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Success Story: MGB Race Car Traded For MGA!

MGA Trade

Less than a week ago we featured a MGB GT race car project. It looked like a great deal and the seller just let us know that they got a great deal too. Apparently, one of our readers (the first person to contact them) offered to trade them this MGA. Sounds like a great trade to me! We want to thank Kirk for listing his car with us and wish both of these happy MG owners a fun summer. It only costs $50 to get featured here, so please give us a shot if you are trying to sell a barn find of your own. We try to stick to survivors, project, and oddballs, but you can read more about the whole process here on our submissions page. Happy hunting!


  1. Van

    Hope he knows the B was faster than the A.

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  2. DEC

    I have had 3 cars featured on this site. There was an immediate bump in views and watchers on ebay as a result of the write ups. One was sold to a bidder that saw it here first. It is well worth the $50 that is charged!

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  3. 4-Doors-for-My-Tuba

    When I was oh, 20 yo or so I had an MG-A very much like this one. Yellow, same front end, same rear lights, same black interior. I don’t recall the exact year but I think it was a 1957 with a 1500. I LOVED that car. It was a great chick magnet.

    But was it ever s – l – o – w . I drove it from College in Los Altos Hills, California to Daley City, just south of San Francisco for my weekly tuba lesson. The speedometer was broken when I got it, later repaired, but before the repair… Buses would honk at me on the freeway as I approached Daley City. Maybe it was slow because only one of the SUs had any draw. It worked like a single carb.

    We replaced the engine with another used one from someone’s side yard. It should have been rebuilt.

    One thing I’m absolutely sure about… it was definitely an “Alpha” test car for LUCAS. Being a “Beta Tester” is bad enough. This car was the pits electrically. The engine would start phenomenally well, warm up, sputter terribly, quit running, cool off, and run well; repeat. There was always spark for the testing. I could not find anything wrong with it… …until it quit completely on the freeway, leaving me stranded. We pulled the car home and started the process of figuring out what happened. THIS TIME… checked for spark and there wasn’t any. Pulled the cap off the distributor and found that the pig tail on the condenser was in two pieces.

    All this time the engine would heat up, expanding the pig tail. It would expand a bit, and rub against the inside of the distributor wearing the insulation away. SHORT ! ! ! The wear was not visible, and the distributor was cool when checked so the wire was away from the side of the distributor.

    Still, I would like another someday. Am I a glutton for punishment? (Maybe that’s why I’m not leery of the electricals in my 1989 Maserati 430.)

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  4. Gary Oliver

    I always wanted a MGA until last summer when an owner let me sit behind the wheel. I am a skinny man and I had a hell of a time getting out. Too small and cramped for an old man.

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  5. jim s

    looks like a good swap to me and you both stayed in the MG family.

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