Sweet Steed: 1980 Ford Pinto Squire Wagon

It’s been fairly quiet in the Pinto wagon wing here at One Barn Finds Tower, we haven’t seen one in a couple of months! No wonder why you were all getting antsy. Luckily, seasoned car-finder Rocco B. spotted this listing and sent it in. Thanks, Rocco! This 1980 Ford Pinto Squire Wagon can be found here on Craigslist with an asking price of $1,950. It’s located in beautiful Corinth, Texas. Let’s check out this steed.

Ok, maybe sweet doesn’t describe this particular car at this particular time in its life, but at one time a white Pinto Squire wagon with a red interior?! That’s good stuff. The seller describes this car as a “real Barn Find Survivor with 28,000 miles.”

The Squire Décor group/package included this now partially-sunburned woodgrain material that may or may not have to be reapplied. It also included wire wheel covers and a color-keyed interior. Once you see the interior, you’ll notice that it looks like it was dipped in red vinyl, almost every square inch is the same color other than a few chrome bits and some more fake woodgrain trim and faded carpet.

Zing! I love a red interior over any other color, but I know they aren’t for everyone. This one looks good other than the driver’s seat and some cracks on the top of the padded dash. And, it’s an automatic, unfortunately. But, the headliner looks great as do the seats in the rear. That’s a pretty fancy interior for a Pinto. I think I would prefer one of the funky plaid fabric interiors, but this one would do nicely.

1980 was the last year for the Pinto and unfortunately that year the V6 went bye-bye, so this car has the 2.3L inline-four which would have had 88 hp. This fancy Pinto wagon has both power steering and AC which would be welcome for me but I’d want a 4-speed manual for sure. It looks like a worthy project to slowly restore it to its former glory, so to speak, and watch the reactions as you drive it around town.


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  1. S Craig MacDonald

    I can’t believe “28,000 miles” with that kind of deterioration inside and out. Not unless that barn had no roof. And the safety bumpers are hideous.

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    • Pete

      Put a “1” in front of that 28,000. The worn upholstery is the indicator.

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      • TimS

        I’d put a zero at the end.

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    • Paul

      These car didn’t last much longer then 28000 miles when new….I had one the detonated like a grande at 48,000 miles and being from the salt belt body was completely rusted out in under 4 years.
      It left a trail of oil everywhere where she went (I could always find my way home) although I usually had to walk home!

  2. LT1 Mike

    If I ever make it to Funkytown, I want to pull up in this Pinto wagon. I like it, brings back some good memories.Good luck to the new owner, I’m sure plenty of people will take a peek inside at that red interior at the local car show.

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  3. Ben T. Spanner

    Back in the late 1970’s we would buy Pinto wagons from Purolater Courier. They had lots of miles, but were well maintained. Some had new shiny transmissions or rear ends. We would buy after market fake wood and a used driver’s seat.
    The used car lots couldn’t get enough of them. At least the retail buyer got something that had been maintained.

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  4. Gary fitton

    It went thru the can cars for kids auction in Dallas this morning, didn’t see what it went for

  5. Ian

    I had one like this. A ’79 with a black interior, but otherwise the same. Tough little cars. No exploding gas tank issues on the wagons. German engines with non-interference OH valves. The cam belt broke one day and I coasted to a stop. Put a new belt on and back in business. I only spent $300 on mine in the 90’s.

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