Survivor! 1970 Boss 302 Mustang

Unlike the recent “low mileage” car that so many commenters panned, this 1970 Boss 302 Mustang looks like it’s been well taken care of. Of course, the price goes along with the condition. It’s listed for auction here on eBay at no reserve, and bidding naturally is up over $35,000 already as I type. For once, I wouldn’t have any issues getting the family to come along with me to pick up a car, as it’s located right near Walt Disney World in Kissimmee, Florida.

As the owner of a 2013 Boss 302 (which has a lot of 1970 model year retro cues), I would love to also own an original one. The seller tells us that the car is rust free, that it has the Marti report and may have as little as 58,000 miles on the odometer. The car has a shaker hood, a four speed transmission and is said to probably have it’s original engine, transmission and rear end. I thought the Marti report would give that kind of information, and if so, I wonder why the seller hasn’t made sure of it?

The car spent seven years in a dry storage area, but fired up after only 20 minutes of preparation afterwords. I’m guessing someone must have either prepared the car properly and run the tank dry or used some fuel stabilizer, because I’ve had issues with gasoline going bad after only a few years.

The seller tells us that the interior, chrome and glass are all “nice” and I’d have to agree from these pictures. I’d still want to make an in person inspection (or pay for one) prior to shelling out that kind of cash, but if the car is really what it looks like I suspect bidding will go up considerably before the end of the auction.

That’s a real shaker hood scoop as far as I can tell. Some of this looks a little too nice to just be uncovered, but perhaps I’m a little jaded from seeing so many cars that are claimed to be “survivors” but really aren’t. So we’ll hope that things are as they seem and that this car is as nice as it looks! If so, what do you think it will go for? And, to settle an argument, what’s your favorite color of Boss 302?


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  1. Miguel

    I have a hard time reconciling Florida with rust free.

    • John

      Kississimmee is almost 100 miles inland so rust probably isn’t an issue based on location.

    • The_Driver

      Huh? I’m from FL, the only rusty cars out here are cars that are brought by all the midwest and yankee transplants, or are in properties that are steps away from the Atlantic. Otherwise, FL is a rust free paradise. In fact, Central FL is the largest exporter of used European cars in the world!

      • Miguel

        When I was there on the west coast I saw trucks that were rusted half was up the body all the way around.

        How can a car not rust with sea water on both sides of the state?

      • glen

        Would that make it the largest importer as well?

      • r spreeman

        The state is 150 miles wide; only people who drive their cars on the beach need to worry about the ocean salt.

    • The_Driver

      I grew up and in Tampa, and lived in Tampa and Clearwater, for over 24 years. Rust, in Florida, for the most part, is simply not an issue.

      Must people don’t drive right on the beach. Must of Florida simply has very weak wind currents. Unlike the Midwest were salt is thrown on roads to melt ice or snow, that is simply not an issue. That, ammong many other factors keep the cars around FL rust free. In most of the Midwest, a FL car is a desired comodity.

  2. Vespaholic

    Console is from a ’69 Deluxe Interior.
    Not original to this car.
    Also, wrong distributor.
    I just took a quick look, there may be other things.
    Love these in white!

    • Redwagon

      That’s impressive. I can only do that for 1st gen Firebirds.

    • Dave Member

      Whats wrong with the distributor? no vacume advance? I have seen the 70 mustang with that console but it was with the automatic floor shifter

      • CATHOUSE

        69 and 70 consoles are close to being the same, but there are differences. And those differences are important if someone is doing a 100 point restoration. You can tell this is a 69 console, or at least the top part of it, by the two slots to store the seatbelts in. The 70 console does not have the seatbelt storage slots. Another difference that is not visible in the ebay photos is that where the console raises to the armrest on the face of that rise a 69 will have the cigarette lighter. For 70 the lighter moved to the lower dash to the right of the steering column taking the place of the 69 ignition switch.

      • Magstar67

        It’s a standard interior car, only deluxe interior cars had a console. If it was deluxe it would have Woodgrain door panels and dash pieces as well.

        Is also missing the smog setup in addition to carb and distributed others have mentioned. Engine is easy to verify as original to the car on these, you’d think he verify that so I’m guessing it’s not.

        Nice car overall though depending on what you want but not what he describes it as for sure.

