Stored 15 Years: 1965 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

1965 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

While I can’t say I like the shape of the 2600 as much as the smaller GTV, this is still an elegant car with a lot of personality. Under the hood is one of the sexiest looking engines ever; a twin-cam V6 with triple sidedraft Weber carbs. This particular car has been languishing in a garage for 15 years and has recently been relocated to Cream Ridge, New Jersey and is offered here on eBay with bidding starting at $7,999 and no reserve. When the car was put into storage 15 years ago by the seller’s father it was running. The interior is tatty but complete and the only thing really glaringly bad about the car to me is the aftermarket rims (the seller notes that the original wheels are lost). Assuming the 53,800 miles are real, hopefully the engine and transmission can be reconditioned easily. So, anyone interested in this big Alfa?


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  1. jimbosidecar

    Nice find if parts can be had reasonably…

  2. Mark Hershoren

    These are among my favorites. I’m pretty sure what you’ll find under the hood is not a V6 but rather; a proper DOHC in-line 6.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      I can’t believe I made that mistake! Of course you’re right, it’s an inline 6!

      • Tom S.

        Just don’t let it happen again. Party’s over. Get back to work. :)

      • johnforsman

        You probably were thinking of similar vintage Lancias which did have a V6, they’re both Italian from the La Dolce Vida period.

  3. Mark Williamson

    Nice car, wouldn’t mind having it to play with.
    1 small correction, it’s not a V6, but an inline 6.

  4. Dave Wright

    These are wonderful cars, just a short notch below the Maseratis of the period. I owned and drove one for a few month when I lived in Germany, fine under appreciated classic.

  5. DT

    BARN FIND, It wasnt in a barn and we did not find it but its a barn find……

    • MIkeG

      We all enjoy this site and what it offers. If you don’t than go elsewhere.

      • DT

        I believe you meant “then go elsewhere”

  6. Dolphin Member

    These are great driving GT cars but are not particularly fast. Problem is, owners say they are real hard to find parts for and are expensive to fix and especially to restore. They only made 6,999 of them. I doubt this one could be brought back to excellent driver condition for the difference between the sale price and the valuation, which according to SCM Guide is $27,500 – $65K. It would depend on a lot of things that the seller’s description doesn’t give firm information on.

    Alfa also made 105 Zagato-bodied versions, which would definitely be worth restoring. The SCM Guide gives those a value of $125K – $195K, so once again the Zagato-bodied version wins out bigtime.

    With this car the win is that a car that has been neglected and ignored for years finally gets offered for sale so somebody can have a shot at owning it and doing something with it.

  7. jimmy

    the ones that came with webers from the factory like this one are much more rarer

  8. Tom S.

    Are there parts in common with GTV such as doors and glass and suspension?

    • BradL

      Other than a few minor trim items, switches, lights, etc., nothing is interchangeable. For instance, the front turn signals are used on 1969 USA spec GTVs and no other 105 GTs.

  9. Stuart

    I’ve had a number of Alfas over the years, including a 1963 Giulia Spyder, a European car. I learned all my colors and a lot of other words from my Italian shop manual. But c’mon Jimmy, ‘much more rarer”? Can you save that for the Novas? Its either much rarer, or much more rare, but you can’t go for the trifecta here….just sayin’…

  10. jim s

    why does the seller have the tool kit listed in another auction? if this car cannot be saved it might be a good source of parts for others.

    • rapple

      Good catch and good question. This car is being sold as a restoration candidate and from the available photos it appears to be one. So, why not present it with the tool kit as a value-added item, perhaps to help make up for the awful wheels? Any restorer/collector would appreciate it. Instead, the seller appears to just be making an easy grab for a few extra bucks by separating this from the car. It would be a shame to parts this out, but the seller has taken the first step. Too bad.

  11. Francesco

    Stupid wheels. What were they thinking?

  12. Grr

    Do these handle that well? My understanding was they were built on the old 2000 chassis from the 50s, with a new and heavier inline-6 over the front wheels, and that they’re more of a ‘luxury’ cruiser than anything sporting, Alfa bloodline notwithstanding…

  13. Graham Line

    Been a long time since I was around one of these. Based on a friend’s nice example in the ’70s, it tended to understeer (no surprise) and was at its best on roads that allowed a fair turn of speed and flowed fairly well. Autostrada, in other words. Alfas shared a lot of concepts between lines but not so many parts. Lots more room in one of these than in a Guilietta/Guilia coupe. The Webers are a bonus, as someone said.

  14. Rich G

    I know nothing of these cars. One thing I do know: those wheels are ugly!

  15. Paul B

    Beautiful Italian cruiser, but what a job and financial investment — likely not recoverable — to restore. I can only imagine what just the exhaust system would cost and how difficult if would be to find one. Needs everything, and I hope someone with the passion and resources steps forward, because these are anything but average.

  16. jimmy

    You assume that the mileage is original! Come on that’s the last thing you ever do for example this Alfa Romeo Spider 15,000 miles I don’t think so… They say it is but it actually has had a gauge replacement check the free car fax report you can also tell that the seat bolsters have covered well more than 15,000 miles

  17. Dolphin Member

    Sold for $14,100 on 39 bids.

  18. Andy Whah

    I believe this may be MY vehicle.
    I brought it back from Italy in 1968; this was only the 2nd one in the USA.
    I drove it to Albuquerque, NM and had Al & Bobby Unser work on it.
    When I left Los Vegas, NV; I had to leave it for repair.
    I was in the service and was re-stationed to FL then to AK.
    The repairman NEVER made contact with me again.
    I lost contact with the man and my car.

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