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Stored 20 Years: 1966 Chrysler 300 Project

For 11 years from 1955 to 1965, the Chrysler 300 “Letter-Series” was a potent combination of performance and luxury. But the market had shifted and demand for fire-breathing land yachts had waned, so the “Letter-Series” was retired. But a more mainstream 300 (non-letter) would continue, including the seller’s 1966 convertible. It’s been in storage for 20 years but has mechanical details to sort out along with some serious rust issues. Located in Pearl, Mississippi, this project or parts car is available here on eBay where the bidding has reached only $720.

The Chrysler 300 Sport Series (later shortened to just 300) was born in 1962 and stuck around through 1971. It came about when Chrysler did some model consolidation, which included the Saratoga and Windsor. The Sport Series was first positioned as a more affordable version of the exclusive 300 “Letter- Series” and a sporty variant of a full-size automobile by adding a 4-door hardtop version. In 1966, just 2,500 300 drop-tops like the seller’s car were produced.

Apparently, this was a running Mopar when the water pump gave out two decades ago. The prior owner decided to park rather than fix it, so it’s laid dormant since then. Besides the water pump, the 383 cubic inch Magnum V8 and TorqueFlite automatic are likely to need some work to be operational again. And we’re told the brakes are non-existent, so care will be needed when loading this vehicle onto a trailer.

Corrosion has taken over in lots of places. The floor pans are said to be rusted through and one of the fenders has a hole as big as a small fist. On the other hand, the seats may be salvageable although an entirely new canvas top will be needed. The seller suggests that bidders see the car in person before bidding. That may be because it could better serve as a donor to fix up another Chrysler of the same vintage.


  1. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    “fire-breathing land yachts ”
    Russ, I chuckled when I read that. Now there is a category I never could have imagined, back in the day.
    A family friend had one of these, brand new. I have to wonder what he might have thought of that description.

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  2. David Zornig

    1 of 2500 convertible 300s built in `68.
    Let’s hope someone gets it for $3K, and has fun while rebuilding it.

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    • David Zornig

      Correction, 1966.
      Couldn’t edit after it posted….

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  3. Larry

    I personally know this car and it will need to be totally restored or would be some what of a good parts car.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    A convertible with factory AC… that would add to the rarity I would think.

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  5. Will Fox

    The saddest part about the `66 Chrysler 300 is that it originally was to continue the alfa moniker and offer a 300M, which was to have the new 426 Hemi! Bean counters put a stop to it unfortunately, but it might’ve been the very BEST letter series 300 of all!

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  6. idiotking

    So I just dug the sister to this car out of a dumpster’s worth of trash in my FIL’s garage. Red over black, black top, 440 with no A/C. It’s in better shape as far as I can tell—the floorpans are solid, and all of the chrome is intact. It needs a lot of help. He parked it for a broken alternator in 1980 and there it sat.

    I replaced the alt, wires, plugs, points and condenser, rebuilt the carb, and plumbed in a boat tank. We got it started on Father’s Day, and the smile on his face was huge. It’s been sitting ever since; I’m demoing his guest bathroom and generally helping make his house livable again. My plan is to get it on the road by next spring.

    Good to see another one of these out in the wild.

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  7. Jack

    When I hear 300 ! My thoughts instantly go to the 300g convertible a friend owned for a short while. Equipped with the 413 and dual four barrel carbs 😋 was the fastest car I’ve ever had the privilege to ride in. A true rocket ship that would shove you the seats, and almost into the windshield during shifts. Sadly he sold it after only a few weeks, as it was a car that wanted to stop at every gas station for a drink.

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  8. Josh

    I’m the seller of the car. The floorpans are why I’m selling it. It’s rusted all the way through in several spot. It’ll need to be completely cut out and have a new pan put in.

    Ebay won’t allow me to change the pictures for some reason. I wish I could show the identicard that came with it as well as the cowl tag. For some reason, those photos aren’t on the listing and I thought I put it on there.

    If you have any questions, please ask…

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