno a couple of weeks ago on their home from Burning Man.
    Local car washes were charging $200 and up to clean “Burner” cars.

  11. Michael Berkemeier

    Oh geez, enough with the “Buyer beware: stolen vehicles!” comments. None of you are buying them anyway so why try to scare everyone to death? Chances are these are NOT stolen, lol, and they are HIGHLY DESIRABLE. They will bring HUGE money and you guys will all miss out because you are so paranoid…or, perhaps, you just don’t have any money? Who would be DUMB enough to list a WORLDWIDE auction, on a public forum, for stolen vehicles? Oy vey.

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  12. Homer Cook

    Reply to Michael re DUMB enough. Years ago I worked for a Mercedes dealer in Wichita Ks and a DUMBER than DUMB stole a MB with a dealer tag on it and drove it to somewhere in Arkansas and tried to trade it in or sell it at a dealership and the red flag came out when they saw the D tag. Police were called and thief arrested. “DUMB” happens.

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