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Yours To Complete: 1967 AC Autos Cobra Kit

I’m pretty sure there have been more Cobra “replica” kits built than there were ever original Cobras, and you can probably throw in all the AC Aces ever built as well. Some kits end up finished to a much higher standard than any of the originals ever were, while some never quite get finished. This is one of the latter, and after purchasing the kit in 2010 and completing part of it, the seller admits that life has gotten in the way and they are ready to pass on the kit to someone else. It’s listed for sale here on eBay where the opening bid (as yet unmet) is $9,500 while a buy-it-now price has been set at $12,900. The car is located in Glasgow, Kentucky if you want to check your Maps app to see how far you would have to travel to pick it up.

The seller was driving a completed Cobra kit at the time of original purchase, and presumably was planning on making this car better than that one based on lessons learned. To that end, they purchased a high-quality kit from AC Autos in Buffalo, New York. It’s telling that the kit is still available as many kit manufacturers are here one month and gone the next — it may be helpful to be able to still get parts from the original kit manufacturer in case something got misplaced along the way. The body appears to be fairly faithful to the 427 SC version of the Cobra although AC Autos is very careful not to call it a Cobra in their description of the kit.

A Cobra most assuredly comes with “haunches”, and this is one of my favorite views of the body. It’s also the view most opposing race cars, most notably Ferraris, saw of the originals throughout the 1960s. The seller lists an extensive package of extras that sell along with the kit, such as an 11-inch disk brake package with all lines, a windshield, a Painless wiring harness, a hardware package, (latches, handles, hinges, brackets, etc), a gas cap,  adjustable coil-overs, and a 9″ Ford narrowed rear-end housing with axles and a new $1100 Eaton TRU-TRAK chunk. The kit also includes a triangulated 4-link rear suspension, the manufacturer’s gas tank package, a billet steering column not pictured in the listing, and even a clutch/brake pedal assembly.

Since headers are included for both a small block and big block engine, although the seller doesn’t state the manufacturer of choice, it’s up to you to decide what engine and transmission to install. Or I suppose you could go electric as well with a lot more fabrication work — basically, you have a blank Cobra-shaped canvas to start from!

That blank canvas extends to the interior, which basically doesn’t exist except for four gauges and a few switches that have found their way onto the dashboard. How would you finish this kit? What engine and transmission would you use? For me, I’d be a little out of the norm as I happen to have a 38k-mile 2012 Mustang 305-horsepower V6/6-speed combination sitting in my shop looking for a home; I think that would be plenty of power in a kit of this size and even be fairly economical to boot. Let us know what you would do in the comment section below!


  1. Joe Haska

    I agree with your statement, I would just add that betwen 32 Fords and Cobras, they might account for double or triple the amount, of the actual cars built. It would be fun to know the number, but it has to be high, if not astronamical. I have a friend who had an original Cobra and when asked if it was real, he would just walk away and say, if you don’t know ,I am not going to tell you.

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  2. Glenn

    I have a 1972 Oldsmobile 455 bored .030 over & “BUILT!!” to go in it-radical meats & wheelie bars–YEEEHAAAWW

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    • Ten50boy

      Sounds like a blast! I’m more of a small block, hi-rev type of guy…… but having owned a few big blocks…. nothing like tons of torque on tap for street/strip fun. I just hit an age where having a very cool, reliable, well handling road trip car seems more in line with where I want to be for the moment. Eventually, God willing….I too will on at least a couple more fire breathing dragons like your beast before I get to that point of being just a spectator in the stands!

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  3. Classic Steel

    Not bad to start for the lil Cobra.

    Glascow KY is near (20-30 mile etc) Bowling Green KY (Corvette plant or WKU) to get a quick gut check)

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  4. Ten50boy

    I love the idea of the v6/6 combo for a weekend cruiser. There are tons of bolt on parts, plus tunes for that engine. Supercharged? Fantastic. It would be fun, economical, quick and reliable with fantastic gas mileage vs an old school big block carb combo. I’d do it and be taking many weekend trips with the wifey and two duffle bags!!!! The whole world would disappear and I wouldn’t have a care in the world while tearing up backroads leading to nowhere. Thanks for reminding me why I’m working on my own project. It isn’t always about winning races and having tons of power on tap. It’s more often about that open road, a quick, well handling car and that smell of fall blasting into my nose with the top down.

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I haven’t measured one up, but I think an Eco-Boost or Coyote would be a fitting engine if either fit. Tranny would be something like Tremec manual, though lately I’m leaning towards a dual clutch automatic with paddle shifter (getting older).

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  6. Ten50boy

    More incredibly fun ideas!!

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  7. Ten50boy

    That’s true! Lol. Dress it up and throw a nice exhaust on it. Just drive, enjoy and blow people’s minds!!! Like people say, not for everyone….. but heck…..I like it. It’s always good to have a toy that can be driven and enjoyed more often, on real road trips. My current project is no ball of fire, it’s not my regular cup of tea, but it’s being built to drive. Weekend rides with my honey. Ttops out, 5 speed shifting, sun in our faces and the breeze in our hair. It’s definitely not fast, it’s quick and nimble. Just like I would build this Cobra kit. Love it.

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  8. 455RAIV

    Be cool with a 400 – 455 Pontiac V8 – There is a Batmobile Replica with a Pontiac V8 :)

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