Pierce Arrow

Prewar Project: 1934 Pierce Arrow Sedan

Prewar cars are something of a treasure in the automotive world. While their popularity isn’t as high as it once was, they have a grace and beauty that will stand the test of time. You can own a glimpse… more»

Shovels, Jaguar And A Whippet Oh My! Classic Car Estate Sale

Would you like an armored Mercedes or perhaps an electric car? (batteries not included) How about a collection of cufflinks or perhaps a Grumman concession truck and some hot dog carts? There’s an interesting collection of vehicles and other… more»

Airstream Alternative: 1936 Pierce-Arrow Travelodge

At one point in its history, with sales of its expensive touring cars slowing, the Pierce-Arrow company began to manufacture the Travelodge Travel Trailer. Meant to be a home away from home, it was not the savior the company… more»

Fuzzy Dice? 1934 Pierce Arrow 845 Sedan

Those wide, fender mounted headlights have always set the Pierce Arrow apart. In some states, the headlights were too far apart and required a third headlight in the middle. Can you imagine cruising in this old sedan or showing up… more»

Stored For 49 Years! 1932 Pierce-Arrow V12 LeBaron Coupe

Who said the days of the real barn find are gone? Stored since 1968, this stunning 1932 Pierce-Arrow V12 Custom LeBaron Body Coupe has come a long way since 2016 when it emerged from a North Carolina garage. Check… more»

V12 Power: 1935 Pierce Arrow 1245

This grand old sedan was built near the end of the line for Pierce Arrow and one of less than 900 built that year. They were the only luxury car company that didn’t build a cheaper car during the… more»

Not Abandoned: 1924 Pierce Arrow DeLuxe

Pierce Arrow built intercity busses as well as tour busses like this one. This old bus listed on eBay in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, is said to be one of two of these busses left. It was part of a fleet… more»

Entry-Level Luxury: 1931 Pierce-Arrow Model 43

This big beauty will be one heck of a restoration project, you’ll need to bring your A-game for this one. The 1931 Pierce-Arrow Model 43 Sedan seen here is in Chandler, Oklahoma on eBay with a buy it now price… more»

Restored And Forgotten: 1926 Pierce Arrow 80

The Pierce Arrow has a unique appearance that makes it easily recognizable, even without the name on the radiator. This Pierce Arrow listed on eBay is likely another example of a car restored years ago and put away when the owner… more»

Stored 60 Years! 1929 Pierce Arrow Series 133

Even if this old car isn’t your favorite, I don’t think you can argue that it’s not classy! Hailed as one of the most original Pierce Arrows in existence today and one of only twelve 7-passenger 1929 Pierce’s known… more»