Tastefully Modified! 1964 Ford Wagon

I freely admit I was partially sucked into this car by the stunning photography–there are over 250 photographs in the online ad here on eBay, and for once someone really knew what they were doing taking the pictures (Scotty G., were you moonlighting?). After looking the car over closely, though, apart from the little red ball on top of the antenna (!) I wouldn’t change a thing about this modified 1964 Ford Country Sedan! The wagon is located in Oakland, California. Bidding is just over $25,000 at this point and any reserve has been met.

The Country Sedan (Ford’s term for the Galaxie-based wagon) originally left the Los Angeles factory very well equipped, with a 390 V-8, automatic transmission, power seats, power windows, air conditioning and a swing-away steering wheel. However, someone has taken the original idea a few steps further by installing a hot-rodded 428-cubic-inch engine, a strong C6 transmission and quite a few other accessories. The Wimbledon White paint has been redone and a brown roof was added for some contrast. The American Racing TTO wheels are perfect for this application and the chrome shines beautifully!

Anyone know where this location is? Maybe the Pacific Coast Highway? 17-Mile Drive? Help us out, Golden Staters? As you can see, the paintwork is superb and the trim really sets off the rounded lines of this year Ford.

I suppose this picture was to highlight the “428” emblems, but I’m struck by just how clean this car looks. Thank you, Larry D. for sending in this beautiful car!

Surprisingly, not only is the interior almost immaculate, it’s original! Aside from some yellowing of the gauges, slight upholstery wear and a nicely patinaed steering wheel, it’s like new. How gorgeous!

The 428 engine was further enhanced with early cast Ford headers, Edelbrock aluminum heads, a performance camshaft and Mercury valve covers. Ok, that’s two things I’d change, give me some Thunderbird aluminum ones of those–I know, picky, picky. Front disc brakes have also been added so hopefully all that horsepower can be stopped as well! You now know I love this wagon–how about you, readers?


  1. misterlou Member

    Same seller:



    There’s some story about the seller being in charge of liquidating a collection. Too many cobwebs right now to remember the details. He always seems to head up to the East Bay Hills or Alameda NAS at magic hour to take his excellent pics.

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      I think Barn Finds has featured EVERY vehicle this
      seller has offered.Are you guys getting a kickback from
      this seller?

  2. Martini ST

    Those ’65-66 Mercury “Lightning Bolt” valve covers are highly coveted by FE enthusiasts, they’re not as out of place on this car as one might think. And the Thunderbird 428 fender badges are custom made items, that logo was already old hat by the time the 428 arrived in 1966.
    This is a nice wagon for sure.

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  3. mike

    I would love to own this beautiful 64 wagon.Would not change a thing.

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  4. Steve

    Bring back the wagon…but bring back regular American passenger cars first.

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    Is That Not Just Cool!!

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  6. John M.Stecz

    Beautiful car,and very tastefully done,wish it wasn’t 2500 mile away

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  7. chrlsful

    “…how about you…”
    like all the falcon-based stuff beddah. Just different is all (can put
    all the big car/truck stuff in them tho) chero, stang, sedan, coup, waggy, van, van/truck, 1st gen bronk, etc~

    • bone

      Wow… just wow

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  8. bone

    Wow… just wow

  9. DON

    This is a real beauty ! My only issue would have been ditching the 428 emblems , maybe they are just stuck on and not drilled , but I guess I could learn to live with them !

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  10. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Tom Cotter are you reading this?

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  11. Ed Smith Member

    I love it I wish it was parked in my garage . My mom had a 1964 Galaxy 289 auto white with tan interior that I drove in high school . I loved that car .

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  12. Solosolo Solosolo Member

    The little red ball on the radio aerial reminds me of the drive-in days back in what used to be Southern Rhodesia. After the first film was shown all the guys and gals would go off to the toilet and cafe and while they were away we would put an empty plastic orange drink container on to the aerial. Once the movie got going, and the lovers also got going, we would watch the plastic orange doing it’s thing and make crude jokes as to why it was jumping around so much. The good old days!

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  13. Haynes

    Wow… I love this car…oh man…nice…don’t know what I would change but as-is would give me enough time to figure it out…sweet!

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  14. Chuck Dickinson

    Perhaps that ‘red ball’ is actually orange. Union 76 stations would give them away to customers for their antennas, and they were seen quite often “back in the day”. They brought them back in the early 90s and I got several to put on the antennas of cars before I put a car cover on them. That way, the pointy end of the antenna wouldn’t poke a hole in the car cover. These were Buicks and Chevys which had collapsible antennas in the 50s and 60s.

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  15. scott mccardle

    RED BALL ? How about an “Orange” Union 76 gas-station promo

  16. Car Nut Tacoma

    Beautiful looking car. I’ve always loved the 1964 Ford Galaxie and Country sedan. Montana, that’s just two states from where I live, in Washington state. I hope whoever buys it, enjoys it.

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