Custom Cruiser: 1966 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

Now, this is one custom cruiser! The seller of this custom, two-door 1966 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser has created quite a car and they have it listed here on Craigslist in White Mountains, Arizona. They’re asking $7,000 for this cool custom. Thanks to CCFisher for sending in this great tip!

A coupe wagon? A shooting brake Oldsmobile?! I love it. No, I absolutely, positively love it! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before, or maybe they have? I haven’t seen a two-door Vista Cruiser but man, this thing is going to be gorgeous when it’s done. The work that has been done so far looks top-notch. The seller would have a much better chance of getting someone to bite on this beauty if they would have taken better photos and many more of them. A car like this deserves more than some casual, chopped-off photos. Clean it up, clean it out, take some great photos, I bet they’d get someone to grab it almost instantly for their asking price.

In case anyone has forgotten, this is what it would have looked like originally. This first-generation Vista Cruiser has the famous “skylights” in the roof which went away after the 1972 model year. I rarely see the first-generation Vista Cruisers and as much as I like original or restored-to-original-specs vehicles, this two-door Vista Cruiser is fantastic.

Wait, ok, the interior may not be fantastic and it’s hard to tell because the seller just gave us five photos, but at least there is one of the front interior and an engine photo. It’s hard to see the skylight roof with so much stuff on the top of this car. I’d be worried about how they held up to so much custom work in turning a four-door into a two-door wagon. They’re not giving us too much info either, here is their total listing: “here I have a hand built 2 door wagon they never built. needs finished, 350 v8 350 auto for details calls only. 1964 1965 1967 cutlass chevelle skylark gto abody olds Pontiac buick chevy”.

I did not expect to see such a beautiful engine in this car, I’m starting to tear up here, I may need a minute… Ok, I’m back. There really isn’t much info at all given about this car but the seller mentions that this is a 350 V8 backed up by a 350 automatic transmission. I have no clue what year it would be or how much horsepower it would have since Olds didn’t put a 350 in the Vista Cruiser in this era. Obviously, a lot of work has been done to the engine and it looks great as does the engine compartment. And, I think I see an AC compressor? What a car. Have any of you seen a two-door Vista Cruiser?

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  1. grant


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  2. Al

    So what do you use instead of a steering wheel?
    Just use a Crescent wrench or an adjustable spanner.
    But it does look sharp!

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    • ken TILLY Member

      That’s not a joke Al, that’s reality in South Africa as many of the mini taxis, that carry anywhere up to 25 people in a 14 seater, are steered using vice grips as a steering wheel! They are supposed to be inspected once a year but there are so many back door inspection garages that just don’t care.

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      • Al

        It’s not a joke!
        I’ve seen it action by Catherine’s Palace in
        St, Petersburg, Russia. It was unnerving but still being done.

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  3. Herbee

    I personally saw one that was done by Daryl farmer the late president of the 442 Club of Oregon and he didn’t get it completed paint wise but he got it all mechanically done the two door conversion and he did his with a 4-speed was really cool and a big block as well

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  4. SumtingWong

    I’m at a lost for words.

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      Sumtim WEALLY Wong here.Children should not be allowed to play with the plasma cutter…..

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  5. Wayne

    Probably just devalued it by at least 50%

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    • Herbee

      Don’t knock it. Some guys like to show their skills in non conventional builds. I couldn’t do that.

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  6. Mark Evans

    Probably 2 wrecks put together to make one car. If so-No harm-No foul.

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  7. Metoo

    7k, no way.

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  8. Mr. Bond

    Looks more like they grafted the back of a wagon on a 2 door coupe, than shortening a 4 door wagon. The rear side window and pillar matches the 2 door car.

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    • Dovi65

      That was my observation as well. A shortened wagon would have a different profile behind the doors. Creating a wagon from a coupe would be much easier than shortening a wagon

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  9. Fred W

    Not the first time it’s been done…

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Now that looks good

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    • Charlie

      This I would buy!

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    • PatrickM

      Yeah, but this one is finished

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  10. Vudutu

    Really, we need a new catagory on barn finds. Over hyped, granted the concept I like but this a mess. Stop buffing a turd.
    Al, I love your steering wheel solution, in my humble soulition I would suggest Vice Grips, I will go as far to add the first thing you should add to a tool in any kit are VG.
    MeToo I agree 7k no way, I like your prose. Yea I get that the engine is cool “but the rest is a mess. “

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    • Herbee

      Vudutu , what’s so special about an Olds 350 other than the fact they run forever when cared for.

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  11. Coventrycat

    Love ads that start with “here I have…”

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  12. Jim22

    Here’s my restored one. Although I have it restored, I kind of dig this two door version. I like that they used the 66/67 since it has the quarter panel line in it that the earlier ones don’t. Also, if he is missing that rear bumper good luck finding one. I searched for ever trying to find one since mine was damaged in an accident. Ended up having to get it fixed. Came out amazing.

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    • Rick Rothermel

      Sheetmetal from coupe cut from gay of c-pillar to rocker, wagon tin cut behind rear door line and b-pillar removed. Coupe metal grafted into the rear door space. If the metalwork is solid this is a cool car.
      Is the moderator certain of the motor size? Pretty sure the wagons were 330s base motor. Steering column? Aftermarket tilt/telescope.
      I hope someone steps up! Get it done and be a Power Tour hero.

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      • Jim22

        Yes, they were 330’s at this time.

  13. Steve

    I have a 91 Olds Custom Cruiser wagon that I would love to do this to, but since there was no two door version of my car, even more work would be involved, since I would have to fabricate new doors as well by oining the front of the front doors to the rear of the rear doors, as well as new glass and door panels. Maybe when I hit the lottery, I could take it to a shop and just write the checks… I do have an 83 Malibu wagon that would be much easier to convert…

  14. mike

    its funny how everybody is making such a big deal over a missing steering wheel!! the seller never said it was ready to go!!.

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    • Herbee

      Mike I hear you loud.

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  15. Del

    Here on Barn Finds we get at least one belly laugh a day.

    And this Junk is today’s 😁🤣⚰

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  16. Gaspumpchas

    Sure makes you look twice. You’d have to really like this one to finish this one, to put your time and energy into it. Cool though. would love to look close up to the handiwork to see how well its done. Good luck to the new owner.


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  17. James Martin

    Heck looks like all the hard work done.try this yourself or worst yet pay somebody to do all that work ,would cost a fortune. For 7 gs finish it and you would have 6000 dollar car. Labor of love.

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  18. Doug

    Years ago, at the Atlantis during Hot August Nights, I saw a custom 58 Chevy wagon done by Art Himsl that had a Vista Cruiser roof – it was done like the BOP 4dr hardtop station wagons of the late 50’s, ( think 4dr Nomad ) and was very nicely done. Of course it had a beautiful multi color paint job, which is one of the things Himsl was famous for.

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  19. Herbee

    Customs are cool in a world full of cookie cutter cars.

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