Two Owners In 81 Years: 1936 Mullins Red Cap

Back in the thirties, trailers like this Mullins Red Cap were very popular. They made the family sedan more functional when money was too tight for a truck. This particular trailer was one of the more popular offerings and is claimed to have only had two owners during its 81 year life. It was in storage for 30 of those and is ready to be restored now. It’s located in Ankeny, Iowa and is listed here on eBay.

If you don’t know much about these, you may be surprised to learn that they enjoy a major following. Books have been written about the Red Cap and there’s even an owner’s club. You may even be more surprised to hear how much these little haulers can go for. A nice restored one crossed the block at RM Auctions and sold for over $26k!

This one obviously isn’t worth that kind of money, but it might be worth restoring if the reserve is set at a reasonable amount. Everything appears to be here and there are even some extra parts included. This would make the perfect companion to your classic. It would look cool at car shows and could even be used to haul extra luggage on those long tours.

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  1. jdjonesdr

    Cute little thing, but my home made baby is a lot more useful.

    • grant

      Both of my baby’s were made at home. Well, one of them maybe at a local drive in, but that’s splitting hairs…. (rimshot)

      • MSG Bob

        …or heirs?

  2. John M.

    For an 80 plus year old trailer, it’s in darn good shape. Definitely a worthy candidate for a full restoration and it’ll look good getting towed by any restored vintage vehicle of one’s choice.

  3. Rock On

    Interesting. I’m more familiar with this Red Cap. My Dad used to drink it in the sixties!

  4. jw454

    I know of one these that has been sitting in the same spot since the early 1960’s. Surprisingly, it’s still in very good condition. The owner says it’s a great place to store stuff so it’s not for sale. I’ve no idea what is stored in it but, it seems to be doing the job… for more than fifty years.

  5. JW

    I would love this to haul lawn chairs / cooler and other stuff to weekend car shows BUT I’m sure his reserve is more than I’m willing to pay so I’ll have to pass regretfully.

  6. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Anyone know how that jack-stand/post operates? I see a spring inserted in the post in the ebay photo with the literature. Not sure whats going on there? Thanks, Mike.


      It’s pretty slick – the spring helps load it into a hole on the hitch, then compresses out, swings up and is cradled by a hook welded to the frame out of the way.

  7. Scotty Staff

    These are great trailers! I had a 1930s Mullins Sea Eagle ( inboard boat for decades and recently sold it, unfortunately. It was a soup-to-nuts company for sure, from boats to trailers to kitchen cabinets! I bet the reserve will be at least $3,000 for this great looking trailer. I wish I wouldn’t have overbought recently, I’d love to have this thing. Although, pulling it with a 1980s Japanese car probably would cause it to lose a bit of its elegance.. Nice find!

  8. Rodney

    More Bring A Trailer than Barn Finds…..

  9. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Actually three owners…..

  10. Rentalbarn

    In the era before light weight camping trailers these trailers held the tent, cots and the rest of the camping supplies. These were used to free up room in the car for the family. Up until the late 60’s we had a quite a few of similar small low covered trailers that were popular rental items.

  11. John Hess Member

    My Uncle had a Mullins back in the late 40’s early 50’s, had a 4 cyl. engine in it and the steel hull. VERY low free board, got totally soaked a few times. Way under powered also or maybe it was that the engine was shot. Unc was not mechanically proficient, didn’t take care of his cars either, the boat rusted thru in the bow and it was trashed

  12. Jason T

    Probably hard to breathe in that camper.

  13. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sold for $3,220.00. 22 bids.

  14. Mark Dempsky

    what are the locations of the black and red trailers that are for sale ? or a phone number for one or both . would want to see these items upfront . from the mid west and your from ? mark peace

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