Three Amigos! Dodge Power Wagon Trio

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Here’s a rugged trio of vintage Dodge Power Wagon trucks. The original Dodge Power Wagon was an incredibly durable early 4×4 workhorse of a truck. And they just look so incredibly cool! This is a group of two 1957 models and one 1962 to be sold as one lot with absolutely no separation. You will need to take all three trucks together. These Power Wagons are listed here on eBay and the listing says they are located in Carrollton, Ohio. The current price is at $4425 with 23 bids but there is a reserve and that reserve has not yet been met.

The listing says that the trucks are mostly complete with engines, drivetrains, and cabs in place but no truck beds. One of the trucks shows a flatbed attached, so it’s unclear if that bed goes with the truck – I’d guess that it probably does. There are no photos of the engines or mechanicals and there’s no indication if any of the trucks are currently in running condition. It looks to me as though they are likely not running and they all look like projects. One of the 1957’s is said to have an aftermarket snow plow attachment and the 1962 model has a factory winch.

These trucks each look like considerable projects. If this photo of one of the interiors is any indication, it looks like there’s going to be quite a bit of rust and corrosion to deal with. Plus you’re going to have to figure out how to retrieve or ship all three trucks to your shop. Also, the only truck with a title is one of the 1957 models.

With a deal like this, I suppose you could possibly select one of the trucks as your project and then sell the other two separately or as parts. The Power Wagon truck market seems to have been pretty strong lately. It’s going to depend on the final price for this package deal to see if any of this makes any sense. So to the Power Wagon people out there, what do you think of this deal? Are any of these trucks worthy of a project? Let us know what you think.

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    Power Wagons are always impressive but the big problem is by the time they get put up for sale they are pretty well used up. I can see with all of these that there will be some high expenses just to get the bodies in shape. If the frames are OK then the drivelines are a relatively easy fix (I didn’t say cheap). The one body looks like the pieces are held together by what’s left of the paint. Too far away for me, and, I might add, probably lucky for me too.

    Hmmm, I was going to show a pic of three restored ones together but the feature seems to be disabled…

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  2. Lance Nord

    With restomod Powerwagons selling for $70K to almost $300K, there may be some room to make some money if the reserve isn’t too high (sell two to finance the restoration of one).

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    If I were to restomod one of these, for an engine I would use a Cummins turbo diesel and transmission from a newer Dodge.
    Cool ole trucks. Good luck to new owner

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  4. Karl

    I am about halfway done with a frame off resto it will be 100 percent original but much better with all frame etc. Powder coated, all stainless steel brake and fuel lines, winch rebuilt with all new gears rebuilt PTO, trans and transfer case. I will drive it for a year then sell it, I will expect 85k for the truck!

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  5. Jimmy

    I see these and all I can think of doing with them is what Stacy David on “GEARZ” did to his. Neat old trucks.

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      I was quite impressed with Sgt. Rock myself. Stacy did a good job on that, as well as the other projects he did. He is good with the details. Myself, I tend to question his choice of axles. I think he could’ve grabbed a pair of Dana 70s and gotten something a little more conducive to a regular driver.

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  6. BTG88

    Maybe Legacy Trucks in Jackson WY will buy them to have for parts and restoration.

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  7. Karl

    If Legacy buys them the starting price for the bottom of the line is 189,000 and yes that is USD for the bottom!!

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  8. Karl

    SGT Rock was a pretty neat Nast Power Wagon!

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  9. Steve S

    Stacy David built sargent rock when he was still on the trucks show that used to be part of power block TV on Spike and If I could get these and if I was to resto mod 1 of them I think I would use the new 2019 6.7L Cummins deisel engine for the 1 ton ram since it has 400 horsepower and 1000 pound feet of torque or the deisel engine for the basic 2019 ram since that one has 370 horsepower and 850 pound feet of torque I would want the bigger engine though if I was to resto mod 1 of the 3 of these and then beef up the clutch and the 4 speed manual transmission

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    • Steve S

      I forgot to add and beef up the rear end and put in a stronger drive shaft and beef up the transfer case and front hud unless those are already beefed up 3 or 4 ton Axel’s and everything under these trucks and put the winch and snow plow on the same truck

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  10. treg forsyth

    I see a good candidate for a first time restoration project, no frills,running gear is simple, easy to work on, and parts can be sourced, body is heavy metal metal, repair and paint, if they were close I’d be interested.

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