That ’70s Show Car! 1975 Camaro Time-Capsule!

After 40 years in one family, this incredibly well-preserved show-car in Aberdeen, Washington can be yours with the high bid here on eBay. It will take $8500 to kick off the auction, and most ’70s cars in that price range need significant labor and cash to become shiny, or powerful, or awesome, but this one qualifies as all three, and you can twist the key and drive this 34,000 mile time capsule… right onto your trailer.

Sure; you can complain about the 1975 bumpers but Shazam! Roll up to the local cruise-in driving this stunning Camaro and that guy in the Hellcat had might as well be driving a Lynx because everyone will be checking out this beauty. With flared fenders, custom stripes, side-pipes, drag-race stance, and a chrome roll-bar, this Chevy is like Viagra on wheels.

The ’70s interior, complete with 8-track stereo, looks just like you’d expect in a 34,000-mile vehicle… almost new! Hopefully, that multi-tone gray cloth interior doesn’t clash with your brown and yellow plaid sports coat, or your snappy forest-green corduroy suit.

Plenty of chrome and dress-up items decorate the 375 HP small-block. This Camaro became a show-car in 1978, so the high-powered engine may have even fewer than the odometer’s 34,000 miles on it. It’s hard to pin a price on a unique car such as this. Who would you describe as the ideal buyer for a garage-preserved 34,000-mile show car from the Disco Era?


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  1. IkeyHeyman

    “Pro built in 1978” – the photos look like they were taken in 1978 also. The ideal buyer should have several leisure suits and a Members Only jacket hanging in his closet.

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  2. Rick

    I’d daily it… just as soon as I find the missing lug nut….

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  3. Dave Mika Member

    Doesn’t seem to be an element in that air cleaner – but that’s ok, as they are known to cause fires if a backfire through the carb happens…

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    • Saab900Vert

      That actually happened to me in 1986. Had that air cleaner on a 79 Camaro and it saturated the foam element with gas. One backfire and she melted into the quadrajet 4 barrel.

  4. CapNemo

    This gives me Boogie Fever!

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  5. hhaleblian

    Looks like Jefferson’s Camaro after Spicoli’s fixed it with his dad’s “ultimate set of tv repairman tools”

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  6. Ian C

    I would love to have it. I don’t think I would want to “daily” it, but absolutely cruise it every nice day that I could.

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  7. brian crowe

    Disco Stu’s type of car. I would drive it as much as possible.

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  8. Karguy James

    Every car back in the 80’s needed flares and graphics if it was going to see the inside of a magazine. This one is surprisingly subdued compared to most.

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  9. Saylor

    Pretty awesome ride for an unwanted 74/77 Camaro.

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  10. Retired Stig

    I have to admit it, I still like sidepipe headers. There, I said it. But as no performance ’70s cars go, this one is rather ugly. The IROC big flair wheel wells and spoiler look is okay if done well. But in this case? No. Auto slush box? Ick.

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    • Ken

      Not a sidepipe fan. The previous owner of my first car, a ’71 Demon 340, liked them. The first thing I did when I got the car home was to drop them in favor of glaspacks.

  11. mark

    K.C. and the Sunshine Band playing in the background………….

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    • Barry Lamar

      Play that funky music white camero

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  12. TIm

    Sweet Jesus, that is UGLY! Yikes. Hometown of Kurt Cobain. His statue there? Also pretty hideous. Whomever buys this will stand out from the crowd, all right!

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  13. Del

    I agree with Tim. Its darn ugly.

    And nothing to do with Disco either.

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  14. Brian Scott

    Spoiler alert ->

    This car has some, ummm, ungainly spoilers.

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  15. JohnS

    I never saw rain in Aberdeen, Washington… hmmmm, that would mean this car wasn’t out most of the year.

    Not a big fan of the wheel flares and air dam… Doesn’t seem like they’re trying to hard to sell with those pictures.

  16. James Wellman

    I had a 76 Type LT. Wow does this bring back memories. That little back seat… I can remember getting laid back there so many times I dont think I can remember all the different girls…. lolol. This was a great car back then even though stock it was a little underpowered. My 350 had upgrades I did myself. I could get both back tires smoking so bad one time I remember I smashed out the headlights of another camaro that was caught behind me. Great price. Wish it was stock otherwise I would buy it now……

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  17. Tort Member

    They could have just bought a Firebird and they would have something similar without the work. No offense to anyone that likes this sort if thing but I wouldn’t drive it across the street on a dark night!

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  18. moosie Craig M Bryda

    Nice ride except for that cow catcher front spoiler.

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  19. KevinLee

    Hoo Boy! Where to start on this abomination? On second thought, forget it!

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  20. sluggo

    Growing up in the 1970s I can remember a lot of cars like this, and I too still love the sidepipes, they looked best on a Vette, But still……… There is a number of things on this i dont like, the paint, and the particular wheels, Those air cleaners were terrible, Hot rod or car craft did a dyno shoot out with air cleaners and that style was the worst of them all. However that said… This is a true time capsule and while Disco was big at the time, most Disco Dannys did not drive Camaros. What you WOULD hear is Doobie Brothers, Ted Nugent, AC/DC and the Most Camaro band of the late 70s was VAN F’n HALEN. Add in Boston, and Sabbath and you would have it about right. Still fondly recall cruising old 82nd avenue in Portland and the big suitcases full of 8 tracks any self respecting dude carried. Still got boxs of Cassettes but all my 8 tracks are gone. This was a treasured car by some old guy, note its an “ESTATE sale…” Beautiful house in the background.

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  21. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep it was the time – buddy had an earlier 1971 Camero dressed out like this with the big later L-88 style hood on it – maybe that was 1970-71 style ? Kept it long into the 80’s…this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but the style was hot back in the day….like chick magnet hot.

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  22. Troy s

    I can relate to the above comments, remember seeing so many like this as a kid of the seventies I thought it was regular. No Disco duck would have driven a hot car like this, especially with a hopped up motor. Long haired trouble makers yes, queened up Travolta wanna bees..nope.
    It’s pretty mild compared to most of the street freaks back then, which were way over the top, and yes, that is a stupid idea for an air cleaner.

  23. Pete

    For that era this car was actually nicely done. He didn’t jack up the rear end. Which was a thing back then. He didn’t have any curb feelers installed. No fuzzy dice. I don’t see big holes cut in the door panels for Jensen 6 x 9 triaxel speakers, or the rear deck. He went all out in 1978 on the braided flex hoses with Aviation quality fittings for all the plumbing. That was an expensive thing to do in 1978 and very rare to even see on a car. I think he chose that air cleaner because it was cool looking at the time. His other choices would have been a stock one or the large dish type. This one is low profile and you can see more of the engine. He not only built this thing to run and show, but to be durable as could be during the time period with what was available.

    I would have gone with Cragars or Keystone mags. Them high chrome deep dishes are just not right on this car. Actually this car looks awesome compared to the puke green 79 model my 1st wife bought 2 weeks before we got married that blew the rings out at 12,860 miles.

    I would change the rims and tone down the side strips to about half the thickness.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      There are fuzzy dice. That would be the easiest thing to fix on this thing.

  24. Des Ryan Member

    Not a time capsule I want to open.

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  25. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Todd, I got a chuckle out of the Hellcat reference. It’s true; if you want attention, here’s your chance.

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks, Bob_in_TN! I looked at a couple of these mid-’70s Camaros back in the day, but never owned one. It’s funny to think about a performance car with a three-speed non-overdrive automatic, but that was normal then.

  26. Davey Boy SL

    Have always been a fan of the 2nd gen camaro…Hence my latest creation.

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