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Super Survivor: 1969 Pontiac LeMans

Be you a GM lover, hater, or just a whatever, there’s no denying the grand slam that the General pulled off with their ’68-’72 A-body cars (Chevrolet Chevelle, Pontiac Tempest/LeMans, Oldsmobile Cutlass, and Buick Skylark). They sold in enormous numbers and are still popular today – achieving significant pricing. What made them so attractive to buyers? Well, let’s examine this 1969 Pontiac LeMans and see if we can figure that one out. T.J. gets the credit for this Madison, Virginia find. It’s available, here on craigslist for $30,000, firm.

Back to numbers, according to Hagerty, Chevrolet knocked out about 2.4M Chevelles/El Caminos/Monte Carlos in the five-year span between ’68 and ’72 – and that’s just one brand! As for the LeMans, such as our subject car, Pontiac assembled 203K LeMans/Tempest/GTO models in ’69. Throw in the newly redesigned Grand Prix, which was technically an A-body participant, and now you’re looking at 315K units! They had the tiger by the tail in those days.

OK, so this Pontiac is a typical LeMans two-door hardtop and not the usual foam-inducing GTO muscle car that gets everyone nervous and jerky. The seller tells us that this one is unrestored and original which is amazing in its own right considering how rust-prone A-bodies can be. The finish, chrome, and vinyl top are in fantastic shape likely owing to the claim of garage storage for this 71K mile example. Actually, this poncho has a real patriotic vibe going with its red interior, white exterior, and blue vinyl top! Rounding out the exterior are the often-found Pontiac Rally II steel wheels.

The listing claims a 350 CI V8 engine and it is likely the 265 gross HP variant driving a new for ’69 Turbo-Hydramatic 350 automatic transmission. We’re told that it “runs and drives like new“.

Oh for the days of a red interior as opposed to today’s muted “boring” and “really boring” shades of gray! Common to the A-body, and some B-bodies, were GM’s strato-bucket seats (’67-’72) and this LeMans is no exception. They look to be in fine condition but my experience with having owned several cars, so equipped, is that they look better than they feel. They’re not bad mind you, not bad at all, but modern cars, I find, are generally more comfortable and ergonomic (and my bones are a lot older now than they were yesterday). Nice to see is the inclusion of an oil pressure and water temperature gauge – the important items that cost extra in a Chevy. I’ve grown a fondness for analog clocks (you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone) and this LeMans has given its clock equal footing size-wise in the gauge binnacle. I’d say that this interior environment needs nothing.

So, what was GM’s A-body success story? Standard stuff – but the stuff that sold cars back then i.e. value, features, reliability, dealership network, and an attractive, functional package. And being a Pontiac, a reasonable step up from entry-level Chevrolet, Ford, and Plymouth didn’t hurt any either. So, the price, $30 large and firm. It’s stiff but considering this LeMans’ condition and level of documentation I’m really not surprised, how about you?


  1. Howard A Member

    1st of all, how could ANYONE hate GM? GM appealed to everyone, in some form or another. Without question, the absolute best car company from America. Like the ’69 “307” Chevelle, the GTO got all the thunder, but statistically wise, accounted for a very small number of these types cars we actually saw. Only difference was, people kept a GTO, in whatever deplorable condition. Nobody kept a LeMans. They, like the Chevelle, did their job, and were junked accordingly. It’s a wonderful find.
    Seller is off their cork. Like the Chevelle, simple cars like this don’t have a chance, unless it’s a GTO. Buyers of this car will most likely be someone who just wants a vintage Pontiac, and with $50 bags of groceries now, I highly doubt has $30 grand to spend on one.

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    • Howard A Member

      Oh, and thanks Jim for the Joni Mitchell reference( Big Yellow Taxi) she’s getting up there too. That should be our new national anthem,,,

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    • Johnny

      It is a pretty car. No one can deny that. 30k pretty? I don’t think so. That is just my opinion. I’m sure someone will end up offering, maybe 25k. Otherwise, again, my opinion, the current owner will remain the owner.

