Sweet Survivor: 1984 Chrysler LeBaron T&C Convertible

Is it just me or are wood-paneled cars making a comeback? It does seem that vehicles, like this 1984 Chrysler LeBaron Mark Cross Town and Country Convertible are increasing in popularity lately, but maybe that’s just because Jo(h)n Voight drove one? This example can be purchased for a solid sum of $2,500 and it currently resides in Lake Mathews, California. There are 150,000 miles on the odometer, and the VIN is listed. Thank you, Taylor W, for the tip. You can view more on craigslist.

1984 Chrysler Lebaron

One of the attributes that might help make this Lebaron more desirable for some, is the Mitsubishi made, 2.6 liter inline 4 cylinder engine. It’s not an overly powerful engine, but it proved to be durable. The listing says that the car has an automatic transmission, but that’s perfectly acceptible for a convertible K-Car. According to the listing, the title is tarnished a bit because the car cannot pass California smog emissions tests. If the car could pass, the seller says they would be asking double the price of what they are now.

1984 Chrysler Lebaron

Maybe another feature that might be influencing the attention these cars are receiving is because of the Electronic Voice Alert system. This technological gem exclaims to you in an audible voice certain phrases like “Your door is ajar” or “Your engine oil pressure is low” which alerts you to the particular information. It has been showcased by a number of people on the internet and is mildly entertaining for a quick chuckle.

1984 Chrysler Lebaron

Only 1,105 of the Town and Country convertibles were made. While it might not be known how many are still on the road, this example is an incredible survivor. There are those out there who have multiple of them and this owner is one of them. It does seem like there could be a number of reasons why these cars are coming into the spotlight again. I guess it is true that what goes around comes back around.


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  1. rpol35

    What was Chrysler thinking?

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    • Jerry Brentnell

      very simple! this is the car that pulled chrysler out of bankruptcy and they were good honest transportation that any body could afford and thats a fact1

  2. Ken Carney

    My mother in law had an ’86 Le Baron
    similar to this one. Hers had the turbo
    charged version of the 2.6 Mitsubishi
    engine too. Great car until a flash fire
    in the turbo burnt the car to the ground!
    I’ve always wanted to get her another
    one but without the factory turbo. If she
    wants a turbo, I’d go with a more modern
    aftermarket unit instead. They are much
    safer than the factory units by far. Add
    to that, there’s no lag with the modern
    units. I’ll bet you could get 200 HP out
    of the engine with a newer turbo attached. Saw one of these about 10
    years ago. I passed on it as it was too
    ragged out to save. The guy wanted
    5K for it and I’ll bet he never got it.
    Nice car though.

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    • Blueprint

      Only the Chrysler 2.2 featured the turbo option.

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      • David

        Later Chrysler 2.5L I-4’s had the turbo option as well. I never knew of the cruddy Mitsu motor having a turbo.

  3. RedBaran

    I actually kind of dig these cars. Pretty basic, but still fun. I’d bid on it if I was anywhere near CA.

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    • David

      It says it’s listed in Lake Matthews CA but “According to the listing, the title is tarnished a bit because the car cannot pass California smog emissions tests.”
      I wonder if it can’t or it doesn’t. If it can’t how can it be sold in CA?

  4. Had Two

    In the day, one could order the French language replacement for the Voice Language Alert. It wasn’t difficult to replace it, then the smiles as one was
    told in French, “Your door is ajar!” along with the other notification commands.

    Unbeknownst to most all who own one, there is a switch to turn the damn thing
    off. There is also a volume control. Nothing much worse than being barked at

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  5. Classic Steel

    Only 1976 and older cars can skip Cali emissions sadly.

    So ship it by plane ✈️ trains 🚂 or automobile out of state to one of the late great john candy kinfolks.

    The owner could get it converted to battery power to avoid emissions 🤔😎

    I wonder-how bad it missed the inspection ..

    Was it EGR valve, warmed up enough..gasoline octane etc etc.

    Any California folks out there to speak or
    complain on emissions test? Just curious..

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  6. Joe M

    Had an 86 dodge convertible, cheap and drove it for many years with multiple engines installed. This one has a cool look I never saw the wood grain on the trunk must have been extra. Someone on the east coast will buy it and have some fun with it, cheap to fix

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  7. djkenny

    Rattle traps.

  8. John Cole

    Tried texting this guy and heard absolutely nothing back. Scamming for phone numbers to sell?!?!

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  9. Had Two

    Hmmm, not so Sweet Survivor?