  3. Trent

    Jamie, to answer your question: Yellow. Pretty much this car, only Yellow. :)

    • r spreeman

      My brother’s brother in law bought a yellow (actually it was sort of a school bus orange-yellow) Boss 302 in 1976. Some high schooler had bought it for his first care and ruined the clutch. Bro’s bro in law paid $800 for the car. Straight, rust free, fairly low miles, only needed a clutch. He drove it two years and sold it for enough to put a down payment on a house. Ah, the deals people used to get. I’d love to have a time machine and take say 10 grand back 40 years or so…

  4. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    According to the sideway Marti report this rig was born yellow. Looks white to me though. Kissimmee fade? And as far as the rust goes, the report says sold originally in Ripon Wisconsin. Yes, home of the Ripon good cookie.

    • al8apex

      Wisconsin, home of squeaky cheese and salted roads … tied with Michigan for disgusting, rotten cars from the road salt during winter

      • Blueovaldude

        I thought we had the most disgusting, rotten cars from road salt over here in Minnesota!

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        New Hampshire will give you a run for your money.

  5. Brian

    I love the Calypso Coral and the Valencia Orange, but any Boss 302 is awesome. I’m gonna guess it goes for $70,000

    • Brian

      I revise my price guess to about $45K. Too much wrong on the engine. No snorkel on the air cleaner, no heater hoses, no vac advance on distributor, no PCV hose, wrong PCV breather, no radiator shroud.

  6. AirBoss
    • Brian

      Looks like it’s a current add. Same car in 2 places.

  7. Brian

    The Marti report on the ebay listing says the car was yellow.

  8. AirBoss

    True. The Wisconsin owner stated “The car was originally yellow, painted white.”

    • Nrg8

      Could be totally wrong here, but I’m getting the feeling you are the current seller. Nice car

      • AirBoss

        I wish! (In which case, it would not be for sale.)

    • r spreeman

      Ugh, if only it hadn’t been repainted – and a different color to boot.

  9. Nrg8

    Car says paint code D, bright yellow. This car looks Wimbledon white. So what else is ” original” . People paint cars white to hide stuff. Run away. Fantastic start up story, born in wi. Right…..

  10. 86 Vette Convertible

    Overall even with the color change, looks good. I question the rust comment though. Wheelwell areas in the trunk appears to have some rust issues from what I can see (could just be the pictures though).

    That would be a blast to take out regardless. Kids or granddaughter would love to get some ice cream in that one.

  11. Wheelman

    Grabber blue or green I’ve never seen a Boss in green but the Cougar version of the Boss i have. Either color works real good on this machine.

  12. Blueovaldude

    Looks like patch panels used in lower quarters as shown in trunk photos? I had to use them on my Wisconsin sold Boss.

  13. Metoo

    100% better than the one from yesterday.

  14. JamestownMike

    Grabber Blue would be my 1st choice, then Medium Lime Metallic.

  15. Iain

    Wrong carb..look at where the fuel line goes from the pump to the passenger side of the carb.. also, looks like a very recent paint job….


      In the linked ad that AirBoss has provided above that seller states that the carb was replaced and that the original carb was lost. Of course the ebayer seller could not be bothered to include such information.

  16. jw454

    There’s always something that’s so obviously wrong but, so easily corrected. I don’t know why sellers don’t correct these things. What’s up with the F150 clutch pedal pad?!!

  17. David Hamer

    My uncle had a real nice low milege boss that was green at the time only 12000 miles

  18. MorganW Morgan Winter

    Make mine Calypso Coral!

  19. Shayne

    Like I said on the last post. All about presentation. You’re buying an incorrect, recently painted BOSS 302 with an owner who can’t confirm the motor, trans or rear end (which are able to be confirmed easily). Called a Barnfind which was not a barnfind and has patch panels. Documented on the BOSS 302 forum as have had 3 drivers in the past 8 years yet is somehow gonna be a barnfind? Not a survivor as it’s not even original paint.. interesting.

    Oh yeah, I have a Grabber Orange original paint BOSS 302 car. But I’ll have to go with dark aqua metallic as my favorite BOSS color!

  20. Tucker Callan

    You could get any color Ford had. It cost extra $. I know of a Black B2 Eliminator.
    My B2 Elim. was painted J (Comp. Blue) although Kevin`s report, and buck tag said D (Comp. Yellow). After I unplugged the rev limiter, I could still shift it @ 7500 r.p.m. EASY, All Day Long! The local cops got mad @ me, so I sold it. That car is going across the block @ B/J this Sat. #1040-2

  21. Mike_B_SVT

    “is said to probably have it’s original engine, transmission and rear end. I thought the Marti report would give that kind of information …?”

