Styleside Sleeper! 375 HP 1965 Ford Pickup

A good, honest work truck can serve its owners for decades. They typically trudge on, absorbing use and abuse with minimal attention beyond oil changes. Their parts typically get replaced only when bothersome or unsafe. Sometimes these faithful servants receive an unexpected dose of awesomeness:  a power dump bed, upgraded wheels and tires, or a powerful engine rebuild! Some 2000 miles ago, the Horsepower Fairy sprinkled magic dust on a rebuilt non-original 351 Windsor V8 installed in this 1965 Ford F250 pickup, empowering it with the heart of a draft horse, and setting it up for decades of work and play. If you fancy this Seaside, Oregon steed, simply place the high bid here on eBay, where it awaits the $4,500 opening bid.

Years ago I helped an engine builder set up a low-budget computer dynomometer system for an analog dyno he’d scavenged. A die-hard Ford guy, he said: “Everyone thinks they have a 400 HP 351 W.” The dyno and his sixth sense for tuning helped him develop a low-budget package to build a legitimate 400HP 351W, once a week if he wanted, and most of them looked remarkably like this one. Purists may lament the truck’s loss of what was probably a 352 FE V8, but the 351W is strong and easy to maintain and upgrade with plentiful parts options.

The appliance-like red dashboard suggests an original color other than blue:  perhaps the same red, or black, or white. Since the firewall would have originally been engine color, I’m betting on black. For more information on this generation of Ford trucks, check out

Anyone with a Honda sporting a Folgers can-sized exhaust tip may mock the relatively tiny dual exhaust setup on this Ford, but the seller says “Your neighbors will hear you coming!” Ford worked hard to make this generation of 2WD trucks more car-like, and this one may appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. I would be happy to call it my own were it not some 2762 miles away. Is this one perfect for you? What would you change?


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  1. Howard A Member

    A Lord? Oh, please,,,

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  2. Pete

    AND, it’s got the right transmission for an F250! What shift is more satisfying? The 2-3 or the 3-4?

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Looks like rust above the drip rail on the drivers side. Had a 64 f-100 cab that had much rust in the roof. wound up with an Arizona cab. Also, this seller has zero feedback…wants 2000 down??.red flag Look er over good in person. Much rot in bed floor. I’d bet the cab mounts are shot also. Built 351 with rusty valve covers?? 4500 is pricey. Hate to be negative but forewarned is forearmed. Good luck to the new owner


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  4. Brent

    That’s one rare truck! Only 375HP/351W with a 2 BBL. in the whole world! Me thinks seller is telling stories.

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  5. angryjonny

    Uncle Rico:
    Yeah, well what does she look like?

    She’s uh… pretty good looking face, but I’m just getting really… just kinda TO’d because… I mean she hasn’t even sent me a full body shot yet.

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  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’d much rather have the FE engine. No powerhouse and definitely more expensive to fix up than a 351, but I tend to go with what originally went in there. Regarding the 351, I had an ’85 Bronco with the 351 HO engine. I made the joke about if this was the High Output version, I’d hate to see the standard one. It wouldn’t pull a sick ho off a p-pot. But it got amazing fuel economy, which was the exception rather than the rule. A little tweaking and tuning, and to actually make that 4bbl Holley do what it was originally intended to do, and I got 300K miles out of it before I turned it over to my oldest boy, who got another year out of it.

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  7. Buckskin

    It’s amazing how must rust shows with that fresh paint job. What fresh paint job you ask? The eBay pics show the mirrors, wipers, assorted mouldings, and emblems that have not yet been installed. Okay maybe I can see the mouldings off for “Custom” cab effect, but mirrors and wipers? Paint must still be wet. Straight enamel?

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    • Gaspumpchas

      yea its for sale woudnt you think they would put it together? if its fresh paint Run Forrest run….

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  8. Daniel Pugh

    Strike one….it is an F250 not an F100 or an F150.
    Strike two….It has an 8 foot bed instead of a 6 foot bed.
    Strike three…the opening bid is $2500 above what the truck is worth.
    These trucks are not the most desirable or rare, that is why no one is falling over each other to snatch this one up.

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    • TouringFordor

      Benfit one….it is an F250 not an F100 or an F150.
      Benefit two….It has an 8 foot bed instead of a 6 foot bed.

      If you’re going to buy a truck, buy a truck. If it won’t carry a piece of plywood laying flat, it’s not a truck. :-)

      I had a ’64 F350. Lots of rust on it, too. I think the rust was standard equipment.

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      • Daniel Pugh

        That “truck” is a cobbled up experiment. AKA a mutt. It still doesn’t have an opening bid as of yet. No one want this thing?

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      • Ben

        Rust sure was standard equipment on my ’77, ’78, and ’79. Would make sense that it carried over from the previous generation.

  9. John Nix

    That is a 289.

  10. Guggie 13

    its a LORD , lots of rust daily lol , shes no cherry that’s for sure . Maybe some one will fall on the sword and jump off the dock on this one , good luck

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