Stored 25 Years: 1985 Ford Mustang GT

The “Fox Body” Mustangs (1979-93) actually sold better than the first-generation pony cars of the 1960s, but not by much. But it took 14 years to do that rather than just six (1965-70). 1985 was the mid-way point, which would have included this Mustang GT with a 5.0-liter, fuel injected V-8 that’s been sitting in a barn for more than 25 years. It looks like it hasn’t suffered much over time and is available in Saginaw, Minnesota and here on craigslist for a not unreasonable $2,000.

The third generation of the Ford Mustang is often called the “Fox Body Mustang” because it was built on their Fox body platform which was used under several global Ford products. They built 2.6 million Mustangs off that chassis as opposed to 2.5 million Mustangs back in the ‘60s. For 1985, 156,000 copies rolled out the back door of which 45,000 were GT coupes (30%) like the seller’s car.

We don’t know the circumstances that led to this 1985 GT having been in storage since 1995, presumably in the barn where it currently rests. Fortunately, someone had the foresight to put a tarp down under the car before parking it to help impede rust over the years. Which, by the way, the seller says is none at 54,000 miles. The car is finished in the popular Medium Canyon Red paint offset with a grey interior. The seller to car will come with all its original parts, which suggests some of them may have been removed. We’re told the seller was going to rehab the GT at some point, but life gets in the way and that never happened.

A fair assumption is that the 302 cubic inch, fuel-injected engine does not run, and we don’t know what it will take to change that. It comes with an automatic transmission, although a 5-speed manual would have been more exciting. Despite their popularity when new, these cars haven’t appreciated like other Mustangs have. NADA suggests $12,000 and that’s the price for a convertible. At the seller’s asking amount, he either just wants to be rid of the car or it will take more than meets the eye to get it back on the road.


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  1. Gate1967

    A great buy at 2k. A lot of unknowns on this but with claims of no rust makes it is a huge bonus. I Didn’t think 85 v8 mustangs had fuel injection yet, thought they started in 86. Could be mistaken. Not a fan of the automatic. Hope someone takes this mustang and makes it new again.

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    • whmracer99

      These were a bastardized one year only throttle body injection that dropped the rated horsepower quite a bit lower than the 4bbl carbed units from the year before and the MPFI units the year after. I had one of these in an LX convertible of the same year and although they drove OK, they were dogs with the automatics.

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    • John Polacek

      Had FI in 84 too, but with the automatic cars. Unusual to find one of those.

  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    If it indeed has little to no rust, and was parked due to some routine mechanical malady, this could be a fine blank canvas for not much money. The four-eye Foxes are not as popular as the later aero nose cars, but they do have their following. You probably can’t find a car which has more support on the mechanical side than a Fox Body, including lots of aftermarket modification choices. For things like interior trim, it’s not as good but getting better. Restore it, or modify it (install a modern manual transmission, for example), and have some cheap fun.

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  3. JBD

    1985 was the last year of the smog Holley carb. EFI was the normal induction after and both power and MPGs were up.

    • whmracer99

      Look at the engine picture — that isn’t a carb.

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  4. Dusty Stalz

    A 5.0 Mustang with a 305 eh? LOL

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    • Bob C.

      A little confusion there on Fords and Chevys.

    • Brett W

      A 5.0 is still a 305

      • Bill D

        A 302 is more like a 4.95 though. They rounded up.

      • stu

        Ford uses 5.0 but is a 302
        GM uses 5.0 but is a 305
        From what I can remember.

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  5. Bill D

    From what I could find looking online, for 1985, the manual transmission 5.0 cars got the 210HP 4bbl carb while the automatics got the CFI that made 175HP.

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    • JBD


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    • wjtinfwb

      Correct! The automatic 5.0 was a heated up version of the engine in the Town Car and other Panther platform cars. Ordering the manual got you the Holley 4bbl version with the roller cam, tubular headers and dual snorkel air cleaner. 210 HP and much more eager to rev than the automatic engine. ‘86 brought the port injected engine to either transmission.

  6. Steve

    This is a bad combo, CFI, non roller motor with an AOD and the 7.5 axle. The entire driveline is garbage. This guy had a rough 54k miles.

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    • JBD

      Probably good for a cold weather car. The winters in Duluth are murder.

  7. bill da

    put on a Superbird front end and tail fin and head to Talladega

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