Stored 23 years: 1974 Ford Pinto Wagon

Get the dust rag out, this 1974 Ford Pinto Wagon has been stored for 23 years and it shows. It’s hard to believe that it was stored indoors, but maybe there was a leak in the storage unit that allowed all of this dust to settle on the car. It’s on Craigslist with a very ambitious asking price of $1,100. There are no interior photos, there are no engine photos, and there are just two exterior photos! If I found Aladdin’s magic lamp one of my three wishes would be for sellers to provide several good photos of the exterior, the interior, the underside, and the engine when they sell a vehicle! Oh yeah, and then the world peace and end hunger stuff would be next… Thanks to Pat L. for sending in this tip!

Here’s the other photo and it’s either a recent photo of the car all cleaned up or it’s an old photo showing it from 23 years ago when it went into storage. I’m guessing the former. The seller says that there is some rust on the rockers and on the floors. I think they’re going to have to add an “or offer” part to the price on this car, this one needs a lot of work, a lot. It hasn’t run in 23 years so there will be all of the usual mechanical and maintenance items to go through: fuel system, engine, cooling, rubber bits – tires, belts, hoses, seals, etc., plus the rust repair and paint and, most likely, interior work. I’m guessing the interior has been at least a weekend retreat for well-heeled mice if not a full-time condo. The green stripe, though, maybe this one is worth $1,100 after all! All kidding aside, this one is a head-scratcher. Two photos and basically zero information other than it’s been in storage for 23 years, it has rust, and it was an original-owner car. It could be a great project car and I hope that it is. What do you think about this mysterious Pinto wagon?


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  1. Howard A Member

    How this car escaped the crusher, I’ll never know. Just not enough info. If it did run, which is highly unlikely, it’s probably why it was parked in the 1st place, be a good little beater to use, then shred it.

  2. Johnni B

    Should have taken advantage of Cash For Clunkers.

    • Blyndgesser

      Too old. Cash for Clunkers didn’t apply to models more than 25 years old at the date of trade.

  3. CJ

    I actually like pintos but you can find running driving examples for about the same money.

  4. RedRiley

    If it was a 73 or older, I’d take it. They got those ugly massive bumpers in 74. The older smaller ones were much nicer looking.

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  5. Jeffro

    Clean…dirty….is it really gonna matter?

    • RayT Member

      Wattsamatta you? Don’t ya recognize PATINA when ya see it?

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      • rando


      • Jeffro

        Is that what we’re calling it? “Patina”?

      • mark



    Scotty, what the seller is trying to accomplish is to generate phone calls. Giving minimal info accomplishes this as if one is serious they will call.
    It works, I have done it several times. You will also find out if anyone IS interested.

  7. jake

    Wow, these were junk when new!!!! Why would anybody in their right mind not crush this as worth more in scrap then the bother of even thinking about getting running again!!!! And what is the direction of barn finds–pickin the horrible cars of the 70’s????

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Jake, sorry you feel that way, the Pinto was a good car. It delivered everything it was intended to do. I graduated HS in the ’70’s, and at the time, they weren’t so bad. Keep in mind, BF’s is anything that could be found in a barn. Pretty broad spectrum, if you ask me.

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    • Josh Staff

      Hi Jake,
      Most of the cars that get featured here on Barn Finds have been submitted by your fellow readers, so we aren’t setting the direction as much as we are featuring what people find interesting. While you might not like or enjoy this Pinto, that doesn’t mean that others don’t. Personally, I think these are sweet little oddballs. I also think Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes and Ferraris are cool, but they are out of my budget. A Pinto on the other hand, I can afford and enjoy. That being said, if you’d like to see other cars featured on the site, please hunt for what you find interesting and email it to us! Our address is!

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    • Miguel

      Jake, how many Pintos have you had?

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  8. Lee Hartman

    I’m sitting here thinking, at $50 a month for a storage unit, times 23 years. That’s $13,800 for storage.

    • Stang1968

      If you know of a storage unit for $50 a month that can store a car, please share. I haven’t seen a price like that in close to twenty years.
      Around here you’d be at close to 150, with an increase every 9 months or annually.

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      • Scotty Staff

        $230 a month for me for an unheated space; ouch.

      • AutoArcheologist

        I moved a 77 Cruising Wagon (silver with the wrap around multi-colored stripes and porthole window in the side panels) for around $800 in similar shape. The buyer loves Pintos and had the old girl up and running/driving within a couple weeks. Sent me photos of the car out and about and at a local all Ford show… said it got more attention than many of the Mustangs. Whatever floats your boat.

        RE storage/garages.. Try over $700 a month in CT for 1500 sq ft.

      • Tim Rusling

        I think our local U-Haul wants about a buck and a half a month for indoor storage. A repurposed GM transmission building.

      • Howard A Member

        AA, I worked with a guy once, had a Cruisin’ Wagon exactly like that, and we,,,,cruised around in it.( btw, N.Wis. still $50/mo. for a storage unit, $65 if you want to live in it)

  9. mark

    A 74 Pinto that has not run in 23 years for the fabulous on sale now price of just 1100 bucks? Where is Cal Worthington when you need him?

  10. RJ

    Holy park bench bumpers! Would make a good demolition derby candidate.

  11. MG'zer

    I don’t say much, but crusher is crossing my lips

  12. Tim Rusling

    We had an ’80 Mercury Bobcat – yeah, Pinto wagon – and, honestly, it was indescribably crappy. The worst car of all I’ve ever had occupy driveway space. It wasn’t rusty, it wasn’t high mileage, it was well-cared for but everything but the window glass was s___, and even though it was “in tune”, the amount of gas and motor oil it would use was hideous. A total, thorough money pit. It cost several grand over the span we owned it to make it into a worthless lump. Reverse alchemy.The engine was about as bad as an early Vega’s POS engine.

  13. Tony Geloso


    Went to CL and found the ad was deleted.

  14. PatrickM

    Sold, dang it!

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