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The Cat Likes It! 1966 Chevrolet Livestock Carrier


As a very recent convert to the “cats are at least OK, even if they aren’t dogs” part of society (thanks to a cute kitten named Trixie that my wife just had to have), the fact that the cat in the picture likes this truck enough to arch it’s back against it means it’s at least worth considering in my book. Perhaps that’s not a good enough reason for you? Ok, how about that it’s really cool looking! In any case, it’s located in Mount Angel, Oregon and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding is starting at only $1,000–but yes, there’s a reserve that hasn’t been met yet.


The seller tells us that the truck has been stored inside most of its life, and has only 60,860 miles. I’m sure it’s been repainted to be as glossy as it is, but at least it was in the original color. It was ordered new as just a cab and chassis; the livestock bed was added after purchase. The seller just finished taking second place with it in their local July 4th parade!


The bed is nearly new and was made in a similar fashion to an outdoor deck, with 1″ x 6″ planks. There is some minor surface rust courtesy of an old mouse nest on the center of the cab floor behind the seat, but that’s the only corrosion the seller has found.


The seller has just had the original seat repaired, and the interior looks quite nice, although obviously quite plain as you would expect for a truck of this type. That’s a four speed manual shifter you see sticking up out of the floor.


Under the hood looks about as you would expect for a work truck like this, sanitary and plain, not spotless but well taken care of. It’s a 292 cubic inch inline six, which as long as you don’t want to race anyone should be just fine. Recent work the seller has either done or had done includes new wheel cylinders, new rear bearings and seals, new master cylinder, and a fuel tank replacement (used). I’m guessing the mice got to it as well? Regardless, I see this as maybe a mobile performing stage with some slight modifications–or perhaps taking show animals from place to place. Either way, I see fun–and besides, the cat approves!


  1. Joe Nose

    Add a mirror ball and a sound system, cover everything living in layers of polyester, and take it out Saturday Night to boogie oogie woogie until you just can’t boogie nomore.

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  2. Dairymen

    I wouldn’t try to put livestock in there! They would try to jump out through the big holes, or slip on that way too smooth surface! Absolutely worthless for cattle!

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  3. Mike

    Well with it having 1×6 in the floor, most livestock would break through the floor, most trailers I have seen have 2 x 6 floor on them.
    Other than that it is a sharp looking old Chevy!!
    I think I would figure out how to close in the sides and make it into a camper, plenty of room to do just about what you would want to.

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  4. BradL

    The chain and spring suggest the left rear door is actually a ramp. Anyone into vintage dirt bikes?

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  5. Robert White

    There’s a good kitty, and a great Chevy.

    I almost bought a 66 with a 427 a couple of years ago, but it was all disassembled, and gas prices were through the roof, so I decided against it.


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  6. whippeteer

    They rebuilt the wood and the box to look pretty, not to be functional. 1×6 planks won’t hold up to reuse for livestock, and the sides are too open.

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  7. angliagt

    I’m guessing this was used as a parade truck,judging by
    the flags on the front,in the craigslist pictures.
    Did all of these Chevy work trucks come with that light-
    Gold interior?My ’60 Apache panel had the same color.

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    • BradL

      Per the ad, “I drove it in the St Paul Oregon 4th of July parade this week and it performed awesome, even got a second place ribbon in the old car class!”

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    • Chris

      Not all but many are fawn beige as this one is

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  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    I grew on a farming/livestock operation and I never saw a livestock body like that one. Ours were wooden rack extensions on top of the box sides (we hauled grain in them too). The floors were at least 2×6 tongue and groove and a heavy steel rail around the base to reinforce the stakes. If I ended up with something like this, the body would either be converted (closed in) to be used as a light hauler, or be substituted for a stake deck.

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  9. BradL

    Judging by the bolt holes in the gussets around the side openings, I’d suspect there were sturdy wood panels filling those originally. There’s also what appears to be a gusset on each side of the overhead carrier portion. I’m sure the brace was removed after a few too many headaches.

    Replacing the wood floor and building new side panels should be a fairly easy task for just about anyone.

    BTW, the horseshoe is upside down.

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    • C10teddy

      Yup, it looks like it had sides on it at one time and probably did haul horses by the way the front is set up. 1″ flooring will hold anything if the cross members are close enough together.

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  10. 68 custom

    finish the bed with chicken screen and use it to herd cats!
    nice truck but can’t really use it as a truck the way it is set up.
    dig the 292/4 speed!

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  11. Doug Towsley

    Im about 30 to 45 min from Mt Angel, (They have a LEGENDARY Octoberfest BTW)
    Sweet truck! I agree its currently useless for Cattle but agree it would great to use for a swap meet hauler or motorcycles in general. Everyone you know will call you to ask help when moving.
    HOLY COW! I have one of these and when I redo mine was debating about swapping out the stock bench seat for something modern and nice out of a late model wrecked truck. Thank God I saw this guys auctions,. Did not realize what the market was for the stock bench seats in these. The seller has a re-upholstered bench seat on there for $1500!!! Glad I didnt toss mine already!

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  12. Hitman

    Nice looking truck

    Here’s one I saw whilst on holiday.
    It’s a 1940’s Mack.

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    I could be wrong, and often am, but that box, looks to me like it has been converted from a U-Haul truck. Guessing 76 ish, or so. They were a 11 foot bed, with the over the cab part about 3 feet, making them a “14 footer” The rounded corners were state of the art for the time. Obviously the back door has had major changes, but the vertical struts along the bed are standard for having an aluminum skin on the outside.
    Being in rental service, the skins got damaged regularly, but easy to remove.
    As I said I could be wrong, but I worked for that company in those days, and it sure looks like that type box. They never used anything but Fords until the mid to late 80’s if I remember right, so that is why the box looks a bit out of proportion on this Chevrolet.

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