19K Mile 1982 Airstream… Funeral Coach???

I pride myself on being a pretty knowledgeable automobile enthusiast. A jack-of-all-trades, master of a few kind of person. But I’ll have to admit, this one made me scratch my head a little bit. You are looking at a… more»

The Painted Airstream: 1977 Argosy Camper

When we think of Airstreams, it’s hard not to envision the iconic polished aluminum trailers that have dominated the camper and R/V scene for decades. Lesser known is the “painted Airstream” known as the Argosy. This example is a… more»

The Astro Van Returns: 1984 Airstream Excella

If you are a fan of NASA, then you are likely familiar with their historical reliance on Airstream trailers and motor homes for transporting and quarantining astronauts before and after their spaceflights.  After Apollo 11’s capsule splashed down, the… more»

Glamper Material? 1966 Airstream Ambassador

In case you haven’t heard, “glamping” is one of the trendiest things amongst the well off. A shortened form of “glamorous camping,” glampers frequently take older campers and dress them up with all kinds of modern conveniences. This 28′ 1966… more»

Last of the Giants: 1992 Airstream 350LE

A design as familiar as an Airstream motor home can leave you convinced every model you see is a vintage example, with its origins traced back to the late 70s to mid-80s. Consider us surprised to learn that this… more»

All Original: 1964 Airstream Bambi II

There is just something awesome about Airstream campers! Maybe it’s the shiny aluminum body or the neat interiors? I don’t, it could just be what they represent, the promise of adventure as you hit the open road with your… more»

Face Off: 1974 Airstream Vs 1968 Winnebago

When summer rolls around, I know there’s a part of the month of August where I spend a week with my wife’s family in a very rural – and camper friendly – location. I’m talking the deep South, where… more»

A Falcon, A Bronco, And An Airstream

The barn find is an unusual animal. Most creatures tend to be found either in large groups or as solitary individuals. Barn finds on the other hand seem to have no preference for sociability. They might be found as… more»