Teeny Tiny Mini: 1974 Austin Mini Shorty

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A Mini mini? Shorty Mini? Short Stuff Mini Shorty? This one is a head-scratcher but it looks like a fun little car to drive around a car show if you can fit in it – or a pit car or maybe a campground car? Whatever the next owner will use it for, it’s listed here on Kijiji in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. They’re asking, I think, $10,600 which I’m assuming is in Canadian dollars which would be $7,930 in US dollars. Thanks to Peter R. for sending in this little tip!

It’s hard to tell how short this car really is and there is almost zero information in the listing. Here is the whole ad: “Selling a shorty mini body and paint finished last week these cars are a riot the car was purchased six months ago for 5600 and I have spent 5000 on it since doing body paint and customizing I don’t want to lose money so add up cost if it does not sell I will finish it”. This should be a Mark III Mini so it would have originally been 10-feet long, about the size of a Subaru 360! So, this car is even shorter than a Subaru 360. Wait, I have to grab a kleenex. Ok, I’m back. I love small cars! Although, again, at 6′-5″ tall this would end up on a velvet turntable in our living room.

I’m not quite sure what this red car with the Coke stripe on the side it is, another one that the seller fabricated maybe? It’s clearly in the same space as the yellow car is, or was. There is no mention of it in the listing but it looks done whereas the yellow car is still a work in progress. V6? I’m not sure what engine is in this red car or in the yellow car, is it the original 1,275 cc four? Again, there is no mention of much of anything in the listing. The wheels almost look like they’re wider in the front on the red car which is the opposite of the yellow car but it could be a trick of the camera? Speaking of cameras, it sure would have been nice if the seller would have made with the snappity-snap a few more times. Showing just two exterior photos, both of the same side, on a car that you’re asking a decent amount of money for may make for a hard sell. Would any of you need a mini Mini?

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  1. Nick M

    I helped produce a video on this seller’s collection years back. The red Mini is his pride and joy, and I suppose shows he knew what he was doing with the yellow one. Jeff’s a stand-up guy!


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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      Fantastic work, Nick! And, what a cool guy the creator of these cars is. Thanks for sharing!

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    • californiagovdeals.gmail.com

      Hey nick it is Jeff thanks for nice comment, I am back from California people sure loved the little mini down there. I am building the yellow one for one of the actors on storage wars. Anyway will be in T.O if you want to grab a coffee let me know we will take the mini for a cruise.

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  2. exartist

    Oh Canada. Yep, this looks like something straight out of Red Green’s tool shed, although this is neither handsome nor handy.

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  3. angliagt angliagtMember

    Sad to see – it’d be worth a lot more,if it weren’t shortened.

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  4. Derek

    A pizza restaurant here shortened a Clubman estate for local deliveries; meant that they could park it end-on in tiny spaces.

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    • Ryan

      Hey where are u from? I’d love to see pics of that short estate

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  5. Edward

    Looks to have 3′ or better taken out, but I’ve heard that one does not want to make any sudden turns, or the short wheelbase will have it spinning like a top, but I could have been misinformed. Original engine should have been a 998 cc, as the 1275 “S” came with a second tank on the RH side, plus, of course, disc brakes, but, as you said, shortage of pics. I pass.

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  6. Little_Cars Little Cars

    The red one seems far better executed and balanced. Perhaps the yellow one is just a bunch of leftover parts? Especially like the V6 emblem and side pipes on the red one. Still, shortening a Mini is like taking a double stuff Oreo and scraping all the filling out. What’s the point?

    Little Cars
    Nashville, TN

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