Hot Rod Potential? 1937 Ford Tudor Sedan

Ford’s sales literature called the 1937 Ford “The Universal Car,” and its design certainly stands the test of time. This 1937 Ford Tudor Sedan in Redmond, Washington needs extensive work in the left rear, but this classy classic deserves to be put right. The listing here on craigslist asks $5,500 to make it yours. While a Ford flathead V8 rests in the engine compartment, the radiator has apparently been modified for a small-block Chevy V8, and other modifications may be present as well. It comes with parts not shown, including some needed to fix a damaged left rear. The single wiper denotes a base model. If you wanted fancy things like two wipers, two tail lights, two horns, and more, you had to pony up for a De Luxe model. Thanks to reader Ken for spotting this barn-found Ford.

The standard non-De Luxe Ford received a 60 HP V8, a more economical choice compared to the 85 HP De Luxe V8. Following Henry Ford’s personal preference, all Fords used mechanical brakes, the “Easy-Action Safety Brakes,” until model year 1939. This car’s listing makes no mention of running condition, so assume it’s frozen and non-operational.

Here’s where things get interesting. The sale includes panels to repair the left rear quarter and a left rear fender. Clever or inattentive photography seems to have avoided capturing the full extent of said damage, but potential buyers should prepare for the worst. Personally, I like to show and describe the worst parts of a car up front, but folks have different styles when it comes to these things. Correct use of the phrases “left” and “right” suggest a seller with automotive knowledge.

The original-looking interior appears to have avoided hot-rodding but certainly not the ravages of time. I’m no forensic expert, but it looks like moisture invaded this Ford. The 1937 Ford Tudor makes a fine hot-rod, and they look great stock too. Let’s hope someone dives into this project with talent, money, and zeal. Fix that steel and gets this little Ford back on the road! Fast forward two years. How do you picture this ’37 Ford then?


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  1. FastEddie/OldEddie: pick one

    I know, I’m going to hate myself in the morning, but the word “right” is not anywhere present in the Craigslist ad. All this social isolation is getting to me.

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Fast/Old Eddie. You are 100% correct! I actually thought about it later when I was away from the computer and wondered if anyone would notice this. Does the correct identification of a vehicle’s “Left” imply the author also correctly grasps “Right?” Strictly speaking, no. You win the “Sharp eye for the Meaningless Gaff” Award, which I gladly confer wrapped in an apology, all in the name of humor. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the (hopefully accurate) piece!

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      • Slantasaurus

        “Right” is just the other left.

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      • Chuck

        Somebody has way too much time on his hands to not pick the fact “right” was not in the ad. Who cares?🤔

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Rare art deco design in something that’s not a rust bucket. Little bit more time available and this is something I could get interested in. Would love to see the result of this sale.

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  3. FastEddie/OldEddie: pick one

    Todd, the first thing I do in the morning is to look to see if the Barn Finds have arrived in my inbox. I enjoy it emmensely, bought the 1977 Avanti a few months ago because of the writeup (thank you), which is sitting in the seller’s garage until the border opens, I like the writeups, send in the odd correction (Chuck, on the ” too much time on his hands” thing, I did mention “social isolation”, right?) and love the diversion from the events of the day.

    Chuck, in the next few weeks, you may be called on for further comment. Fair warning. ;>))

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Hello Eddie: The Avanti sounds like a real success story. It’s always great to hear personal connections related to cars we cover. Our comments often deliver a wealth of details to supplement the original write-up, and that’s what makes the community so special. Thanks again!

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  4. Bob McK Member

    This car would have brought big bucks 20 years ago, but unfortunately it’s time has passed for the majority of living collectors. Personally I love it and would love to own a nice restored one. But this one will take that “special” buyer. I hope he makes her as beautiful as she can be.

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  5. Bellingham Fred

    No wonder both front fenders are dented, you can’t see for $&!# out of that windshield.

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  6. MICK George.

    hi my name is Mick George and i am born and bread in Australia with Ford Blue brother Danny has nearly finished an imported 1937 Standard Ford Coupe with the BOOT, TRUNK was LHD Now its the Right way round. the 60 hp engine has gone as is the gearbox and Flintstone brakes. it now runs a 8ba sidevale V8 mated to a Mustang 5 speed T5 BOX, Still has the I Beam axle fitted with disc’s .still runs factory diff but with leaf springs each side. body is stock with the original paint with real patina and to keep the car stock looking runs the stock but widened will live on in the family forever .FORDS RULE .

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  7. TimM

    This would make one great hot rod!! Sorry to say but it’s prime for a modern V-8 a four speed and disc breaks!!!

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  8. MICK George.

    TO MANY OLD FORDS have gone that way this 37 my brother got was as stock as you could get no repaint from new so to keep it that way just making it stop was first to do.8ba sidevalve [ or last sidevale v8 made to you 239 ci was easy to do with T5 box better ratio diff radial tyres and bucket seats. looks like an untouched car ,runs better, stops great and that patina will never see clear coat or rain. it is a Hot Rod or a Retro Rod built to enjoy. petrol in Australia costs as much a liter [ nearly] as you yanks pay for a gallon.built to enjoy.

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