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The Texas Ranger: 1969 Ford Ranger Pickup


We’ve seen quite a few of this vintage Ford trucks show up on Barn Finds recently. Jamie wrote up a similar truck just the other day; that one was a fairly well used Explorer model wearing a fairly unattractive gold color. Thanks go out to reader Harlan B for letting us know about this good looking old Ford truck for sale here on craigslist in Austin, Texas. It’s a Ranger version with chrome bumpers and trim and looks exceptionally clean for its age.


I’ve noticed that quite a few car and truck ads on Craigslist in Texas seem to be fairly short on description. Maybe these sellers all believe that pictures tell a thousand words, or maybe there is just something laconic about Texans that extends to their ad descriptions on craigslist.


Anyway, this seller actually says that “pictures tell the story” of his 1969 Ford F100 Ranger truck. He does write that the truck is “all original and has not been modified in any way – clean inside and out.” And while the pictures are decent, you will still need to inspect this truck in person. Is that paint really original? And how about the interior? How many miles are on this truck, and how does it feel going down the road? How did this truck survive in such good condition? Pictures really only tell part of the story, it seems to me.


This Texas Ranger is equipped with a 360 cubic inch V8, along with a side toolbox, and according to the owner, it still has its original Aztec blue paint job. It’s quite unusual for a truck of this vintage to have has factory installed A/C, but the seller says it is so equipped.  It also features power steering and an automatic transmission.


This very nice looking truck is currently its owner’s daily driver, which he says he is selling only to help finance remodeling his house. If the paint is truly original, I’d sure like to know how the bed has remained this clean after so many years of use.


The $9,500 asking price is said to be firm. If this truck checks out, it will be worth that asking price, at least in my opinion. You just do not see 47 year old pick up trucks this clean and rust-free all that often. The 360 engine gives it some grunt too; even with only a two barrel carburetor, it produced 215 horsepower when new. And since it is equipped with air conditioning, power steering and an automatic transmission, I can see this as a really fun daily driver (except where I live, where it would only be driven on nice days in the summer).


The interior is amazingly clean.


Maybe one of our readers can say whether that air conditioning is really factory, or an aftermarket unit, as I suspect.


Ford did make over 315,000 F100’s in 1969, but the years have taken their toll on most of them. This is definitely a truck I would love to own, if only I had a place to garage it and some loose cash in my pocket. Will one of our readers take this Ranger off the Texas range and bring it home? Could one of our Texas based readers go take a look at this truck and let us know what you think of it after a full inspection?


  1. Scotty G Staff

    What a beauty! That’s pretty much thee exact truck that my parents bought new in 1969, other than ours was orange and it was an F-250. The toolbox was great for a jack and tools. (tools in a toolbox, what a concept!)

    That does look like the same factory AC unit that our truck had, I think (?). I distinctly remember the little cooling fin tower thing. The interior portion is definitely factory original, it’s just like ours was, complete with that mini extra glove box on the bottom because the factory AC took up most of the regular glove box space. Our AC dripped on our feet constantly but it was quite a luxury to have AC in a pickup in 1969. Nice find!

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Scotty, that little “cooling tower” thing, I believe, is a power steering cooler. Wiki claims 1968 was the 1st year for the “SelectAire” factory option. I had a truck like this too, only a F-250, 390, 3 speed on the column. It was a very nice truck, aside from it’s huge appetite for fuel. These, at one time, were so common, but they all got crushed after years of service. It’s odd to see one like this today.

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      • Scotty G Staff

        You’re probably correct, Howard. I was in my late-teens when they sold ours and I haven’t really seen one since then, until now. We got 8 mpg with the camper on the back and the AC on, whew.

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  2. Pappy

    I do not believe the A/C units were available from the factory, but were dealer add-on. Either way, likely had this unit installed since new. Seat appears to be redone and not in the original-type material. Overall, looks like a nice truck.

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  3. Yosemite Sam

    I like the gold one better, its kind of like Chevy’s butternut yellow some people love it some hate it. The gold one had a better description and better documentation as far as originality goes. I would need a little more info before taking the horse and buggy to Texas. I smell something funny on this one just my two cents.

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  4. Shawn Lalonde

    The ac is original. Very rare to have ac, automatic, and power steering together, at least in terms of survivors in this condition. Worth $10,000.

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  5. JW

    The A/C looks original to me, at least the compressor and lines as we have the same setup on our 70 Mach1. I wouldn’t care if the paint was original for a daily driver since the rest of the truck looks great. Yes it’s worth his asking price IMO, you sure don’t see these trucks in this shape here in Kansas City area. Great Find !!!

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  6. Fred

    It’s factory (or dealer installed) air. Here’s the page from the brochure.

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  7. Rocco

    Very nice!

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