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    • Jim

      If I only had 30 grand… Had a hard top was green first car custom s

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  2. George Mattar

    Beautiful. Hurry and buy it before it becomes a GTO replica or worse yet, cut up to restore some rusted out GTO that sat on Uncle Jesse’s wet field for 40 years.

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  3. 1959Buickman

    I remember those days when you could ordered a blue top and red interior, or whatever you wanted. Looks real good to me and certainly stands out nicely. Not a plain jane either with the console and buckets. If the miles are genuine and the paint is original, along with the unique colors, someone may may pay in the mid 20s, but 30k, I dont think so.

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  4. Zen

    If it really is all original, it’s a beautiful car. The missing A/C belt is a big turnoff, though. Even if it doesn’t work, they should at least put a belt on it, if not get it working. That’s a lot of money for a plain LeMans, but hey, you never know. Many people (me included) value originality.

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    • 1sgt.J.J. Toscano

      Compressor’s probably Frozen so it chews up belts

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  5. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Very nice looking Lemans. But for $30,000 I expect the AC to be working!! The red seats could been clean better also. As long everything else is working a fair price is $22,500. I would keep this the way it is. Red,white and blue!! Way too nice to mess it up! Good luck to the next owner.. 🐻🇺🇸

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  6. Pete R.

    Wow that one is too cool for school! Crazy for me to think a time existed when this car would have been common and relatively mundane.

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  7. Richard Mcdonald

    A lot of people back then that bought those cars new simply wanted decent comfortable and reliable cars.

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  8. Russ

    It’s being sold by a dealer. Dudes, if you’re proud enough to slap a 30k price tag on it, you should be proud enough to get the AC working strong! You are a dealer – it should be no problem to get that done. It’s a great car that needs to be preserved as she is.

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  9. BA

    I had a champagne colored version in the early 80s with that sweet 350 & it was a blast to drive, original everything but back then just a used car to a kid like me, what was I thinking? Girls!

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  10. Davey Baker

    This is a $20K Firm car if you went to prom in one and scored. Happy memories. I was born in 69 so its a $10K car for me. Luck

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  11. BlackTa

    30K? No thanks, just no.

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  12. Big Loop

    I had one of these when I was 21 and it took a beating. Bought after a front end rollover I had a 68 nose on it and painted the bumpers to match the body for a 90’s almost GTO appearance. Sold it to a friend for $600 and he promptly resold to a cousin that gutted it for dirt track racing of some sort. Loved that car

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  13. Dan

    What a nice looking LeMans. I always think of the guy with the hammer hitting the plastic “endura” nose in the commercial around this time period.. This car has the chrome which looks so much nicer. A nice smooth 60’s Poncho for sure.

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  14. JoeNYWF64

    I sure would like to know where this car was driven those 71k+ miles! – surely not running errands(or leaving it parked anywhere in public), where back in the day 1 got a lot of dents in parking lots where there were many many big 2 door cars with huge long heavy doors!! In 1 parkin lot, i remember i was sittin in a 60’s car & some people pulled next to me & a jewvenile delinquint opened his door & banged my car – luckily my car looked like crap, so i just yelled at the kid. lol
    My GM car’s driver seat’s vinyl started to split badly when the car was just 4 years old! with only 43k miles on it! & yet the seats on this Lemans with much more miles, 54 years later look this good?!

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  15. Goz

    Another great Pontiac from the days long gone. I like it and would leave it just as it is. Although not $30k worth,

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  16. Lothar... of the Hill People

    I love the red, white and blue combo… God Bless America!

    I agree the dealer should address the A/C issue esp. if they want top dollar.

    I bet the seller (dealer) ends up not so firm on that firm $30K price but I guess it never hurts to try.

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  17. Mikey P

    $20k TOPS! Nice car but way too much coin..

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