    NO. Marti Auto Works has no way of knowing it any car currently has the drivetrain that it left the factory with. A Marti Report only shows the factory configuration. It is up to the buyer / owner / seller to inspect a car carefully to determine if it still retains those factory items.

    The Boss 302 engine VIN stamp can be easily seen by openning the hood and looking down through the gap between the cowl and back of hood. The Boss 302 blocks were stamped on the upper surface at the back edge of the intake.
    Trans VIN can usually be seen on the upper front lip where the trans mates with the bellhousing. Look down the back of the engine at the trans.

    This car is currently listed on CraigsList for $57.5k

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Thanks, Mike, I’ve never had a Ford worthy of a Marti Report :-)

  22. David Metcalf

    What no dual point distributor?????????????

  23. DonS

    I am in Madison, WI and I wish I would have stumbled on this car. She looks great, but I would do a complete inspection to make sure the white paint isn’t covering up anything unwanted. The ad link AirBoss posted is very enlightening.

    • On and On On and On Member

      Close look indeed. Check out the drivers door gap, seems to vary from top to bottom……………I’m in Lodi, Wi., 20 mi north of Madison. A wonderful land of beer, cheese, and rust rotted cars. My daily driver PU truck is black but now looks powder white from the windows down. Temps got up over freezing for the first time in like 3 weeks yesterday but every car wash had an hour wait. Maybe I was in the wrong business.

  24. wes

    The rich kids dad bought him one for his sixteenth birthday.The kid lived five days the car three. Don’t put someone you love in somthing they can’t drive.

  25. Troy s

    Now that’s perfect, a Boss 302 Mustang AND a ’69 Z28 Camaro on the same day! Talk about a rivalry! Camaro beats it by a fender or more I bet, now that would make for a good race!
    Make my Boss 302 yellow, and without the goofy shaker hood scoop if that was even possible, although white is not all that bad either.

    • Brian R

      The Shaker scoop was optional. Getting a complete original shaker will cost a few grand now.


    At 40k with 3 days to go. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go 50. Had a friend with a new one in 70, yellow, and still in his family. One of only a handful of Ford’s that I truly like.
    Best of luck to buyer and seller

  27. gaspumpchas

    Should have a mechanical advance dual point distributor, Let the buyer beware……

    • Mike_B_SVT

      Well, technically it should be both mechanical AND vacuum advance, right?
      But you’re right, that sure doesn’t look like the right distributor >.<

  28. Scott L

    On and On the door gap is correct . Its a door guard installed on the edge of the door. 45K is about what its worth providing numbers matching

    • On and On On and On Member

      Thank you, couldn’t see that on my PC. Stripe looked misaligned also.

  29. Henryfrederick

    My neighbor friend has a 70 mustang sports roof. He bought it new, just turned 32k miles. He ordered it in grabber blue with 351_4 v and 3spd. Stick on floor, dog dish hubcaps with trim rings. A beautiful car. I have mopars and a corvette and looking for a 71_73 mach1 to restore.

  30. JW

    Not to be picky but the shaker assembly has a front 1/4 inch stud missing that attaches the flapper/scoop to the base with a nut.

  31. Ron

    One has to wonder, why they didn’t take it to Mecum this week instead of putting it on eBay?


      Because if the seller did take it to Mecum, or any other on site auction, then the perspective buyers would be able to get up close and personal with the car.

      • Loco Mikado

        P T Barnum was right. There is one born every minute.

      • Tyler

        Actually, Barnum never said that. It was said by a rival ABOUT Barnum’s audiences because they continued to buy tickets to his exhibits even after they had been proven to be fakes.

    • Brian

      Per the Craigslist listing of this car, he has it NEAR Mecum in Kissimmee. Cost money to put it in auction, and the auction house get’s their cut too.

  32. Jack Lalonde

    Other post with no window louvers and now has the louvers ?

    • Brian

      They were an option, and the Marti report does not show the window slats were originally on the car. The owner obviously added them somewhere between Wisconsin and Florida

  33. Joe Cat

    Thanks Airboss for the link to the prior listing. In that ad is a link to some photos, with a little digging…

  34. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Jan 12, 2018 , 7:00PM
    Winning bid:US $49,100.00
    [ 37 bids ]

  35. tomw

    I have a yellow 1970 Boss 302 in my garage. It came with louvers, rear spoiler and shaker. The last it was run was 1974 :)

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