Super Clean: 1985 Volvo 240

Volvo has sold its Swedish-built cars in the U.S. for decades. They have been historically known for making family-friendly, safe automobiles, but of late Volvo has also been playing in Mercedes-Benz and BMW territory. From 1985 comes the seller’s Volvo 240 4-door sedan, which looks to be a solid survivor that may only some need freon in the A/C. It currently calls Charlotte, North Carolina home, and is available here on craigslist for $3,800. Thanks to our tip-master Mitchell G. for this lead!

The Volvo 240 is a mid-size entry that arrived in the U.S. in 1975 and would continue in production to 1993. Along with the Volvo 260, the company sold more than 2.8 million units worldwide. All 240s sold in the U.S. were fuel-injected, including the 1985 model using the 2127cc, B21F version of the motor that produced 107 hp at 5,250 rpm. Volvo was acquired by Ford at the end of the last century and they held the company until the financial crisis of 2008-10 when they passed along their interest to Geely, a Chinese automotive company. (Source: Wikipedia)

As mentioned earlier, Volvo built its reputation around the assembly of safe automobiles. A such, they might not always be the snazziest cars on the road. However, the 240 had solid styling (in my opinion) that holds up more than two decades after they stopped production. The seller’s 1985 240 is a good-looking car finished in either Taxi Yellow or Sun Yellow, I’m not sure which. There is no mention of rust or metal damage and we don’t see any in the photos except maybe a little in the driver’s side rear quarter. Maybe.

The interior seems to look good, especially for 186,000 miles, which is not unusual for Volvos. Other than maybe needing a good cleaning, it’s quite presentable. The seller says the air conditioner will need some freon (or other attention) as it doesn’t blow cold. The engine is said to run well and we assume that applies to the 4-speed manual transmission, too, and the car wears a set of new tires. In checking on comparable prices for these cars, we didn’t find any going for more money than this one, but several for less. But you always get what you pay for. $3,800 doesn’t buy a lot of car anymore, but it might just buy this one.

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  1. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Needs a set of Virgo’s. Price seems reasonable, if it were closer to PA, I would be on this. Since Russ had mentioned Geely, I thought I would throw in my 2 cents on the subject. I have owned 15 Volvo’s since the early 90’s and have loved everyone of them until 2016 when I purchased a new XC70 Premium (Geelymobile). IMO, the cars, service, and the company are now horrible! Do yourself a favor and steer clear of the Geely cars, they are not the Volvo that you remember and customer service is non-existent. On the other hand, the Gen2 XC70’s (Ford owned) have been the best Volvo’s that I have owned. I currently have two 07’s (125K and 175K) and one 04 (345K) in my business fleet, and other than maintenance, I have had no issues with them. If you are looking for a Volvo AWD wagon, the 04-07 2.5 XC’s are the ones to have….

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    • Louis Chen

      After Ford ditched Volvo to communist China, you’re right to mention STAY AWAY! Like anything made in China especially cars, the newer Volvo aren’t like the old ones that your Dad/Grandpa used to have. Same with GM & Mercedes Benz-CCP own 10%.

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  2. Will Fox

    All the visual appeal of an enema bag…..

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  3. angliagt angliagt Member

    looks like it has overdrive (the switch on the shifter),
    AND it’s a manual (or Straight Drive,as they say down here).

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  4. 8thNote 8thNote Member

    Nice. Several friends of mine during high school, in the mid 90s, drove 80s model Volvo 240s. They are great and super reliable cars. If it were mine, the only thing I would add is a set of Prancing Moose fender badges.

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  5. nycbjr Member

    Was featured on jalopnick nice price yesterday!

    Nice and boxy 🤪

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  6. angryjonny

    I’m seriously considering a cheap flight from MN to NC for this.

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  7. matt

    I had an ’88’ 740 turbo. That car ran very well, with no maintenance issues. One night (of many) when I lit it up on a short drive home from my shop on a state route – – when I turned the corner on to another road heading home I had slowed down, then the red lights were on me, The state trooper said, you were speeding back there, I’m going to give you a ticket for 60 mph. I said yes sir. He didn’t clock me or else I would still be in jail. I probably flew past him at 90.
    Nice car, leather seats O.D. factory spokes similar to Fuchs. Often hard to believe it was a 4 cylinder! I should have had tons of tickets with that car !

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  8. angryjonny

    Update: I’ve contacted the seller probably 8 times via email; no response.

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