The One To Buy: 1977 Alfa Spider

If you are an Alfa Spider fan, there are plenty of cars to choose from, mainly due to the long production period (1966-94) and popularity (~124,000 produced) of the 105/115 series. I’m not saying that the 1977 model is the best spec; far from it. However, you won’t find many Spiders that have been as coddled as this one has been! It’s listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding is up to $10,100 as I write but has not yet met the reserve. The car is being sold by a dealership in Ramsey, New Jersey despite wearing Pennsylvania plates.

There were 4,183 Spiders produced for the 1977 model year, and I’d hazard a guess that there are less than 20 left that look nicer than this one. I expected to see rusty panel edges, torn rubber, a tatty top, and missing trim, but even up close in the pictures, this car holds up under scrutiny. I don’t even particularly like the yellow color or the Campagnolo “Campanatura 38” wheels, but on this car, they are truly spectacular!

The fabric top looks brand new as well, with no creases in the rear window and a boot cover included with the sale.

Spider dashes make you well-aware of the marque’s racing heritage and this one is no exception. Even the seat upholstery looks brand new, as do the carpets. I could even get used to the unusual shifter angle.

This survivor car even still has the Spica fuel injection that has normally been replaced by carburetors by now. While there is a little bit of use evident under the hood, it’s still the nicest older Spider I remember seeing by a long shot. The twin-cam Alfa four-cylinder was rated at only 110 horsepower for the US market, which led to what is now a slow 0-60 time of 10.1 seconds — but that’s not why you own an Alfa Spider, is it? The fun lies in rowing through that 5-speed gearbox and feeling the wind in your hair (assuming you have some; mine is leaving me quickly!), hopefully with a significant other beside you. And I can’t think of a much better vehicle for that purpose, can you?


  1. sluggo

    Yes the 1977 is a great year for the Spider. I’m guessing it should go for about 18 to 20K. I’ve been in the market for one for about a year now with a budget of about 12k so I’m looking at early 80s model. Not much different than this one just Bosh FI. and some minor changes. This is one of the nicer ones I’ve seen! Great color too! Just a little out of my price range.

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  2. Quidditas

    I had identical mags on my 2.0L Alfetta GTV, worth a packet today.

    $20K a steal, a left hooker this good in Europe goes for quite a bit more.

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  3. Nolan Brandsma

    Even if it had the euro bumpers, it’s still IMO, an ugly car with an even uglier snot colour

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  4. smtguy

    Wow Mr. Brandsma. It would be interesting to understand what you consider beautiful… a minivan inspired SUV perhaps?

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Now now boys……….myself I prefer a darker color in these but hey.some people like chocolate ice cream some people vanilla……..

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      • Claudio

        A 2 seater stick shift drop top with a beautiful flashy color !
        I have always loved the look of these cars but i wouldn’t want one cause of the picky italian issues and the lack of power
        But , they are pleasant to look at

  5. Mark Member

    As the previous owner and the current owner of a 1971 1750 Spider, I would remark that there are probably more spiders of this vintage with the SPICA than the carbs. This is an unscientific sampling of course. Properly tuned, the SPICA is wonderful as you go through the revs. Also, every year is a good year, the earlier Spiders are more tossable and have more ponies but there is nothing like a good drive with top down in any year. Good luck to both!

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  6. Moe Moe Member

    Same Car But Red/Black Interior.
    9th Grade circa 1982. Junior high
    Football Coach had hots for Miss Cortez.
    Football team picked it up and put it on 50 yd line.
    No tire tracks just Cleat Marks. Still LMAO

  7. Moe Moe Member

    Same Car but Red.
    Football Coach had the Hots for Ms Cortez.
    9th grade circ 1982.
    Football team picked it up outa parking lot and put it by Goal post.
    Still Lol when I see 1.

  8. Moe Moe Member

    Goal post not the 50.
    Tried to change it doubled up.
    My bad

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