Stored For 20 Years: 1970 Triumph TR6

This 1970 Triumph TR6 is represented as “nearly mint” and “never been redone,” which certainly implies originality. Some might disagree with that assessment, although the car certainly seems “nice”. It’s listed for sale here on eBay after having been stored for 20 years on a lift (presumably before being refreshed). There’s a buy it now of $11,900 which might not be out of line for a car this nice (assuming the claims are true) and has bidding considerably less than that right now. The car is located in Essexville, Michigan, which given the lack of rust makes it even more attractive to locals!

Although the car is a 1970, the nitpicks among us will not the post-1973 front spoiler, blacked out windshield frame and the black antenna. It does have the unique to 1970 rear reflectors and some other nice features, and the stance may mean that the 42,026 miles could be real–most TR6s on original springs are sagging much worse in the rear.

No luggage rack, red line tires and the top down. Yay! A great way to spend an afternoon. As the owner of two TR6s I can tell you that if you like this kind of car, there are few experiences better.

Like most TR6’s, the veneered dashboard has deteriorated, in this case from both sun and water. The good thing is that both the dash pad and dash itself are straightforward to replace and can be done by anyone. And the dashes available now are much better than the originals in appearance.

Although the under hood appearance is used by the seller to claim that it hasn’t been cosmetically redone, unless the camera is playing tricks, both the air cleaner and valve cover have been repainted, and you can see the red overspray on some components under there. I suppose that’s good considering this is a rebuilt engine. What’s that you say? Yes, the engine has been rebuilt (so it’s definitely been out) and that’s not a bad thing! We’re also told the carpet and top are new and that brakes and steering are like new. So overall, I think this looks like a pretty nice car that could be improved with a little bit of detail work. What do you think?

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  1. Alan (Michigan)

    No more ” buy it now”. With the high bid at $8,995, it looks like the car will sell.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Hmmm. “Never Been Redone.” Not sure I believe that. The appearance of overspray on the rear underbody has me wondering about it. And what is the blue showing under the front bumper, left side?

  2. Howard A Member

    No O/D. It would have this under the word Triumph in the back.
    Nice car, red a little loud, I don’t remember too many red British cars, but no O/D a deal breaker for me.

  3. whippeteer

    So, never redone except for engine and paint…

  4. Francisco

    You can also see overspray beneath the body of the car in the rear view picture. Anyone else getting suspicious of “never been redone” claim.

    • Greenspire

      Obviously had a repaint. TR6 logo is missing on the rear of the rear fenders. Typically left out after the fresh paint job.

  5. Mallory

    “Nearly mint”
    . . . And interior carpeting and convertible top are new.
    The motor has been rebuilt at 46K
    Air cleaner ans valve cover re-painted
    At least the tires are original and 46 years old.
    Sounds like a flood victim.
    Paint code?
    Pictures of the bottom before getting involved are recommended.

  6. Bob

    I won’t comment on whether the car has been redone or not, but it would be a fun car for a reasonable price, as long as it is in excellent running order. I don’t know anything about the TR6, but there was nothing more fun than getting on a windy road in a TR4, or for that matter, any sports car.

  7. Car Guy

    Didn’t all these originally come with the “Union Jack” decal on the rear quarter panels?

  8. Andrew S. Mace Member

    Car Guy: through 1972, the rear fenders sported TR6 in outline lettering. This car lacks that as well as the black under the “rocker panel” finisher strip. However, the black windshield surround IS correct for 1970 and later TR6s. It’s almost startling to see the lack of attention to detail on what otherwise looks to be a pretty good quality paint job, especially that overspray on the underside, the lack of the black sills and (IIRC) some additional black in the front grille recess. When you see that surrounding possibly “correct” red line tires, you begin to wonder a bit. But it’s all good!

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