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Sugga Wagon: 1957 Volvo TP21


When we think of vintage military vehicles, Volvo isn’t the first name that comes to mind, but after seeing this 1957 Volvo TP21 our entire perception of Volvo has changed. Volvo has always been known for building durable vehicles, but this machine is beyond their typical sedan. To say that this was built like a truck would be an understatement, perhaps built like a tank would be more fitting. Sure it is way out of our price range, but if we had the money, we would already be out spinning cookies in an icy parking lot somewhere! We aren’t the only ones who would love to have it, Robert J. would like to own it too, but he is in the same boat we are. Thankfully, he tipped us off to it, in hopes that someone here could save it. Have a look at this 4×4 Military Volvo here on eBay. Thanks Robert for the tip!


We were impressed with the Willys CJ5s we featured earlier, but in the overbuilt department they don’t hold a candle to this… truck… SUV… sedan. We aren’t even sure what to classify it as. Volvo based the TP21 off of their already beefy PV830 series chassis. They used the same 90 horsepower 3.6 liter inline six and three-speed transmission as the road going PV, but they reinforced everything, added four-wheel drive, a boxy front end, and some massive rims and tires. The PV830 series came in a variety of forms, from farm trucks to taxicabs, so turning it into a war machine seemed like a logical step.


Calling this a war machine isn’t the most accurate term, as the 700 or so that were built were meant more as command and communication vehicles than battle equipment. As you can see from the interior, this was by no means a vehicle designed to carry troops into combat, although we have no doubt it would have been more than capable of doing so. It was designed to get commanding officers into remote locations to survey, assess strategic value, and most importantly get orders to troops. Getting stuck behind enemy lines was never a good thing; hence the massive ground clearance and high traction tires.


This big rig runs and drives, but it does need some work. The seller seems upfront about its issues and is willing to answer any questions. This would make for one tough winter beater to haul the family in, but it will need a few things fixed before we would use it for anything other than short trips around the block. We would also want to add some safety equipment before hauling the family in it. We can only imagine the look on fellow motorists faces when this pulls up next to them at the intersection!


  1. Don Andreina

    That is one desirable Volvo. Would love to drive this over all the RR Sport/X6/Cayennes in my neighborhood. With dirty wheels so they knew it was me.

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  2. paul

    Nice , never seen one of these.

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  3. FRED

    i know some volvo mechanics who along with me that would love to own it if fisher makes a plow to go on it.

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  4. OLDSTUFF1941

    To me, …Strangely enough, this thing from the firewall back to the trunk looks almost like, just about any late 30’s thru late 40’s American 4dr sedan, with an old power wagon front end mated to it, on a 4×4 military chassis…LOL….The recessed door handles is a nice touch, …isn’t that a Hummer feature nowadays?

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  5. Dolphin Member

    I can believe this gets lots of attention. It looks like someone with ingenuity and sound design sense built himself a lifted pre-SUV from ’40s US sedan and Jeep parts. This would make you the only person in the neighborhood with 3 stick shifts in one vehicle—no stinkin’ auto transmission for this baby.

    The fact that it’s real and was made by Volvo makes it about the most interesting vehicle I’ve seen on here. And Don’s thought of driving it over the high-end SUVs in the neighborhood, with dirty tires so they’d know, is real tempting even though it would guarantee a visit to the County Courthouse.

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  6. Henrie

    There is one identical to this one here in Gauteng , South Africa. ( Piston Ring Car Club )

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  7. Grant

    Saw a lot of those in Bulgaria under the name of GUZ. I don’t know weather they were copies of the VOLVO, but they look basically the same and were made up to the 1980’s. Some of the ones I saw were perhaps later versions, and had a more squared off rear end, and quite a few were open topped with canvas roofs. Will post a few of my car and bike discoveries in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a treasure trove of “barn finds”

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  8. rancho bella

    There is one here in SoCal. The guy brings it, or did bring it, to the one time a year BIg auto swap meet parts thingie. Yes they are the real McCoy and very neat to look at.

    Yep, I agree, the “way cool people” should see this while they peer from their Rovers and Porsches

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  9. Thor

    It looks like a PT cruiser body on a PU frame with trailer fenders

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  10. Chris A.

    I just returned from the Pa central mountains and their dirt logging roads. I’ve had at least one Volvo in my garage for 28 years but this is just perfect for my winter driving. This is just so cool and I’d leave the outside just like as it is. A Volvol Hummer, just perfect. Wouldn’t you just love to pull up next to a girlie Cadillac Escalade in this?

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  11. Brad

    I’m halfway into a ’53 station wagon restomod, or I’d absolutely have already bought this and be figuring out how to get it back to Chicago. Such character.

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  12. scott

    Its the original XC-90!!!

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  13. marc prempain

    This Volvo looks a lot like a WW2 Dodge Carryall … I’m pretty sure the engineers at Volvo stripped down one military Dodge before they build this one.

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  14. Volvo Sugga

    More sugga Volvo TP-21 info at
    Pictured here, in Sweden, (in front of a barn no less) is the Sugga I imported to the US about 4 years ago.

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