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“The Hoff’s” Ride: Pontiac Trans Am “KITT”

We’ve all seen them. Dozens and dozens (and more dozens) of tribute builds for cars made famous on both the big and small screen. I mean, there are times when I feel that Dodge did a secret production run of 1969 Chargers just to supply the “General Lee” clone industry. Some of these replicas have greater provenance than others, and this Pontiac Trans Am is a classic example. Those of us who are old enough remember a TV series from the early 1980s called “Knight Rider.” The series had two stars. The human star was David Hasselhoff, while his offsider was a pretty wild 3rd Generation Pontiac Trans Am called “KITT.” Several cars were used during the series’ production, but this one is a cut above the rest. This one actually belongs to David Hasselhoff, and it is being sold as he downsized his collection of memorabilia. There is one sticking point for our American readers: The car is located in the UK, so the buyer will need to arrange any shipping themselves. However, there is a bright side for true enthusiasts. If the final sale price is more than 25% above the reserve, “The Hoff” will deliver the car personally! If that sounds like a winning deal to you, then you will find KITT listed for sale here at Live Auctioneers. Bidding sits at a cool $50,000, but it isn’t clear whether the reserve has been met.

“KITT” stood for Knight Industries Two Thousand and was Michael Knight’s ride in the Knight Rider series. It was based on a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, and the first two ’82 Trans Ams to roll off the production line were sent to the studio for conversion to KITT. The series ran from 1982 through until 1986, and the company used a number of different cars throughout the production run. All were modified with the features that defined the original KITT. This included items like the black wheel covers and the red scanning light bar set into the hood. Not all of the cars used were 1982 models, but the studio disguised this fact. I have a feeling that this one might be an ’83 model, or possibly an ’84. Regardless of which, it presents extremely nicely. The Black paint shines beautifully while all of the correct features are in place. I believe that the car has been in a climate-controlled display environment at a museum, so there shouldn’t be any rust issues.

All I can say is that Michael Knight must have been able to multi-skill better than any person on the planet. That is some serious electronic wizardry, and it is quite typical of the sort of future depiction that you might have expected in 1982. KITT came armed with an impressive arsenal of equipment and weapons. The vehicle was equipped with artificial intelligence, which meant that Hasselhoff’s character could hold meaningful conversations with his car. Siri already freaks me out, so I’m not sure how I would deal with KITT. Also, we find olfactory sensors, a microwave jammer, induction coils, and plenty of other high-tech gizmos. Of course, there are also the old staples that no agent or hero should be without. We’re talking about flame throwers, oil jets, smoke screens, tear gas launchers, a grappling hook and winch, plus sundry other items. I’m not sure which button operates what, so it’s a good thing that KITT has self-driving capabilities to allow Knight the opportunity to deploy some of his systems. And you thought that autonomous cars were a new development!

It isn’t clear what drivetrain is fitted to KITT, which brings me to the question of whether this car is actually a 1982 model. Without a personal inspection, it would be impossible to tell, but the original center console might hold a clue. We can see the shift indicator, and it is for a 4-speed automatic transmission. The 1982 Trans Am was only available with a 3-speed THM200C automatic unit. The THM-700R4 unit didn’t appear until 1983. That means that this KITT is either a 1982 model with an upgrade or a later model. That is a question to ponder. The other question to consider is whether the car is in a roadworthy state. Nothing is mentioned in the listing, but I suspect that this car’s life will probably be spent in a museum. Still, it would be fun to turn up at your local Cars & Coffee in this beauty. It would sure grab some attention.

There’s the man in his rightful place. This may or may not be a car used in the original TV series, but even if it isn’t, buying a clone owned by the show’s star is a rare treat. Adding to the provenance is the fact that “The Hoff” has signed the dash. This is just visible in this shot and is a talking point in itself. Were you a fan of Knight Rider? If you were, would you be tempted to bid on this version of KITT in the hope that the great man himself delivered it?


  1. Chris

    Nice but not for me

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  2. Mrtinwoodie

    Bidding now at half million not including a 21% buyers premium. Other news articles have stated the car wasn’t even used in the show.
    Arse for every seat!

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    • Steve Clinton

      Proves the adage “Some people have more money than brains.”

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    • Superdessucke

      Cash is trash! Or so goes the new mantra. I’m sure a 1983 Trans Am from a cheesy TV show is a great way to invest your money.

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  3. Nate

    That may be the weakest auction website I’ve ever seen…

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  4. The Hoff Rules

    Okay , okay …i admit watching some of the knight rider episodes. I wont play Seinfeld here and deny it…😂


    Maybe you are a Hoff followers and need to own Kitt the Trans.

    It just might get you a middle aged bay watch babe 😉

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  5. Holstein66

    If the Hoff delivers the car, does that cool Knight Rider intro music play as he drives up???

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    • djjerme

      Seriously, if I won the auction, I’d want it delivered at dawn in the middle of a desert. I’d just stand there, and off in the distance I see a cloud of dust approaching as the theme song is building up somewhere…

      Otherwise, what’s the point.

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    • Strommer

      I heard the interior smells like cheeseburgers and scotch.

