Super Clean Survivor: 1974 Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne

1974 Chevrolet Cheyenne

This early square body 1974 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 20 is quite a stunning truck. Being a full size 4×4 in this condition should command a high price. Currently, the bidding is up to $6,100 by 18 eager buyers, and there is surprisingly no reserve. The listing has a VIN noted, a clean title, and a claimed 67,000 original miles. This amazing truck is located in Portland, Oregon and you can view more on eBay.

1974 Chevrolet Cheyenne

The 350 cubic inch V8 does run. There is a video available in the listing demonstrating the truck at idle and it sounds healthy. It does have a manual transmission and is a four-wheel drive. While the mileage is reasonable, the condition of the truck is somewhat questionable. While it is pristine, it might raise some eyebrows for a few reasons. Firstly, there is no reserve on this truck. Secondly, there is no mention if it is a survivor or restored.

1974 Chevrolet Cheyenne

Inside, the cab is stunning. All the carpets, seats, dashboard, and dials all appear to be in great condition. But again, there is no mention of any idea if this is truly original or it has been restored. Another questionable factor is that the rear end photos, and even in the video, the bed does not appear to be level. There is a gap on the left-hand side in the tailgate, and the bed is higher on the left and lower on the right.

1974 Chevrolet Cheyenne

Yes, this truck is amazing looking and yes, there is video evidence of it running. Many ads lack even basic photos. This one is filled with lots of incredible photos, but it is lacking some clarification on information about just how this truck came to the situation it is in. Sometimes, knowing the why is helpful. Especially if you notice the details. There probably is nothing questionable about this truck, but one should ask just to be sure.


  1. Kory B

    Just to clear it up.
    It’s a K20 not a C10.
    C designates 2wheel drive, K designates 4 wheel drive.
    10 = half ton
    20 = 3/4 ton
    30= 1 ton

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  2. JOHN Member

    Interesting truck, with the outside color combo, I was expecting a plaid interior! Aftermarket A/C, but looks to be decently integrated. Under the hood… I wish people would quit “detailing” the engine compartment with black spray paint. I’d much rather have it in the “before” condition. Also interesting it had a second home made battery bracket. And what’s up with the diamond plate under the battery mount? All in all, I wouldn’t mind having it!

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    • Gary S.

      I think it’s a homemade battery tray. These rusted out alot or were eaten up by battery acid. If i remember correctly the battery should be up front on the right fender well.

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      • JOHN Member

        It does have the battery in the original location, I was speculating on the purpose of the second home made battery mount.

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      • Gary S.

        After a second look i saw the cable going to the correct side.Makes me wonder also John. Possible second battery for powered accessories that might have been on truck at one time? Who knows?

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      • Miguel

        This could have had a camper at one time and the extra battery was for that.

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  3. Mark M

    Tailgate inside too perfect and hinges painted color of truck, do not think they were painted .

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  4. Bill Shields

    If this is a 74 why does it have the grille from a 75 in it?

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  5. Howard A. Member

    Another sharp truck. Coming out of the woodwork. Probably because these were all dad’s pride and joys, and dad’s are passing on. I think it’s got a lot of miles, but shouldn’t matter. As nice as the body is, much nicer than mine, you can always fix the mechanicals. Besides, one must remember, it’s going to have funky gaps in panels, it’s a truck. Who knows how it got that way. Apparently, any nice square body 4×4 for $10g’s is the norm and I got the deal of the century on mine.

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    • Gary S.

      To me it appears the left rear cab mount is probably collapsed. Rather than a bed problem. Really nice truck though for the age!

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  6. Eric

    Almost didn’t click open this email bc I’m not a GM truck guy, but have to admit that this thing is choice. Mainly bc of the colors. If they’re original to the truck and that’s original paint, then I’m really in love. I would suspect a repaint, BUT the PNW and oregon in particular seems to be swarming with rust free, clean survivors. Especially old trucks.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Perhaps the title of the listing could be corrected?

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  7. CanuckCarGuy

    Is the diamond plate under the battery tray factory?

