Sublime Green: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

This 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda is a worthwhile project, according to the seller, albeit one with ample rust and some valuable parts missing. The ‘Cuda left the factory as a desirable BS23 car equipped with Slap-Stic and Sure-Grip, the latter of which is longer with the car. Originally optioned with a four-barrel 383, the ‘Cuda comes with a non-matching 383 engine from 1971 and the seller is unsure if the 727 Torqueflite trans is matching or not. A lot of work, but potentially worth the effort. Find it here on craigslist for $16,500.

The ‘Cuda looks rough but not like a total loss from this angle; however, the seller notes that in addition to the visible body rot, it also has rust in the floors, trunk, and frame rails. The color is a desirable one, having left the factory in this shade of Sublime Green High Impact paint, but the seller doesn’t mention whether this is the original coat. Still, as he describes it, this was his dream Mopar: an unrestored, Sublime Green, rubber bumper ‘Cuda that he could afford to buy as a project. Unfortunately, his wife has developed health issues and the ‘Cuda must be sold.

While he touts the prices for finished examples as approaching $80K, there could be that amount of work required here to restore this ‘Cuda to non-rusty glory – certainly, for someone not capable of doing their own rust repair. The DIYer may be able to make the numbers work with floor panels and frame repairs, but don’t forget: the interior needs complete restoration, too. The seller notes that the desirable Sure-Grip rear end was pillaged by the previous owner, unbeknownst to him. The seller admits he has made no attempt to start the vehicle, but that all the important bits are there, including the VIN plate, fender tag, and clean Missouri title.

Other cool factory options include hood pins, floor shift with console, power steering, Rimblow wheel, power front disc brakes, Rally gauges, and road lamps. Mileage is indicated as 78,000, so if genuine, the ‘Cuda hasn’t seen much use. What’s curious to me is how a ‘Cuda that resides in Missouri and was sold new in Tennessee gets so rusty, as those aren’t exactly Snow Belt states. Years of sitting in damp location seems like a primary culprit to me, but who knows. Do you think the seller is correct that with these options, the expensive bodywork is worth the effort for this Sublime Green ‘Cuda? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find.


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  1. Moparman Member

    This would HAVE to be a labor of love. Not only are major panels/etc. rusted, the interior shows evidence of dampness; looking at the picture of the road lamp switch, there is severe corrosion around it, as well as on the shifter handler, turn signal stalk, and steering wheel. I shudder to think of the potential for problems with the gauges and other switchgear. Yes, a lot desirable options, but (IMO) a LONG TERM project for someone NOT looking to get a return on $$$’s invested!
    Hood luck to seller and next owner. :-)

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    • SusanOliver

      No profit here, only someone that had one in their youth is going to tackle this, but if that is the case, I bet there are better values out there. Non matching parts? Why such a high ask?

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    • George Woodrow Willis

      Can’t garuntee trans is matching 1970 stock ? really ? And interior looks like the mice, rats & the weather got it. And does the engine run ?? But he wants what ?? $ 16,500. Does the rear end work ? Does the drive work or still there ? Has it been used for parts salvage ?? allot to not garuntee. Is it turely a Hemi and/or the orginal engine or a look alike replacement.

  2. sir mike

    Another owner who thinks his junk is worth B-J auction prices…

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  3. petemcgee

    Way beyond my talents to restore. Thankfully there are skilled artisans out there to bring it back to life and get it back on the road for someone to enjoy once again.

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  4. Classic Steel

    Not beyond ability to restore but i think the nice interior And Flintstone floor brings great character.

    I am so tempted to over bid with a flat 30 k to ensure i can get it by Christmas 😜😏

    Okay enough sarcasm its 11 grand
    over priced as its a basket case that
    cool green .
    Not for faint of heart ❤️ just get a
    platinum card and spend 45 and ones good 👍🤔👀

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    As Moparman said, this ruffian is even rusted under the dash- on the data plate- even the master cyl cover is gone!! The guy does describe the underbelly is bad but doesn’t have any pics of it. Guess you have to expect the worst. Not for the faint of heart. Not worth the dough either. Good luck to the new owner.

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  6. RobB Member

    Are you serious? It would cost the BJ price to bring this back to life. Looks to me like all the panels, inside and outside, needs to be replaced.

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  7. C fitch

    Mopar muscle paint chips also had a green named sassy grassy green. It looked very close to this vehicle

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    • Pete in PA

      Fender tag pic shows FJ5 so this car was definitely lime light. Sassy grass green was FJ6.
      This car is a real mess. I think the tape around the front/rear glass is there to reduce water intrusion. Too late.
      It’s hard to believe restoring this one makes any sense.

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  8. Bud

    Missouri winters are so unkind to vehicles . Fair weather garage queens of today started life as someones daily driver .

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  9. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    This car needs absolutely everything restored/replaced and it’s got a non-original motor and maybe the trans isn’t original either. It will need a huge amount of money and skill to restore. I doubt you’ll get your money back on this one when you’re done.

  10. Steve

    Why is the front and rear glass taped in?

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    • stanley kwiecinski

      Anti theft device!

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  11. Kelly Waldrop

    Enough issues to make the Brinks truck take a dirt road out of there.

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  12. J_Paul Member

    I don’t think “original paint” is gonna be a selling point for this one.

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  13. Jimmy

    This is fairly local to me but not worth my time to look at it, too rough and too high priced for the cars condition.

  14. ExWifesGarage

    And people yet ponder why so many collect and restore Corvairs!?

  15. ExWifesGarage

    Yet some still ponder why so many collect and restore Corvairs!?

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  16. Del

    Seller states he is not Motivated and does not want insults.

    One out of two.

    This is not worth 1600 let alone 16,000

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  17. Steve

    Yes would love to see the critical frame rails ( especially the front ) and the cowl. Waaay too much work.

  18. Jim

    Seller says he purchased it with the intent of restoring it. I guess he’s looking for someone who is as big a sucker as he was for buying this basket-case in the first place. Just drag it out in a field somewhere and let nature finish taking it back.

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  19. Don't understand mopar fever

    Man! Tough crowd here. I’ve seen cars in worse condition restored to perfection. I know of a 1 owner AAR in similar condition with a service replacement block. Gotta wonder what that’s worth in this environment.

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    ..and way too much money for the po’folk here. Buth thats why there are Corvairs

  21. TimM

    The lowest priced whole Cuda we’ve seen here!! A ton of work nevertheless!! A well optioned car that needs everything!!! I certainly don’t need another 2-3 year project!!!

  22. Brospe

    Just swap the chassis with a non rusty inline 6 cheap car.

  23. stanley kwiecinski

    Does it come with a life time subscription to direct TV? Was a nice car at one time. While i try to figure out where to start? Might as well catch up on the episodes of SHAMELESS i missed!

  24. Mike

    This one may be beyond crushing, I’d hate to see the crusher get contaminated with rust if it contacted this car. At some point a car is literally worth nothing, like a broken record or a spoiled gallon of milk. Case in point. I don’t see how the seats are being supported by the used to be floor, and how does a plastic grille get twisted? Looks even worse on Craigslist ad, down to $15K


    If you buy this you better get a tetanus shot first.

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