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  6. banjo

    I’ll only accept it if it backs out of the moving truck going down the road in front of my house!

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  7. Survivor69

    Bidding is at $475k right now.

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  8. Big Al

    Unbelievable,…more money than sense I’m thinkin ?!!:)

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  9. Pookie Jamie

    Was a huge fan of the series. Still have the ringtone on my phone. But at 500k I’m not that much of a fan. It would be cool to have this car, but I’ve no where to store it let alone I’d be afraid to drive it. If it came with Bonnie or April, then we can talk…. but for now I’ll dream while watching the series on dvd….

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  10. Steve Clinton


    Old David must be financially strapped.


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    • 19sixty5 Member

      Steve Clinton… did you see item #3? the 16″x19″ KITT photo autographed by David? $4250.00??? There are some bidders on hallucinogens apparently.

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    • Stan Marks

      Steve, he spent it on booze…..

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    • Cattoo Cattoo Member

      At five fifteen pm west coast time Monday the bid is ow! $700,000…

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  11. Randy

    The Hoff is going broke!

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    • Steve

      He is old AF, time to cash out all this “junk”. Smart guy.

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  12. Matt G

    What, no under-hood shots? Does it even say anywhere that it is a V8? Not that that would matter a whole lot for a car like this but still…

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  13. John L.

    By the way, this car is in the UK, so keep that in mind when bidding.

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    • Cattoo Cattoo Member

      There is a submersible feature I believe. Maybe I’m just misremembering an old Bond scene. Idk. But if there is with the logistics buyer could drive it home.

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  14. Stan Marks

    Hey guys, here’s one more in our price range. And it’s a convertible.


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  15. Shoeless Trucker

    There is a more affordable version available from same website
    Also autographed but probably won’t be delivered personally by the Hoff

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  16. aryj02

    Stupid expensive, but super cool. I was a huge fan as a kid, and it was an absolute thrill to get to sit in, and talk to KITT at Universal Studios. I had a lot of friends in high school with 80’s firebirds with the sweeping red light. Good stuff.

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  17. Brian Ashe

    If the car has been bid out of your range, consider this…

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    • PRA4SNW

      I don’t get what’s going on here. All of these items – KITT and this rubber replica of him – were up for auction a couple of years ago, a little bit after his drunken episode.

      Now, here they all are again.

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  18. Troy s

    The only movie or TV show car I’ve actually stood next to in person, way back in ’84 I think, was The Car. A black squished down Lincoln with big tires and ultra tinted windows. No mufflers either, remote control starter, and yes they got me good as I tried to look in the drivers window…”Vaarooom!”. Caught me completely off guard.
    As for Kitt here, my era of being a teen but I never got into it. For one, I don’t like cars that talk, or tell me the door is ajar, fasten seat belt, or other stuff. I had to check it out, just to see.

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    • Stan Marks

      Troy, you’re off by 7 years. “The Car” was released in ’77.
      I know because I worked on that movie. I worked at the studios during the 70’s.


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      • Stan Marks

        BTW…. “The Car” was a 1971 customized Lincoln Continental Mark III. In the movie, I drove “The Car” through a fabricated house, built on the back lot, at Universal Studios.


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      • Troy s

        Hey Stan, yeah that was an older movie for sure, I really liked it and it surprised me when there it was all in black at a small car venue in town years later. That thing gave me the creeps! By the way, what did it have, a 429 or 460? Thanks for the feedback! Cool you worked on stuff like that.

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      • Stan Marks


        automatic 3-speed gearbox. gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 7536 cm3 / 459.8 cui, advertised power: 272 kW / 365 hp / 370 PS ( SAE gross ), torque: 678 Nm / 500 lb-ft,

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      • CVPanther Member

        This is strange, Stan. I just saw that movie for the first time this past weekend. I loved it. Whatever engine sound they used was really badass.
        And a few days later I see it referenced in BF, with comments from the actual stunt driver who drove it through the house.
        Pretty cool!

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  19. William

    The only way I want him anywhere near me is if he brings along Pamela Anderson, magically transformed back to 22 years old in her tight fitting red suit. Of course all I could do with her at my age, is just hold her hand and look into those big pretty eyes, but that would be enough. The car? What ever. Now, if I could get my hands on an original Vanishing Point Challenger, now we might be in business! Maybe Barry Newman could get released from the nursing home to deliver it to me! (wonder if his walker would fit in the back seat?) Maybe I should buy a Powerball after all!!!!!

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  20. Jcs

    I’ve got nothing other than the obligatory “Very cool.”

    Would love to add this one to my collection.

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  21. Stan Marks

    Hey CVPanther. That was me, who drove it. Check my previous posts.

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    • Stan Marks

      BTW…. The engine sound, you heard, was dubbed in.

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  22. JoeNYWF64

    Can you legally drive a street car with that steering “wheel”?
    I would even be hesitant to drive the new vette with its squarish steering “wheel”.
    I bet the latter in the vette would not be legal in the heavily regulated ’70s.

    I thought Dave was well off financially.
    Surely 1 can build 1 of these maybe for less than 50 grand.

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