Strike Three: 1969 Imperial Lebaron Crown Hardtop

Here’s a car with a title almost as long as it is. This Imperial is the third car out of the box at this time, behind door number three, as it were. It’s listed on eBay in Los Angeles California along with the Rampside and the Continental convertible. It had a repaint in the 1980s and has been stored since 1990. It runs and drives well and all the electrical works. There’s no word on the AC, but surely it will need at least a recharge. Except for the repaint, this car is completely original. Even the vinyl top looks nice with only one small spot reported.

The interior appears to be in great condition. The leather could use some cleaning and conditioning, but is otherwise very nice.

It appears clean and original under the hood but could stand some detailing. This 440 was good for 350 HP which would carry this two and a half ton beast to 60 MPH in about 9 seconds and through the quarter mile in about 16 seconds. That doesn’t seem fast now, but in 1969 that was pretty impressive for a big car like this.

This Imperial looks pretty clean with no sign of rust underneath. Hopefully, the rest of the underside looks this nice.

It’s about 19 feet from this end to the nose. These fourth-generation Imperials were the longest (n0n stretched) car for years. The sides went from flat on the third generation to rounded sides on the fourth generation Imperials. This car appears to a great driver just like it is. It will need tires after sitting so long, of course, and the AC will need at least charging. There are likely other gremlins to be dealt with and buffing and waxing will make this grand sled really shine. Overall, though, ain’t she pretty? Most of us might wish it was a different color, but it looks pretty solid, at least in the pictures.


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  1. Steve R

    I think it’s the best looking of the three. I have no clue about value, but as land yachts go, this and the X100 also profiled today have to be at the top of the list.

    Steve R

  2. Mike B

    The full Cleveland.
    A neighbor of my aunt had one in a dark color, which works better. Kind of had a Steve McGarret/Green Hornet vibe.

  3. RoKo

    Cool cruiser! I’d have to change the paint colour though. Ice blue metallic would be nice.

  4. ccrvtt

    I had a ’69 Cutlass with a 350 2 bbl. I thought it was pretty quick. A friend’s parents had a ’68 Imperial 4-dr. We raced. He smoked me.

    I’d say that 440 is good for at least 9 seconds 0-60, maybe better. Nice looking car.

    • Loco Mikado

      A friend of my dad had a ’67 I believe. Just after he bought it new my dad and him were sitting around drinking and BSing. My dad asked about his friends new car. He said it was nice and had lot’s of power. Then he said he had it out on a deserted highway with a steep grade. He wanted to see what it would do. He said he crested the hill at 120 mph. Remember this is a middle age man who owns a very successful company and has plenty of money.

  5. Tiger66

    Cool car, but there’s no such thing as “Lebaron Crown” Imperial. It’s either a LeBaron or a it’s a Crown. Can’t be both. Two different series.

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  6. Metoo

    There sure are a lot of older bulgemobile land yachts showing up here lately. Not complaining, as a paraplegic and full time wheelchair user, with the big wife doors there are none better for getting in and out. New cars, even 2 door ones, can’t compare in that regard.

    • Rodent

      Big wife doors? Hahaha! Freudian slip?


    That’s one heck of a bumper on that lovely beast. Such crisp lines for a car that size and stature. Kind of like a beautiful large woman.

  8. Rube Goldberg Member

    What, no 4 speed?

  9. Del

    Fuselage bodies. Either love them or hate them. I love them. This car is so close to my Ideal car that its hard to say anything critical. And the colour is wonderfull. I cannot remember seeing another Imperial in yellow. Be in a Museum soon but I wish I could take care of it for a few years before I go……….

  10. qabbott

    I wonder if the sequential turn signals still work? I used to love to see them in traffic!

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  11. JEFF

    This lifelong Imperial lover hates to admit it, but the ’69 is… a glorified New Yorker. Just couldn’t compete with Caddy and Lincoln, BUT: it’s still a gorgeous piece of Mopar. And I like the color!

  12. Dennis

    Seems like yesterday I was 9 years old hanging around the lot on my 5-speed Stingray bike. The local Chrysler Imperial Plymouth dealer in the suburb outside Detroit. Drooling over the Mopars the summer of 1969

  13. Troy s

    It’s nice, 440 is a solid reliable powerplant, not liking the color all that much and on a car this big there’s a lot of it. I must admit I like the Mercury X 100 from yesterday much more than this one, just sportier which I like.

  14. Dwilson

    I bought one of these used back in the day of the late eighties from the original owner had like 68000 miles on it it was a beast beautiful car but of course I was young and stupid so I sold it for nothing cuz it wouldn’t pass gas station and everything on it worked all I had to do to it when I bought it was put new tires on it


    This was my first car! I purchased a copper brown version for 500 bux back in my junior year of high school.(with my own summer job money of course) The wife of this “retired” Jewish mobster sold it to me…because her hubby was getting too old to drive. Room for six large people (and two in the trunk)…no problem.All the rich kids at school had Z-28s and BMW 2002s…but I had THE BOAT…and the ladies wanted to chill with me in the “living room”. Also quite practical for hauling me and the fellas home from football practice.I wish they had made a convertible.I sometimes think of buying one…and doing a one-off ragtop version.

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  16. mike s

    I think the yellow looks nice. gives it a classy look

  17. Bob Tarpey

    This WAS my car! I bought it from the original owner in 1985, had the minor bodywork, paint and chrome done by the folks who restore Dusenbergs in Escondido, Ca. and the drivetrain gone thru by Dragmasters in Carlsbad, Ca. It won many awards because of it’s color, and I sold it to collector friend when we moved on job transfer. I still have all the docs, pics,and trophies….missed out on the E-Bay bid when trying to repurchase it early this year. If it’s for sale, I’m a buyer

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