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This Is One Stellar Galaxie: 1962 Ford Sedan


Due to a recent flaw in the space-time continuum, Barn Finds is able to bring you this heavenly 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 sedan. That’s all we can think of that would explain why this car is in such out-of-this-world condition. It’s not the typical grandma cruiser that has made it’s way through time, with the standard light green color and a 6 cylinder engine. This one has shiny paint that looks as deep and black as…well, outer space.


Last week I wrote a post about a sixties sedan that I thought would make a good taxi or police car replica, but thankfully, that’s not a decision I would have to make with this one. The most important thing that needs to be done to it is to not change a thing. There is no reason to upset the cosmos.


Take the fam and go get some ice cream, or do some intergalactic cruising under the stars at night, it appears to be all win here. It’s not just a fabulous black body, it’s a binary star with an equally attractive black and red interior, with white accent. If this doesn’t get you enthused about 1960s-vintage cars, your space helmet has probably come loose and you’re not getting enough oxygen.


In the past, I’ve done a more than a fair amount of complaining about the quality of sellers’ photos. But not this time. These are so sharp, they may have been taken with the Hubble telescope.


Dramatic yet inviting, is how I would describe this interior, and for sure even the most die hard non-car fan would never forget seeing it and riding in it. This is a perfect example of exactly what they don’t make in today’s cars, and it’s why this one is so cool. The Russians may have beat us into space with Sputnik, but we don’t spend much time talking about their cars a half-century later.


Above is a shot of Mission Control. Did Neil Armstrong or Michael Collins have a panel like this to look at as they headed toward to Moon? I don’t think so. But back in the day, you could buy this “lively one” at your local Ford dealer for around three grand or less.


Here’s a look under the bonnet at the liquid fueled 352 cubic inch V8 engine. This is pretty to look at in such nobly preserved condition, and it’s existential proof that things are still ok here on the big blue marble.


Take a look inside the trunk. Although it’s nearly as big as the Sea of Tranquility, it’s no dusty, cratered, pock-marked moonscape, it’s clean and tidy. That spare tire probably last saw pavement sometime during the Kennedy administration


This fine Ford can be found in central Missouri, in the town of Ashland. It appears here on craigslist, and the asking price for this beautifully finished car seems very down to Earth at $6,200. Where in the entire Universe would you find a better one? Now it’s time to get your head out of the clouds, so to speak, and think about what you’re going to say in the comments below.


  1. Bingo

    As a child I was hit by one of these while riding my bike. It was a hit and run and I’ll never forget those tail lights driving off into the midday sun. It was white. I broke both my arms and my schwinn was messed up bad. I got a new redline proline out of the deal from mom and dad and also, got great grades that quarter in school as I had a school helper lady take my tests for me because I couldn’t write. She new all the answers!!!

    I want one of these cars! 4 doors is ok with me.

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  2. Jeff K.

    WOW I’m impressed!! this car is in almost stunning condition!! I love this color combination too!! Black or silver exterior with red interior is always an eye popper for me!!

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  3. Joe Haska

    If it only had a couple less doors or a top that folded, 6K would be unbelievable. Of course body style makes the difference!

  4. L.M.K. Member

    It’s extremely attractive……

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  5. Fred W.

    I wouldn’t mind having this one, extra doors and all. Beautifully maintained.

  6. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    Holy cow, what a gorgeous car! Terrific find and a great write up, too (#1 space program fan here!)

  7. erikj

    I never thought I could get myself to like a 4 door,and a big ford,but this one is fantastic.I,M a true muscual car guy and I love all the 60 s-70 s. All of what I like and used to get for cheap are so rough and not affordable nice or rough. This ford really got the love out of me though. If it was closer it would be at home with me.Its so niceand inviting. love the black with red int. and a very fair price. a nice 4 door like this is really starting to get up there in price. Its like wagons they are very popular now ,how would have thought. I recently had a 70 chev kingswood estateperfect int.,nice body very bad paint got it at action for $275 wound up running and driving nice. Sold it first day for sale for 2200. Than I also got a 71 ford countrysquire in similar shape except iit had a 429 and the fake wood panels. Paid $150 craigslist,sold it week later to a muscal car dealer for $2500, He lowered the front,tinted the windows and stuffed nice,big wheels on it. that’s all he did and one his lot the price was $7500 It was gone in a week.If you come across something like this very clean 4-door or a wagon if its cheap buy it.

  8. RicK

    Pretty car, really like the optional bumper guards, don’t see them very often, even back in the day. Trouble is, old Fords of this vintage handle and stop like similar vintage Ford trucks, especially when compared to the cars Ford built just a few short years later. Now if this one had 2 fewer doors and was equipped with the top of the line 405 hp 406 w/ tri-power and 4 speed, I could overlook the handling and braking shortcomings . . .

  9. Boss351

    Beautiful car! You gotta love those tail lights. Just need to convince myself why I would need a non a/c car in Georgia.

  10. JW

    She’s a beauty !!!

  11. Warren

    I swear that several years ago there was a Hemmings Classic Car article on the big Fords of the 60’s that had this car or one just like it that was owned by an elderly gentleman who bought it new.

    • Warren

      Not the same, but super close. Hemmings Classic Car, March 2006.

  12. brakeservo

    I learned to drive in the station wagon version of this car . . . well almost learned to drive – what a hideous, bulbous whale, numb steering, dead feeling brakes. As much as I loved cars and couldn’t wait to get my license, it was that big ol’ terrible Ford that could have stopped me. Fortunately within a few weeks my folks bought a new VW that was so much more fun to drive, and then I built an entire “Bugeye” Sprite out of a pile of cast-off H Production race car parts and really got imprinted on sports cars from that time forward. I still loathe big lumbering Detroit iron and whenever I see a huge 4×4 pickup parked to take up two spaces I just want to scream – if you can’t properly park it, don’t drive it at all! Some cars are just too big to be excusable – and this Ford is one of ’em!

    • z28th1s

      Sounds like someone needs to search for the Prius ‘Barn Finds’ website!

    • G.P. Member

      Nothing good to say about that comment, NOTHING.

  13. Chebby

    Love it! Considering it’s a Ford, it looks a lot like my old 62 Impala. That is a lot of cool car for $6k.

  14. Bruce

    I have a 62 500XL Convertible. Black with red interior. Love the early Galaxies.

  15. Eddie

    Beautiful Car Would Love To Own It !!!!

  16. Paul

    I only have one comment, very well written. The goose bumps were at their best…

  17. Gsuffa BillW` Member

    Yes. What a great write-up. Stellar Galaxie, I get it now.

  18. David Montanbeau

    Drop a SOHC and ride!!

  19. Gman

    Well another beautiful ride that would make a nice everyday driver. What a car ilove and i dont even like Ford’s

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