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The Johnson Collection Auction


Gregg “Bud” Johnson had a true passion for automobiles and he also had a little bit of everything in his collection. Bud was the owner of the local A&W Root Beer in his home town and used his success to fund his passion. Over the years he acquired an impressive number of cars, scooters, and motorcycles, but his family has decided it’s now time to let them all go. The whole collection is set to be auctioned off on June 29th in Austin, Minnesota by VanDerBrink Auctions.


One of Bud’s personal favorites was his 1906 Cadillac Model M Roadster, which he raced in the New London to New Brighton Rally and often drove in the local parade. Bud had it restored many years ago, but it still runs and drives. Most of the cars in this collection are drivers, but some of have been sitting for many years and will need to be gone over.


The collection was spread throughout several buildings, including a barn or two and what appears to be a show room. Saying Bud owned a little bit of everything could be an understatement. He had everything from Model Ts to an Amphicar to a number of Cushmans.


The crown jewel of Bud’s collection has to be this 1957 Corvette Fuelie. This rare Corvette is in excellent condition and is believed to be mostly original. While he focused primarily on American cars, he had a few foreigners in the group, including several Volvos and Mercedes.


Bud obviously had an interest in sports cars, with examples from nearly every era. There probably aren’t many other collections out there where a Ford Model T Speedster shares a stable with a 1987 Corvette and a 1988 Mercedes 300 CE. This auction should prove to be a fun event, even if it’s just to see the wide mixture of offerings. Anyone here planning on attending?


  1. JP

    Holy cow, what a collection! I WANT that ’64 Malibu!

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  2. braktrcr

    The newer Fords and the Mercedes don’t appeal to me much, but the rest would be very nice to have around. I like em all

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  3. Kman

    The Olds’ model M, the Speedster, the Vette.

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  4. Kman

    Oh, yeah, and the Catalina convet.

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  5. Thomas Bean

    So glad Barnfinds reviewed this auction site from my neck of the woods. That’s a fuel injected 57 corvette convertible? For a small auctioneer in Lake Woebegone, I think VanDerBrink has brought a wonderful resource for those looking for a few decent deals on collectible cars. Hope everyone has figured out how to review the other past auctions (30) showing the car, photo, and brief description? You do have to figure out the site to do that and it’s a little tricky and counterintuitive. Later, I’ll repost a checklist so you all can follow a protocol and see what kind of cars and prices are coming to this out of the way, small upper Midwest auction market.
    No, I’m not affiliated wither the auctioneer or the sellers…just a dreamer.

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  6. Dolphin Member

    Looks like some worthwhile cars on auction. The upside could be not so many high rollers as at Monterey or Scottsdale. The downside is that the presentation on the auction site is not user friendly and doesn’t provide much information. On second thought, that may be an upside for someone who knows what he wants and is willing to travel to the site for a PPI.

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    • Thomas Bean

      Exactly Dolphin. Most big money buyers would be freaked over the lack of info: after all Yvette is a small town midwest auctioneer from Hardwick, Minnesota, not “totally dedicated” to what used collector car buyers want and need to see (detail, numbers matching, photos of undercarriage, etc).

      The fact that far more circumspect buyers “don’t know” about this site (we are off the map in South Dakota and Southern Minnesota), and would also be “shocked at the lack of detail” may work in your favor. Not to criticize Yvette (I know she probabely has never gotten legitimate feedback from car guys). Constructive criticism with diplomacy may be in order?

      As a good will jesture for the denizens of Barnfinds.com…here’s my protocol for easier website use to find 30 auction results (picture, description, price realized at auction).
      1) Go to site at http://vanderbrinkauctions.com/
      2) On right hand side, notice “UPCOMING AUCTIONS” and gaze down on right to a green box “CLICK HERE FOR ALL LISTINGS” Click this box and wait for a slow load time.
      3) You’ll see Four auctions with 5 green boxes below each listing….click on the far right green box with yellow letters saying “ONLINE AUCTION”.
      4) 3 auctions are listed and to the right of each is larger Blue lettering telling you how many days and hours until the auction: “6 Days 8 Hours” for each auction coming up. Don’t click yet. Gaze down and to the left (yes left) of this list to see a grey bar with darker grey lettering “Show archived events”. CLICK ON THAT and wait for load time.
      5) You’ll see 30 past auctions with a grey bar on right saying “VIEW AUCTION RESULTS” Click there to see what sold and for how much with the photo and description.
      THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE: a list of all past auctions showing “price realized” with photos and brief description of car. Now you have 30 past auctions with prices from some small town in the middle of the plains states far from any city (Minneapolis/St. Paul…Omaha…Kansas City…Denver…LA).

      Note: Most go to the front page of this site, and in the first left hand column they click on “Auction Highlights/Results”…….which….doesn’t get you what you want to see (photo, price at auction, and description).
      Cheers…..a new auction has recently been listed for Sept in Pierce, Nebraska…a Chevy dealer who kept a fleet of tradeins going back to the 1940’s.

      If anyone needs feet on the ground with camera….let me know…I’m from Sioux Falls, SD, and might be of service to one needing better info or photos.

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      • Trickie Dickie Member

        Thomas Bean…..Thanks so much for all this auction information !! You have done all of us a great service. So much appreciated !!

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  7. Dave Danielson

    I would love to have the 1906 Cadillac!

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  8. Trickie Dickie Member

    Minor Correction…….Regarding the 1906 Cadillac run in England…..Its called The London to Brighton run, not New London and New Brighton and its NOT a race, just a drive. Its done usually in early November and usually in bad weather, cold and rainy. I know, I have done it twice! Its limited to “brass” cars made before 1916. Great fun, full of stout British Resolve

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  9. Art

    @ Trickie Dickie Sorry but the New London to New Brighton run is in Minnesota.
    Click on the link and you will see the “Brass” cars enjoying the sunshine.

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    • Trickie Dickie Member

      Art , Thanks for the correction. I had never heard of that run!!. I WAS wondering why that Cad had been shipped all the way to London. Another good learning experience,

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    • Thomas Bean

      Art….if you like brass cars…there was a Brass Car Auction at this site. Sure…it’s a bit of trick finding auction results with photo, description, and price realized at auction…….but, I can help. If you’ll gaze upward to myrather lengthy response to Dolphin two posts above you’ll find a treasure trove of info.

      Follow that protocol until you get the long (30) list of past auctions…and find that on Sept 15, 2012, in Spearfish, South Dakota, there was a “Rare Brass vehicle” auction featuring: 1913 Harley ($25,500), 1904 Ford Model AC Rear entry Tonneau (sold $103,000)…1909 International High-wheeler Wagon ($46,000)…etc.

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  10. Chad

    I’ll take the ’59 Pontiac…….

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  11. Rene

    I would attend for sure, if it wasn’t for the fact, that I’m on the other side of the atlantic ocean.

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  12. Richard L Gugenberger

    I want the 57 Buick wagon !!!

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    • Thomas Bean

      You might want to use my protocol above to access the hidden results archive showing The Saturday, July 30, 2011 “Studebakers, Packards, Auction”.

      There were some hawks and a Stude Daytona convertible seling for 13,000$

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