    • Dave

      Wasn’t a car like this featured in “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”?

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  10. Bakyrdhero

    I have a soft spot for these cars, but I’d really like and 87 and up LeBaron with the Flip headlights. Those cars were sharp.
    This is a nice Sunday Cruiser where I come from.

  11. Billieg

    “Is it just me or are wood-paneled cars making a comeback? ”
    It’s just you….

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  12. Robbie M.

    One nice thing about these cars, the radio works no matter what. Clear as a bell.

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  13. canadainmarkseh Member

    These 2.6’s had a terrible carb on them know for auto choke remaining closed which would cause engine flooding. It would dilute the engine oil and cause premature engine wear. That carb is probably why it failed emissions testing. I remember these k cars going down the road puffing out black smoke even after they were wormed up. In my opinion the 2.2 and 2.5 engines were better engines especially when they went to throttle body injection. These were simpler and more durable engines. I always like these woody trim packages and they were available on on all there body variation even the mini van. I think the price is about right for this car. For me the turn off is that 2.6 engine.

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    • Zapp

      Weber made a replacement carburetor for these, and they are readily available on eBay.

      Thankfully, in 1985 Mitsu upgraded these motors with hydraulic lifters. I wonder how many 1984 and older K-cars, Caravans/Voyagers, and D-50 pickups with the 2.6 never had their valves adjusted…

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    • David

      I was going to post about that carb as well. In the day they were known for being NON-rebuildable as their bodies weren’t cast metal but a bakelite plastic type material that would warp and that could allow the overrich running too. It was a bigger motor with much better (all things relative) performance but you’re right, the 2.2 and 2.5 Chrysler motors were far more reliable if underpowered. I owned a 1985 Dodge Lancer with the 2.2 turbo. It was a fun car to drive (under turbo) with GREAT fuel economy if I kept out of the turbo.

  14. Del

    cute car

    buy it

  15. Johnmloghry johnmloghry Member

    I went that route one time. It was a 87 turbo a/t convertible. It was a never ending money pit, as soon as one thing was repaired another broke. Finally sold the piece of junk, worse car I ever owned. I should have known better having spent more than thirty of my working years as a auto mechanic, I always hated working on Mopar you won’t go far, pieces of left handed monkey wrench junk.
    God bless America

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    • David

      Twenty Seven years as an auto tech myself. I HATE working on Mostly Old Parts And Rust. It seems like the engineers try to find the WORST and hardest to work on designs and use them. Such as the old Cirrus/Sebring/Breeze cars with head gaskets that leaked oil. To take the heads off you had to remove the valve cover, to remove the valve cover you had to remove the power steering fluid reservoir, to remove the power steering fluid reservoir you were supposed to remove the valve cover. The bolts that held the power steering fluid reservoir to the valve cover were recessed so you couldn’t get a wrench on them and there was insufficient clearance between them and the cowl to get a socket and ratchet the bolt head. Removing the valve cover bolts would allow the valve cover to be repositioned to get at the bolts but wouldn’t you know it, one of the valve cover bolts was under the power steering fluid reservoir. It’s been years since I did one so I don’t remember how I finally gained access but it was a fight. Son of a Chrysler is a favorite epithet in my shop.

  16. Rustytech Member

    Having worked as a mechanic for Chrysler dealers, and driven Chrysler’s for years I will admit that these early FWD cars had some engineering and build quality issues, but to me the Mitsubishi 2.6l engine was a better option than the 2.2 or 2.5l, they were more powerful and smoother running. They were also more durable. The 2.2 particularly had early camshaft wear issues. I didn’t care for the fake wood grain treatment. But they were fun cruisers, and at the time the only convertible available. Nice car, but the mileage is scary.

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    • David

      I have noticed that there is a mental condition that allows people to love Chrysler products and to vehemently defend them despite lack of evidence. I know people I love and highly respect who suffer with this mental condition. They are similar to but better than those who suffer with the mental disease that allows them to like EuroTrash.

      I suspect your affinity for Chrysler products stems from your familiarity with them and the fact that they provide the means to support your family. It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” comes to mind. But to each their own and if you like the poor, arrogant, condescention, the frustration and aggravation that comes with Chrysler’s “We did because we could NOT because we should,” engineering then good for you. I don’t mean that snarky, if you enjoy it then more power to you. I personally don’t have enough hair left to deal with them anymore than I have to. And because I do not like taking medication I avoid EuroTrash because I literally, physically develop a headache whenever I have to work on European rubbish.

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