Supercab Survivor: 1974 Ford F-100

Coming about as close to a barn find as a vehicle can without actually being found in a barn, this 1974 F-100 for sale here on craigslist for $8,500 or best offer is a beautiful survivor example of a rare Ford.  Big thanks to Rocco B. for this great submission!  1974 was the first year that Ford offered the revolutionary extended cab option on their trucks, which was a compromise that offered the seating of a crew cab but without adding as much length to the truck.

This clean California native truck is said to have belonged to the seller’s grandfather who only drove it 28,000 miles from when he bought it new in 1974!  This is a rarely optioned truck including the seldom seen Supercab option, along with a short bed, air conditioning and power steering.  While common today, a truck loaded with amenities and with much of its cargo space sacrificed for carrying extra passengers was a rarity in the 1970s when trucks were bought to serve their purpose: working hard.

Here is a somewhat dark but inclusive picture of the interior.  As is common with older vehicles in hot sunny climates, the dash pad and steering wheel show some cracking but nothing too major.  It is also nice to see a dashboard that has not been hacked up to accept an aftermarket radio or that has had add-on gauges screwed to it.  There are no engine pictures in the seller’s ad, but based on the condition and evidence of maintenance seen on the rest of the truck, along with the believable 28k mileage claim I don’t think there will be any surprises when you pop the hood.  Equipped with a 360 cubic inch engine, the smaller of the two FE motors offered in ’74, this truck won’t win any races, but will haul most anything you can fit in the bed.

What would you do with this family-friendly F-100?  Restore an already clean and well kept truck, or use it for the occasional Home Depot run and drive to the local car shows on Saturday nights?

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  1. joeinthousandoaks

    Already gone

  2. Howard A Member

    As a testament to how durable these trucks were, I drove a ’74 F150, same color, not an extra cab, 302, 3 speed on the column, for an auto paint supply in Milwaukee. 10 stops in the morning, 8 ( or more) in the afternoon, EVERYDAY!! I drove that truck hard,( aka, beat the crap out of it) I mean, it was a city truck, go 4 blocks and stop, go 3 blocks and stop, thru the gears again. That truck NEVER failed in a year and a half( unless it rained, WD40 the coil wire, zoom) I think all trucks from this era were pretty good, I don’t remember one make being any better than the other. Just from my experience, Ford was the one I used the most. Didn’t see many extra cabs years ago, fact is, almost none. This is pretty rare. Looks like pops kissed the right front, still a very neat find. Once you have a extra cab, you’ll never buy a pickup again without one, trust me.

  3. jw454

    I had a 1978 F150 with the 360. Great truck. The only thing that I could complain about is the consistent 7~8 M.P.G. I bought it in 1986 with only 19K miles on it. The reason I was given for the low miles was that it was hard on gas. I thought, how hard can it be? I found out pretty quick. At least they were honest.
    You’ll notice this one looks like it’s had an extra tank added. Why do you suppose that is?

    • Rob

      My uncle had a 75 F150 Super Cab with the 390 and an 8ft bed. It came factory with dual tanks. He found out later it came from the factory with a racing carb on it. Passed everything but the gas station.

  4. angliagt

    I had a ’74 (regular cab) in this same color.
    It was a basic truck,& not much fun to drive.It came from Utah.
    While looking at the paperwork,I found out that it had been sold
    new here in Eureka<CA,& went to North Dakota.One of the few
    vehicles I made money on.
    I hate to admit it,but the newer trucks drive much nicer,
    & are way more comfortable.

  5. sparkster

    Newer trucks seem to get better fuel mileage as well.

  6. sparkster

    Just noticed the truck on Craigslist Orange County if you’d like to see pictures


    Ford had a ” better idea “, when they put the thrd door on the 1997 F-150. Mom could have a truck that the kids could easily access. It was the beginning of the truck boom. Extended cab short beds by the thousands.

  8. Dt 1

    All Americans love pickup trucks

  9. chad

    “All Americans love pickup trucks”
    Only the ford ’73/9 (for me),
    the ’78/9 Bronco too~

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