Yours To Complete: 1967 AC Autos Cobra Kit

I’m pretty sure there have been more Cobra “replica” kits built than there were ever original Cobras, and you can probably throw in all the AC Aces ever built as well. Some kits end up finished to a much… more»

Fire Sale: 2006 AC Cobra Replica

They say that when you’re hot, you’re hot, and while this can be a good thing in certain circumstances, there are times when it’s the last thing that you want. This 2006 AC Cobra Replica has been hot for… more»

Aluminum Saloon: 1951 AC 2-Litre

Here’s one you don’t see everyday, and especially in the U.S.: a 1951 AC 2-Litre saloon, an aluminum-bodied tourer with a respectable amount of performance on board for the era it was made. Said to have been stored in… more»

Not A Cobra! 1959 AC Ace-Bristol

Gleaming in bare aluminum, this 1959 AC Ace with the storied Bristol inline six engine has already topped $200,000 in its auction listing here on eBay. It’s originally from California but is now located in Salem, Oregon. A largely… more»

Heart Of A Cobra: 1973 AC 428 Coupe

This lovely coupe is the result of Ford and Shelby American discontinuing the AC Cobra 427 after 1967. AC was left with what was a fairly advanced chassis and Ford connections, but an outmoded roadster body. This beautiful black… more»

Motoring Monday: 1950 AC 2 Litre 2-Door Saloon

This is one rare AC, but will someone save it?

Could This Cobra Really Be Real?

Back in September we featured a Cobra that was found and photographed by one of our readers over in the UK. The owner caught wind of the conversation and chimed in claiming that the car was the real deal…. more»

Cobras in Barns? Yep, They Are Still Out There!

Update 9/8/14 – Many of you thought this was a fake, but the supposed owner just commented and apparently our little discussion got him motivated enough to pull it out and get it running again! He also claims that it… more»

Cobra Coupe Anyone? 1958 AC Aceca

Here in the states, the AC Car company is best known for the Cobra (read about its Ace cousin here), but the British company was building sport cars well before Shelby stuffed a Ford V8 in the AC Ace…. more»

Cobra Kin: 1958 AC Ace-Bristol Roadster

UPDATE 1/15/12 – Gullwing has pulled it off their site, so we can only assume it’s sold. All car guys are familiar with the Cobra. You know, the Ferrari beating V8 monster built by Carroll Shelby. What many people… more»