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  8. Bob S

    The sag in the cab, would indicate that the cab mount (or mounts) are rotted. If caught early, it can be a simple, but still time consuming repair. The aftermarket pieces to rebuild the complete cab are available, but it is a big job. How do I know? I own one.
    If you own a MIG welder, it could still be a good buy, but farming out that repair would not be a good economic decision.
    I still love this design, but they are rust magnets.

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  9. Lemble

    This was repainted at some point. Many places around the truck point it out. The interior has also been repaired. Not a bad thing, this is a good looking truck. Just right for the Chevy fans. If the cam has not been replaced it will need one in not too long. That is a staple with the 350’s of this era around 80 thousand miles. Many fans of this site cry if something has an automatic so here is your chance to go bid away. Can you get a pickup repainted for under 10 grand, I don’t think so.

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    • Howard A. Member

      Don’t say that. I’ve got almost 160K on mine, clearly was never opened up and runs great. I have heard that though. A replacement cam is not in the plans.

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  10. Dave

    Buy it for what it is. The seller has 13 sales to their credit, so family or flipper? If family, they’ve already severed their emotions from Dad’s old truck and nobody else wants it.

    After my mom passed in 2005, I had to pass on her 1973 Caddy for one reason: there was nowhere to park it.

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  11. Bill

    My dad had one just like it with an automatic transmission best I remember that was one of his better vehicles

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  12. Comet

    I’m not sure what this rust bucket is worth, but bad body work abounds. Note the seam on the rocker panels, none on the drivers side…covered with putty. That right open door should have a hemming seam at the bottom, not there, because it’s filled with putty. Rear wheel arches, again bad body work. Overspray everywhere. I can smell the lousy paint job still drying from here. If this is what’s clear in pics, I can’t imagine how ugly these “repairs” are up close. Someone slopped some lipstick on this pig.

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  13. Bear

    Nice truck! (y) :-)
    I’d be a bidder IF it were closer.

    That said, It has definitely been repainted. …at least once.
    Rear cab mount on the driver’s side has probably failed (…but this shouldn’t be too expensive/difficult to fix, IF the integrity of the cab metal hasn’t been compromised.).
    Probably safe to assume that it has 167K miles on it. (67K miles would be VERY LOW miles, & might indicate that it was parked for an extended period of time, which could bring on a whole different set of issues for the next owner to resolve.)
    Engine bay has been attacked by the “gloss black rattle can gang” & they must have done so in the dark because their art work was sloppy. (Fortunately, this would be fairly easy to fix by just adding EVEN MORE rattle can paint!)

    IF I were a buyer I’d ask the seller for more pictures, especially of the underside, including the suspected problem cab mount area.
    I’d also ask if it has had any accidents or body repair.
    & I’d ask for a clarification on the mileage.

    Still a nice truck though. :-)

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  14. Stevieg Member

    Yeah, a repaint. I have seen these colors, and I have seen this 2 tone paint concept, but I have never seen these colors used in this layout together.
    Yeah, it had bodywork done. It lives in a part of the country that Is wet. It is also 45 years old.
    Yup, interior is redone. Probably a more comfortable place to be now than new.
    Sure it has the wrong grill. They are plastic and break.
    Rusty body mounts? Like I’ve never seen that on a Chevy truck of this era lol.
    Still a neat truck. A $2,000 truck & way over priced, but a neat hauler.
    I remember when this was a $600.00 truck lol. I should have bought them all up then lol.
    Howard, if the cam does go out on your truck & you want to let it go, let me know! It sounds like a decent truck, & like we were talking in the past, I still might make you a profit. If worth it to me, I have no problem if someone makes a buck off me. I just want to feel like I got a fair deal.

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  15. Larry

    The A/C compressor is an aftermarket unit

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  16. Jack Pruett Member

    The truck does have a 1975 grill in it. The attached picture shows a 1974 grill. These trucks did have a nice ride and many people liked them and have fond memories of them. I bought my truck new and I thought I had rust proofed it well. It didn’t seem to make any difference. GM didn’t do a good job at the factory and the inner surfaces of the fenders, cab corners, etc didn’t seem to have anything on them to stop the rust.

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