Nicest One Left? 1982 Chevrolet LUV Diesel

We have seen trucks from this Lubbock, Texas seller in the past and they have generally been really nice, maybe some of the nicest examples left on the planet. Oddly enough, the trucks that we’ve seen here have been… more»

45K Mile 1983 Chevrolet Chevette S Diesel

It’s hard to believe that the Chevette was made for a dozen years or so. I can’t think of the last time I saw one on the street but we’ve seen quite a few of them ramble through the… more»

1976 International Scout Diesel Traveler For $1,250

International Scouts are tough vehicles, even ones that look as rough as this 1976 Scout II Traveler diesel does, and having a diesel engine makes this one a bit unusual. The seller has it listed here on eBay in… more»

1982 Peugeot 505 S Turbo Diesel 5-Speed

We have seen some super interesting Peugeots here at Barn Finds over the last couple of years and a predecessor model just last week, a 504. You might automatically think that the next generation would be known as the… more»

Incredible Survivor: 1978 Peugeot 504 Diesel

This is one beautiful car and it’s all original according to the seller who has it listed here on eBay. This is a 1978 Peugeot 504 diesel and it appears to be in almost like-new condition. It’s located in… more»

Rust-Free 1986 Isuzu P’up Turbo Diesel 4×4

This 1986 Isuzu P’up Turbo Diesel 4×4 pickup has a big presence despite being several feet shorter than a modern full-sized pickup. I sure wish that someone would make a small pickup again, the new “small” ones are almost… more»

Tough LUV: 1981 Chevrolet LUV 4×4 Diesel

This 1981 Chevrolet LUV 4×4 diesel pickup looks like a pragmatic, no-nonsense pickup, maybe a work truck for someone who just wants or needs a small truck rather than a full-sized one. That would be people like me and… more»

Euro-Spec 1982 Mercedes 300TD Turbo Wagon

Classic Station Wagons (or Estates as our friends in other lands call them) have recently gained a lot of popularity in the market, and this very nice ’82 300TD is up for sale here on eBay from Chester Springs,… more»

BF Classified: 1980 International Scout II Diesel

So yes, I do still have the junkyard-find Isuzu Trooper project lingering in the background. Blame a few big life events for not getting that one back up on the site sooner than later. But when I see a… more»

Nicest One Left? 1986 Isuzu P’up Turbo Diesel

All I can say is, WOW! This truck may not appeal to everyone but to those of us who are wicked huge vintage Japanese vehicle fans, and also pickup fans, not to mention fans of box-checking-vehicles… WOW! Anyone looking… more»

No Reserve Driver: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300D

If you appreciate or are in the market for a classic Benz, you’ll want to see this! It’s an ’84 300D that was brought to America from Germany, and it’s for sale right now here on eBay out of… more»

Volkswagen TDI Powered: 1970 Ford F-100

We often hear, “Drop an SBC in it” or “Drop a Hayabusa in it”, but rarely does the phrase “Drop a TDI in it” come up here at Barn Finds. Yet, here we are. This 1970 Ford F-100 with… more»

French Original: 1978 Peugeot 504 Diesel

French diesel cars are fairly unusual around the halls of One Barn Finds Tower, but this seller has two of them up for auction now. This incredible, original 1978 Peugeot 504 diesel can be found here on eBay in… more»

Rare Diesel: 1983 Ford Ranger Diesel

Starting as a trim package on F-Series Ford pickups and then as a Courier replacement, the Ranger has had a very interesting history. Even more interesting would be Ford’s choice of engines, such as what’s in this first-year, 1983… more»

French Diesel: 1979 Citroën CX 2500 Pallas

Bonjour. We have only featured a half-dozen Citroëns over the last six months here at Barn Finds, that has to be one of the lowest numbers of any major manufacturer seen here. Let’s bump up that number a bit… more»

Grün Acres: 1958 Porsche 108L Junior

This 1958 Porsche 108L Junior tractor wasn’t painted resale red because it’s a Porsche or because it’s for sale, that’s really the color that it was when it left the factory in Germany over six decades ago. This fancy… more»

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