Heart Of A Cobra: 1973 AC 428 Coupe


This lovely coupe is the result of Ford and Shelby American discontinuing the AC Cobra 427 after 1967. AC was left with what was a fairly advanced chassis and Ford connections, but an outmoded roadster body. This beautiful black example is located in Los Angeles, California and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding is pretty high at just over $125,000 without a reserve. As a side note, this is very close to the high retail figure from the NADA classic guide.


If you think this looks a lot like a Maserati Mistral, you’d be correct. Frua pretty obviously recycled the styling, or at least the majority of it, on the 428. That being said, why mess with a good thing? This is a beautiful car! And this one looks like it’s in beautiful condition as well.


It doesn’t hurt that there’s some nice photography in the auction listing. Actually, I like the styling of the 428 a little better than the Maserati, now that I think about it and look them both over. And I’m a sucker for big Ford engines and wire wheels! I wish the seller gave us some history of the car, because apart from the fact that it is right hand drive and has only 49,700 miles, we don’t really know anything else. I’m sure a car this nice must come with some sort of story!


Can you feel that leather? As you can see, the 428 was intended for a different audience than the rough and ready Cobra, so the automatic transmission isn’t that out of place; most 428’s had them. I notice the Cobra steering wheel snuck through, though.


The seller also tells us that the engine has been rebuilt, although no documentation is offered. There are, however, many detail pictures, all of which make this car look like it recently left the showroom. I’m not suggesting that you fork over that kind of money without looking the car over, but it sure looks nice to me! Have any of you owned one of these? Would you rather have it, or the similar looking Maserati?


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  1. Anthony

    I don’t know… that “outmoded roadster body” is now a classic and the lines on this thing seem a bit out of proportion to me

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Anthony, I love Cobras too! But at the time, it was considered old-fashioned.

  2. MH

    I love the car. But the landscaping on the other hand is a bit strange.

  3. Ck

    I’m with Anthony , somthing about the proportion’s I don’t like the back of the car at all .The interior on the other hand looks pretty sweet .

  4. Hoos Member

    There is no other way to say it……
    I want it, but I think I left my spare $150K in my other pants. Oh well…

  5. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    Thought this was the strangest opening picture when I saw it on BAT 4 days ago, still do.

  6. Dan10

    Why does an engine need a rebuild after less than 50K miles?

    • Dave Wright

      It’s a Ford…………

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