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Stuck in the 80s: Monte Carlo Collection


While they were at one time quite commonplace, the ’80s Chevy Monte Carlo is increasingly hard to find in anything but beater condition. Well, a seller here on eBay has been squirreling away parts cars and projects in every form that the GM G-body platform was made – including some desirable Aero Coupes that could represent a fun project car opportunity.


I can understand getting carried away with one make and model, especially where component-sharing was rampant. From Oldsmobile to Buick to Chevrolet, you didn’t need to look too hard to find a G-Body chassis in your favorite flavor. This particular listing includes 39 vehicles in the lot, and the seller is only interested in selling it all as one collection of cars and parts. Whenever there is a sale like this, I always wonder if they’re actually successful in unloading the entire shebang all at once. This Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 is a one-year only car and would likely find a home quickly if it wasn’t locked in this lot.


The Chevy Aero Coupes are obviously the stars of the show here. The ties to NASCAR were what made these 4th-generation Montes so desirable, combined with low production numbers since they were only produced in 1986 and 1987. While Monte fans cherish them now, the windswept-look didn’t set everyone’s hearts aflutter when it was introduced. It was also only available in white with a burgundy interior, which wasn’t exactly a hot color combo in the ’80s. The Pontiac version above is a bit more attractive, in my opinion.


Most of the 4th-generation Montes still on the road today are in the conventional notchback configuration, like this one. They also tend to have questionable modifications like the power bulge hood and cherry bomb exhaust (I think the odds are good that this car above has an aftermarket exhaust, at least). Would I pay $45,000 for this collection? Certainly not. But separate some of the Aero Coupes and the Grand Prix and I’m sure more than a few enthusiasts would be interested.


  1. Paul Tuzi

    They did the Aero coupe in Black and gold , White and Gold ,Silver and Burgundy, Silver and Grey , White and Burgundy and I’ve heared rumors of white and blue

    also check out the Mexican Monte carlo SS which came with a Pontiac Gran Prix interior and a 350 Four speed manual combo Only !

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  2. Ceezy

    Love the Monte Carlo aero coupes, but I seriously doubt he’ll move the whole lot in one shot.

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  3. Arthur

    I believe the Aero Coupe also came in silver. I know the Pontiac version was silver.

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  4. randy

    Maybe his incentive to start with was to hide all of these hideous hatchlings. Now that they are a little older folks can relate to them better, and maybe even learn to like them!
    Kidding aside, I always did like this car, just not how it was put together, and the engine choices.

    This is the same guy that had the herd of rusty chevelles too.

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  5. HeadMaster1

    The aero coupes “might” be worth a few bucks, but asking somebody to pay to clean out your junk yard isn’t going to work….Scrape he junkers, sell the aero coupes 1 by 1, make few bucks

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    • Jeff Staff

      Seems simple, doesn’t it? I don’t know why more sellers don’t realize Pick ‘N Pull will gladly show up and take your heap(s) away for pennies on the dollar.

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  6. Tilden

    The aerocoupe was only color restricted in 1986 when only like 200 were made. In 1987 you could get pretty much any color.

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  7. Mike D

    a casual observance is there are a few ” redeemable” cars there, the others are pure junk he doesn’t want to get stuck with the junk all seem to be rust free at first glance .. the pics are from too far away for any serious looking .. nothing about any of

    them running If I had the $$$ ( I don’t) I just might show up with a fleet of tow vehicles , but not for $39K .. maybe, possibly might offer half that.. bears resemblance to the guy who advertises in Hemmings his collection of 50 Impalas all or none he’s been advertising for years

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  8. piper62j

    Friend of mine down the street has his 87 Monte Carlo up for sale, T-Tops and all for $4500 with original wheels and very plush interior… Can’t get a nible on it.. I would grab it, but already have a project.. The car just sits ’cause he can’t drive anymore..

    Gohh Figgaahhhh!!!

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    • randy

      Have him put an ad here, we’ll tell him, er… we’ll try to be nice!

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    • Troy Harris

      That’s all I’m asking for mine. Lot’s of people want it, but they want me to give it away. It’s an 87′, T-top car with 96xxx actual miles, black with red stripes.

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  9. J King canfield

    These beasts looked good and that huge trunk is very useful!
    Engine meek but wrenching her brings straight line power
    Nifty graphics, cool wheels
    Add SIRUIS XM for fun
    Crap driver on snow ice n rain

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  10. 64 bonneville

    The Gran Prix is the best of the lot, snag any needed parts from the Montes’ scrap the rest.

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  11. Charles H.

    The Monte Carlo Aero Coupe came in burgundy, and black also.

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  12. PaulG

    Remember, 35 + years ago they were scrapping Chevelles, GTO’s Skylarks, Grand Prix’s, Nova’s etc., etc…So go easy on the “scrap” talk.
    These cars do in fact have quite the following, either restored, survivors, or modified.
    45K, not so much, but there might be a “reasonable” number the seller would agree to.

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  13. Metalted

    Well said!

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  14. Olaf E

    Mr.chevelle1 is also offering for sale:
    – 3 x ’86 Monte Carlo SS Aero Coupes, stored for more than 15 years in a dry barn, selling as one lot only $30,000.00
    – 9 (7) x ’64-’67 Chevelles, selling as one lot only $ 9,000.00
    also is he offering several Monte Carlo (SS) projects/parts cars/bodies seperately, as well as other cars.

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  15. Dj

    I worked as a GM tech in the 80’s. We had 4 Burgundy Aero coupes we couldn’t give away. They were hauled off to be crushed in 1990. The 2+2 Grand Prix is the rarer car.

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    • randy

      I heard the same story about 2 Superbirds in the Rio Grande Valley the dealer could not sell. I heard the insurance company ended up “buying” them.

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      • Mike D

        more likely the nose and wing were taken off and sold as Road Runners

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  16. Joel Soto

    If I had the money I would definitely buy all of them. I have a big market for these cars and parts

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