Super Solid! 1966 Plymouth Satellite Project

Few enthusiasts regret the extra dollars spent on a “rust-free Arizona car.” Consider Exhibit A, this 1966 Plymouth Satellite in Litchfield Park, Arizona. Buyers looking for a super-rare factory muscle car can search on; this one came with the peppy-but-less-valuable 273 cid (4.5L) V8 and OK-but-not-quite-indestructible TorqueFlite A904 three-speed automatic transmission. As metal goes, though, check out the deliciously unrusted steel on this well-preserved Plymouth. It’s not perfet, but represents a great starting point for anyone whose fear of tetanus is based on personal experience. Thanks to reader Patrick S. for spotting this tidy two-door. The listing here on eBay includes an $8500 Buy It Now button along with the option to Make Offer.

I owned the Dodge version of this car, a ’66 Coronet, and I’d feel right at home with this view. This Satellite’s sweet console and two-tone interior will compliment the gold paint with style. As long as that 273 is AWOL I’d consider a stock-appearing 383-based crate motor as the 440 came along in ’67.

Only the yellowed washer tank stands to refute a claim that this picture dates from the mid-’70s. Nothing else looks more than ten years old. That B-body engine compartment graced the underhood confines of countless classic muscle cars.

More fine-looking trim at the rear gives no reason for pause. Let the investors fight over that GTX in your search; snap this up for a family project and you won’t regret it. Of course any car can have hidden pitfalls, but I’d gamble most of what this car needs can be ordered on the Internet and bolted into place. What are you waiting for?


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  1. Steve R

    It’s a nice starting point, but is overpriced for a roller.

    The water stains in the trunk suggest there is a leak, possibly due to rust in the area around the rear window, which would need to be addressed too.

    Steve R

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  2. Ellis Pepper

    Can someone please tell me how to remove the auction site off of this site on my end PLEASE

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  3. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep Steve….right rear quarter shows it just like my 67 GTX….still not bad asking price…after all…he’s fishing just like us !

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  4. Grandpa Lou

    Would a 904 handle a big block? A 727, sure, but a 904? Maybe a nice little 318 (that would fit the K Frame) , dual exhausts, a small 4bbl, and call her good. I had a friend with a 225 in one of these. As much as I like a SS in general, it was a bit over stressed in a car this size, plus the K Frame is wrong for that. (funny how there is so little call to turn a V8 into a six these days, no after market parts)

    • Graham

      My ex-employer had a 500 cu. in. Steve Schmidt big block chev in his race car. Engine appx. 1400 HP, car set B Altered Automatic record at one point. High 6’s at around 200+ MPH. Transmission: a 904. So to answer your question, a 904 can handle lots of horsepower, all it takes is money. The company makes high performance transmission parts, and his car was the rolling test lab. The transmission by the way came from a postal van. Back in the day, postal vans ran a pontiac 4 banger with a 904 behind it. This 904 for this application had a GM bolt pattern.
      If you want to see what the Company manufactures for high performance automatics, go to They sell to all of the performance transmission parts outlets.

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  5. glen

    It doesn’t have a motor, and it wasn’t a high value car in the first place, so I’m thinking sleeper!

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  6. Del

    Fairly rare combo 273 with console.

    If I bought it, I would source another 273 and tranny.

    Just me trying to keep things original

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  7. Camaro Joe

    Grandpa Lou,

    Mopar never put a 904 Torqueflite behind a big block. 904’s were all behind slant 6’s and small block V-8’s. Since the bolt patterns are different between small blocks and big blocks, it would take a ton of work to adapt a 904 Torqueflite to a big block.

    My Hollander’s Interchange Manual says that there were even three 727 Torqueflites in 1966. The 361/383 cars got one, the 440 cars got a heavier duty one, and the Hemi cars got what’s called a “Hemi Torqueflite.”

    The lighter duty 727 that came in my 383 65 Belvedere held up to a 440 for a number of years in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I have to believe a 904 wouldn’t have had a chance to live if it could have bolted up.

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  8. Don H

    A small block crate 360 with around 300 horsepower would do just fine ,change the transmission also🇺🇸

  9. WR Hall

    Our family had two Mopars like this, one was a 66 318 Belvedere. This was proof iit could take a licking and still keep ticking. My sister rolled avoiding a deer she came out not injured and even though It had quite a bit of roof damage we drove it a few more years.
    An Uncle had a 67 Sattelite with a 383 , very fast!

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  10. George Mattar

    Great car. No stupid computers. I want it.

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  11. w9bag

    I had a ’67 in High School. 318, 3 of the tree. These cars handle very well. Brings back fond memories.

  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep kinda rare with no radio or A/C in the top of the line hardtop… see a power steering gearbox. Wounder if the road wheels came with it as an option?

    Actually owned a 66 Belvedere hardtop with a six and three on the tree….took me awhile to finally get the old man to sell it to me.

  13. moosie moosie

    My first car was a brand new ’66 Satellite, Dark Green Metallic with a Black interior, all tinted glass, 383 4 barrel, 3:23-1 8 3/4 Suregrip, it cost me
    $ 2850.00. I had loads of fun drag racing that car after a cam change, headers, and rear end gears. If my situation were different I’d love to have this car to help me relive my misspent youth.

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  14. Miguel

    To make this car worth anything after the build, it needs to have the original size engine it had from the factory.

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    • Arthell64 Member

      Doubt any b-body would be worth a whole lot with a 273.

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  15. TimM

    Would be a great car, if it had a motor!!!

  16. Tim

    Hey Guys, I’m the seller, I’d be glad to answer any questions anyone might have. I know who has the original motor and could connect the buyer of the car with him. I also have the original transmission. The car is an unusual combination with the radio delete and non-ac but it does have power steering. Also I believe the back window has a small leak and that’s where the rust stains came from in the trunk. Glad so many are getting enjoyment out of seeing it!

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  17. marty mopar

    I ordered my 66 Satellite with a 426 hemi and toque flight with 3:91 limited slip rear end. Made a ton of money when I sold id and the person who bought it got killed after a week . I bought a 67 427/435 hp Corvette 12 mpg and it also was fast. Now I have a 2017 Z06 31 mpg and it even scares me.11 second car with AC …how things change

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