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Euro-Spec 1982 Mercedes 300TD Turbo Wagon

Classic Station Wagons (or Estates as our friends in other lands call them) have recently gained a lot of popularity in the market, and this very nice ’82 300TD is up for sale here on eBay from Chester Springs, PA. If you like wagons or W123s, you need to see this!

The W123 chassis platform was in development for quite a few years prior to its launch in late 1975 or early 1976 (exact dates vary between information sources) They were an instant hit, and from then until January 1986, Mercedes sold approximately 2.7 million units worldwide.  In all, there were 5 different body configurations and 11 different engines available during that period, and it was Mercedes’ best-selling line. All of them were “over-engineered” and extremely reliable in comparison to most other automobiles at the time.

Most people who bought them new in America were affluent, and many of the examples in the United States today were bought new by U.S. military personnel in Europe, and exported home when they moved home – and that’s allegedly the case with the car we are showing you here.

Looking now at the images and description, we are shown and told about a car that is in very, very nice condition. The seller tells us that it is part of their personal collection, and has 136,000 miles on its 3-liter, 5-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine. We can see a car that has some minor flaws from use and age, but there are no visible rust spots or panels out of alignment. The “bundt” wheels look great, the black M-B Tex interior looks rather clean, and the engine compartment appears to be all in order. We’re told that everything works as it should, and that a large amount of service has recently been performed on the car, by someone very knowledgeable.

I’m a big fan of W123 cars and I really want one. My late grandmother had one, and it was one of the first higher-end cars that I ever got to drive, so I have a personal affection for them. This one is the type and condition that I dream of owning one day.

What do you think of it? Let us know!


  1. Tom c

    136,000 miles , not even broken in yet

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  2. Tom c

    It is amazing how well these old benzes hold up when reasonably taken car of.

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  3. Francisco

    There doesn’t seem to be any a/c issues like the previous MB diesel wagon featured in last week’s Barn Finds. Probably because it doesn’t have air conditioning.

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  4. 433jeff

    I had one great cars, shutting the door on this car makes you feel secure, but with all of that, I will still take my 603 wagon any day of the week. Mine was an 85 white with blue int, the black is nicer

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  5. David Frank David Frank Member

    Great wagon! I’ve had several 123s including a TD. Why do folks keep calling them a “Turbo”? TD stands for “Tourismus und Transport” (estate/station wagon) If it is a turbo, it says so on the tailgate. Do you see a turbocharger under the hood? In the attached picture notice the turbo on passenger side and the air cleaner forward in the corner.

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    • Dougie

      I’m not a Mercedes person, but it is badged as a Turbo Diesel. So I’m not sure about your info on the air cleaner location.

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    • Jay

      It is a 300TD Turbo Diesel. The photo you posted is of a California s123 that was made for late 1984 and full model year 1985 models. That state required Mercedes to do something to help with reduce emissions. To solve the problem, MBZ added a trap oxidizer to all 300 series diesel passenger cars. The device sits near the passenger side headlight. I guess it is part of the air filter too? The standard turbo engine compartment looks like the photos under the hood of the car advertised.

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  6. James Simpson

    I have a 1984 300TD that will likely outlast me, and my grandchildren. A bad trip to the oil changers lost all oil from a loose drain plug. My warranty engine is now a factory replacement that was otherwise diverted from being destine as a back-up generator engine in Alaska. These engines were blue-printed to run 24/7 for an enormous number of hours. So, now I am going about restoring everything in it- to last as long as long as the new engine! Over-engineered! My rear bumper already TOTALED a small Toyota, with only minor damage to the rear bumper shocks! Liquid suspension too!

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  7. Gee R

    Funny the article talks about a 1982 300TD however the EBay listing shows a 1980 300TD? The 300TD model wasn’t offered in the US til 1982 but anyway this is a “Grey Market” looks like.

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    • Jay

      Yeah. Looks like the seller entered the model wrong in the headline for the listing. In the description it says it is a 1982

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      • Jay

        Actually he says eBay would not recognize the VIN so he had to enter 1980. Needs more photos. Looks like a dash cap.

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  8. Maestro1 Member

    And I’m a great fan of W123s as well, I have no room for one. In negotiations for a larger space now. Previous deal fell through. I won’t bore you. Someone jump on this car. The mileage is nothing; these cars are good for 500,000 miles…….Swiss Taxis use them in the Alps. Don’t worry about it.

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  9. dougie

    I’m not a Mercedes person, but it is badged as a Turbo Diesel. So I’m not sure about your info on the air cleaner location. Love the car though. White cars in this shape, especially a Merc, are the epitome of squeaky clean. Like a hospital, I guess.

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  10. Natalie

    This is mine now. It’s been a great car!

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  11. Jim Simpson

    Congratulations. Please go to Mercedes Source.com. They are the most friendly and knowledgeable Diesel parts and Hands-on people on the net. They tell you how to fix the ignition key lock, the vacuum operated door locks, the door open stays, the fuel injectors, On and on and on. They sell manuals and videos of EVERY ASPECT of this car. I cannot recommend them enough!
    Anything and everything that is common failure- they have a video, kit, part process technique or WHATEVER! All you need is there for your next 400,000 miles!

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